Be vidya streamer

>be vidya streamer
>get friends to say it’s your ‘final’ Twitch stream and act like you’re dying
>fans donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to you
>next day reveal you’re getting paid millions to move to Youtube streaming
Alright, fuck my 9 to 5
How do I get started as a Twitch streamer and get a piece of the money train?

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>How do I get started as a Twitch streamer and get a piece of the money train?
kek everyone wants that. good luck buddy

Why would they pay him It's not even a woman I could understand if they were simping

>How do I get started as a Twitch streamer and get a piece of the money train?
You can make an account for free, download OBS, and get started right now.

>How do I get started as a Twitch streamer and get a piece of the money train?
you dont. for every successful streamer there are THOUSANDS of unsuccessful ones.
you probably have better chances of winning the lottery.

Pretty awesome. He made a pile of money and certainly won't lose any significant number of long term fans. if you're gonna be a whore for money you might as well go all the way

>How do I get started as a Twitch streamer and get a piece of the money train?
step 1 is to be attractive or fantastically entertaining
step 2 is to be willing to do it for 5 years straight

why is every money hungry jew from that site taking the youtube bait? do they not see it's a sinking ship lmao

Just be a soulless faggot that’s willing to present a fake and annoying personality to attract degenerate teens and 20-year-olds to your channel while embracing every single thing that ruined videogames. Also don’t forget to say “trans rights” once per stream

>go stream on youtube for life retiring money
>wHy Is EvErY MoNeY hUnGrY

he could have gotten even more money by donating X% of revenue from his final stream to whatever the meme cause of the day is i.e. Ukraine
MSM would suck his cock and he'd get a shitload of exposure

I love e-celeb threads. You guys are my buddies. I love you and want you to know that I would love streamers to put their cocks deep into my esophagus. Do you guys feel the same?

Because 9 to 5 grind drains your soul already, might as well make a leap of faith and try before an heroing.

I love seeing twitch get what they deserve

Fuck that shit, I don't want to pander to zoomers retards that jump on trend causes on a weekly basis

>Jap "Man"

Good for you anonymous stranger on the internet?

Parasocial friendships are just as common as parasocial crushes, the only reason pewdiepie got big was by being an e-big brother to zoomers

>do they not see it's a sinking ship lmao
t. twitch executive

not videogames

that's even more cringe than donating to a thot because you want to fuck her imho

Women are simping for him, he's one of the most loved twitch streamers in terms of looks and women fans.

Two ways
1. Start off by making quality (NOT Let’s Plays) YT videos and stuff you like related to video games. If your videos are worth watching eventually it will be discovered. After you gain a sizable following announce you will be streaming on Twitch/YT as well.
2. Spend time being an unironic scumbag leeching off of bigger streamers. Join their discord, make memes, videos, try and become moderator, fucking anything you can to leech and eventually get kickstarted.

>Real people "donate" their money to streamers who are already making a killing off ads and subs just so people can hear their screen name said out loud
Humanity really is fucked, eh?

These fuckers have enough money to live very comfortably for the rest of their lives even if Twitch closed down. If another company offers another couple million for an exclusive deal, they'll happily take it.

A police officer was stopped by a citizen who told him about a man running down the road with no clothes on. As the officer arrived in the area of theMcDonald'srestaurant on Mt. View Drive, he saw the man running through the parking lot, then climb up a center flagpole all the way to the top and looked around as if he was surveying the area. The officer called up to him, but did not get a response. The man then let go and fell to the ground.

The police were never able to find his clothing or figure out from where he came. Fingerprints were sent out to all states, FBI and Canada with negative results. The autopsy showed no drugs in his system.

He may have come from another country and jumped ship near Anchorage.

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I would say that donating to an e-thot is more cringe. A brother is at least someone who cares about you and helps you throughout life and is there for support, as opposed to a whore that is just good for being a hole to fuck.

>e celeb shit

you are a brain damaged retard

It's hard to believe but his simps are women.

More likely it's gay guys or gay guys who only like traps/femboys but insist they're straight.

Any juicers in the thread

Depends on you, if you're willing to lick corporate ass you can make it. All these users donating hefty sums are actually a few rich guys with their multiple companies. The whole streamer ploy is out there to demoralize those who actually do work and destabilize the populace.
>"I want to be a streamer/youtuber when I grow up!"
What are you supposed to do with these? Those kids will grow up to be uselss.

It really was incredibly bizarre. I wasn't following along but based on the emotions and the crying I thought he was diagnosed with cancer or something.
Nope, turns out he's just moving to a different website and making significantly more money.

Neo Yea Forums thread

best fromsoft game and KINO beyond kinos

No it's definitely women. I only know of his existence because my sister watches him.

I disagree. If you’re horny then you can watch/look at porn and jerk off, because unless some e-celeb whore has an amazing personality then all you really want is sex. If you want a “big brother” kind of thing then unless the streamer is incredibly big then you can still talk to him in the chat. As far as donating goes, I personally think it’s pretty pointless outside of small-but-growing channels that have certain goals set to help purchase better recording equipment or whatever.

You have to be 18 to post here

>femcels don't exist
user, I...

What was his breakout moment? He doesn't seem great at games from what I've seen

All the actual women in my discord go absolutely crazy for Sykkuno. He's big with female viewers.

Can't be any worse than people who keep coming to back to this shit hole to rot.

I can't even begin to put into words how much I despise people who give money to random bitches or people sitting on their ass playing videogames all day.
I don't even hate the people recieving the money cos I'd do it too, but the pathetic doormats who decide to give them money will always piss me off.
What the fuck drives people to do something so pointless and sad? A genocide of these people would instantly fix so many problems with humans as a whole. They should not be allowed to live and procreate.

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>They should not be allowed to [...] procreate
Don't worry, they won't. And in the meantime they are busy being wageslaves to pay their favourite streamers. It's actually win-win

this is their job, user.
If you got offered a huge sign on bonus to do the same job at a different company, why wouldn't you take it?

like all dumb things, crashes eventually happen.

white incel seething to see asian men getting female simps. do you close your eyes when you see kpop fans too?

streamer culture is so fucking cringy
how long until this fad dies

Sykkuno is handsome but something about him looks off. Like he had plastic surgery before or something. Such a dramatic video for a bit of nothin though

>hey G, been wageslaving for a whole month while you played vidiya gaems. heres your cut

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its not gonna die, its going to take over TV completely.
Let this sink in user, the people who watch streams and donate might become parents.

you just gave me a mental image of some bearded basedboy in his early 30's holding up his child in front of a TV with XQCs stream on it and now I'm hoping putin nukes the west soon

Because they're getting paid millions upfront to take a slight hit to their viewship and revenue.

Keep doing your 9-5 but when you play video games in your offtime just stream. if you start to get a decent/large following after 1 year keep going, maybe switch to fulltime. if not, drop it forever.

The simps are women you dumb retard.

Like said, it's a parasocial friendship along with some women actually simping over him.

What I find strange about the "parasocial" phenomenon is that it's not just videogame playing twitch streamers that do it now, it's let me examine "celebrities", minor or major, in a completely different light thanks to people like Hasanabi, who literally has the most braindead """""left wing"""" opinions ever where he just parrots talking points but getting away with it because he's hot. Or Nick Fuentes who'll pretend to be the cool "heh...i dont give a fuck kid" from high school by parroting Yea Forums memes so he can get an audience of 14 year olds throwing money at him.

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It blows my mind how much female attention this dude gets. Then I actually meet the fans and it's always some fat mexican chick or something.

I used to seethe about him a ton because there's some actual dime-piece twitch thots who'd date him in a heartbeat but then I realized they're just clout chasers. And then the actual chicks in his chat are just fat femcels who are the female version of the balding tech worker soifags who donate to pokimane.

So basically fuck all of it, lol.

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guy looks like a flaming faggot. I'll never understand streamers, a bunch of low test losers.

>>femcels don't exist

>the female version of the balding tech worker soifags who donate to pokimane
that's exactly it. i spent a decent chunk of my life wishing i was an asian twink because that's what the women in my nerdy social circle were into, and then i realized they were all subpar-looking and fucking insane far beyond the base-level insanity you can expect from women.

any remotely sane woman outgrows the boy band looking dudes by her mid 20s and then just wants a funny dad-bod dude with a beard; run in the opposite direction if she still has bieber and jungkook posters on her wall.

>I used to seethe about him a ton because there's some actual dime-piece twitch thots who'd date him in a heartbeat but then I realized they're just clout chasers.
literally who cares why they do it? do you think asmon cries himself to sleep because pink sparkles only let him coom on her fat tits for the clout lmao

>Wow I can't believe there are disgusting femcels who simp for this guy who pretends to be their e-boyfriend just like incels who simp for e-whores!
I can't believe I read through your entire post only to find it said nothing of substance.

Damn I used to really like watching this guys old youtube videos, back in sykku days.

Guess I'm happy hes a multimillionaire now, didnt even know his face

it's never really sat right with me that celebrities/actors/streamers/etc can make such ridiculous amounts of money based off...what appears to be MOSTLY luck.

at least with streamers it's more natural than having people hand-picked by hollywood producers and shit, i guess.