You bastards may take... Exactly what I give you!

You bastards may take... Exactly what I give you!

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new game when

Why did he kill everyone on the ship?

This game legit had the best voice acting in video game.


Lucas Pope would rather jump into a volcano than make a sequel to any of his games

he should try making a horror game this time

>cant play this game for the first time ever
fugg. havent played another game that can scratch the itch this one left

It's a good game except he misspelt valour on documents that are supposed to be English

Papers Please was fairly disappointing, at least the first couple of hours I played. It was too tedious and felt like an actual job instead of something fun.

Maybe that's the point?

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Mars After Midnight has been in development for a while.

but why would I want to play a game that's deliberately unfun

>tfw the gameplay is most likely to prove a point about how miserable your situation is
>tfw kind of enjoy it anyway

why did he do it?

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Playdate exclusive ;)

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Because there's more to games than fun.

I found this comfy YouTube channel that solves weird sudoku puzzles and found a playlist of them playing this game for the first time. I was amazed how quickly they identified picrel, but it's frustrating to see them skip over so many more obvious clues.

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Greedy and thought he could get away with it

what the fuck is a playdate

>obvious clues
Like what?

How the fuck are those NOT Celtic tattoos.

I've never felt stupider than when this was pointed out.

Dude getting pried off the wall from a spike was amazing.

glad i'm not the only one who thought he was a scotsman or something, that's the only thing that felt kind of unfair my first playthrough as tattoos are more of a red herring than anything, but hey, if it was 100% fair it'd be boring, having to become a foot fetishist to recognize the chinamen was bullshit too but i found it brilliant

My only issue was this guy. He does not looks like he's from Polynesia at all. He looks like he's from Northern Europe.

>Majority of the game is you coming back to the Indian guy dying of Covid to remember and match everyones socks, shoes and numbers
What did Mr. Pope mean by this?

Kek I think I know the guys you are talking about, solving the cryptic or some shit, but he was playing the witness

Like at the end of part 1 the 2 guys playing the game see Syed's death. The dialogue alone clarifies both his name and his cause of death (illness). They only identify him but refuse to mark in the cause of death. They read the chat begging them to enter it, since they were close to 3 correct fates, but they go "We don't know for sure! It might not be illness!"

based hands typed this post

Yeah that's them

I got stuck and couldn't finish
I think I need to retry one day

I got fed up with this game due to it constantly dragging me out of the scene before I was done and forcing me to open the book or follow a stupid trail for half a minute before I can get back to what I was busy investigating.
Sucks cus I was enjoying it too.

Oh, they did Baba is You as well. I wonder if it'll be as painful as watching them struggle with the mechanics of Obra Dinn.

I dunno, user, why did you?

I thought it would be fun, like Obra Dinn
Give this more views

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Oh man that would be sick

>Pope made Gear Head Garage
mind blown
but on the other hand it makes sense.

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will saying that the captain killed someone count?

Like when the kracken kills someone with the mast, saying the Captain did it counts?

Reminds me of Superjail god I miss those days

Good stuff

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mini gameboy with a crank


No, it's just a steam achievement to incorrectly say the captain killed everyone

>tfw got spiked by a terrible beast

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shit game dropped within 2 hours

same reason reddit has more users than Yea Forums

That's just a side project though right? He's making a proper game too right? Right?

This is why we have safety regulations. To prevent this shit.

He spent so long on obra dinn so he wanted do something smaller.
But then again apparently obra dinn was also supposed to be something smaller.

>Celts are the only people to have tattoos
Celtic tattoos are cheap immitations of New Guinea tattoos, dude.

link? I enjoy watching people struggle with puzzle games

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Och no! You're cut!

The captain did it.

Forgive me...Abigail...


After 4 years and substantial alcohol abuse, i think i remember little enough about the puzzles to replay this game

CRACKING the Cryptic

I 100%'ed the game but why the fuck is the black the new guinea guy white and why is the black guy english? and why are the carpenters switched too?
is it a secret joke?

based. fuck endless sequels.

Technically true, in the eyes of Company and Crown.

How come channels like these are ALWAYS British? Does every kid grow up with crosswords and cold war history books over there? Or is it that Americans talking about these kinds of things aren't appeal to people because bong accents just suit it better to an audience

Funny as fuck.
That one guy who is revealed by a combination of knowing the hammock trick plus seeing his tattoo on his arm, and it only showing up in like ONE other scene, fuck me.