British "humor"

British "humor"

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where's the edit?

It was destroyed!

why do you own a book for literal children, my autistic nephew reads those guides

Just plaster something popular that kids like on your product, hire some pajeet to write a bunch of nonsense and sit back and watch unsuspecting parents shower you with money

The two 'he was destroyed' in a row jokes are funny on a meta level.
I am English btw

You mean this one?

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did he died?

the book is rated 4.6 / 5 on amazon

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What happened to after he was proven a liar by ?

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Sorry, that was the wrong edit. This one was.

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I'm sure you can guess what happened!

too many words, Buckley

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>Book by Jordon P. Hollow, Michele C. Hollow, and Steven M. Hollow

Well at least they certainly live up to their family name

This is a thread for gamer jokes. Only jokes that gamers will get are to be posted here. If you aren't a real gamer then prepare to be a bit confused!

Son: Mother, my game keeps freezing!
Mother: Then you should take it out of the freezer!

Son: Father, my new game is too hard. What should I do?
Father: Maybe you should try putting it in the sun for a while!

Father: I love these new coasters for my drinks.
Son: That's not a coaster, that's my video game disc!

Now it's your turn to make me laugh!

Now this is British humor.
(skip to 2:08)

>cherry pick shitty book
>'british humor'

Reminder that burgers can't handle banter without having a nervous breakdown.


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>This is British humor

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You will be destroyed!

Comedy gold lel

Based nightmare creature
mr blobby was scary too

I called an american fat in one of the faggy e-celeb threads they keep posting today and he had a full on meltdown lmao

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>did you hear a

>he respawned

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He was a shitpost that went horribly right
>lets prank celebrity guests by coming up with the worst possible mascot and tell him the kids love him
>turns out kids actualy did love him

audibly laughed

>British humour

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Did you hear about the player who tried to do a flip on a table?
He was destroyed!

This British joke is too hot for her own good

why does this shit make me laugh so hard
IU'm fucking gone

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Did you hear about Yea Forums?
it was destoyed!

What is this, a left wing meme?

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more like minecrap lol

Thank fuck

What happened to user's sides
They were destroyed!

Why did the chicken cross the road?
He thought he was a frog!

Fuck you guys this thread gave me hiccups

why aren't there more british vidya characters?

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Is that the PC guy?

Nice ones! Try this one on for size, buster (see below)!:

Mother: Son, walk the dog! Its a beautiful day outside
Son: the only place I'm walking is pokemon go

mr blobby was fucking savage

>a minute in and british cuck shows bbc porn already
as expected

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ya blew it

Did you hear about Gerard?
He was destroyed!

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I prefer American "humor"

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Zoomers shit their pants laughing at this.

why the fuck did this make me laugh

>Today I will remind them

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>muh cherrypicking

Lmao, get back to me when burger humor is anywhere close to british humor.

Where's more of this sorta thing?

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British 'humor'

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Ministry of Silly Walks is kino and way smarter than anything burgoids ever came up with

I would

What does this have to do with comedy?

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ow my balls tier

imagine posting this unironically you faggot

Stay mad burger, clearly you can't face the facts.

>What does this have to do with comedy?
Nothing directly, but it goes to show how retarded bongs are. Also you're seething


Then why does my image show burgers and major seethers? Check and mate. Burgers wouldn't last a day in a bong workplace.

He was destroyed! It can't be helped.

do you seriously believe that's a real article? the average britoid is dumber than expected


>Then why does my image show burgers and major seethers? Check and mate. Burgers wouldn't last a day in a bong workplace.
Maybe before, but uh...

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Of course it's real. It's about a real as your sense of humour.

Stay mad, burger. Imagine being so fucking dumb you get rused.

Post a link if it's so real

Ow my balls is too clever for you to even begin to comprehend. The wreckingball to the balls joke went over your head.

>he actually missed the obvious joke

Holy fuck, you are literally retarded.