Yes I know blacks and women in WW1 is not the most realistic, but that's a non-issue...

Yes I know blacks and women in WW1 is not the most realistic, but that's a non-issue, and besides that BF1 is top fucking tier. It nails WW1 atmosphere so much. In my opinion, it was the last good Battlefield.

What do you think of it?

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It was better than what people gave it credit for, the maps were mostly pretty good with a rather little amount of obvious stinkers, and while the game had a silly amount of automatic weapons for a game supposedly taking place in WWI, I didn’t really care too much about that as the bolt actions were so damn fun to use. What a shame that the series decided to go full retard afterwards.

To be honest, I never really understood why people treated that as if it was some huge point of shame for CoD.

The thing is, everything shown in BF1 technically existed in WWI. Women served in select propaganda units in Russia and Germany had plenty of African soldiers (though it's unlikely many or any of them saw combat in Europe.) They paint a fictionalized version of WWI, but not a dishonest one. The same people who bitch and moan about this are silent when half the server is running around with some experimental Austrian machine gun they only ever made 1 prototype of.

BF1 is a unique experience in gaming, I have never found anything that scratches the same itch. It was peak FPS for me.

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>nails WW1 atmosphere
>¾ of all combat encounters are close-range MGs/SMGs

>Yes I know blacks in WW1 is not the most realistic
Roughly 450,000 African troops fought for France in the first world war, historylet. The only inaccuracy of the blacks on the German side in the game is the lack of maps in the African theater.
I swear to God the people that cry the loudest about historical accuracy in video games when it comes to minorities know the least.

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It's amazing.
The most enjoyable Battlefield experience for me. Though I do prefer BF3's campaign.
I only wish it had better options for weapons and that you could pick your character's skin colour (but then British medics would less recognisable, so I guess there's that).
Cavalry is lovely and I only wish they added more weapon options for that too. I hate that you can't shoot a handgun on horseback instead of a rifle.

I love it. Just played last night

muh realism pedants are the only people who really complain about this game. aside from the fact that it's a ww1 game that's actually fun to play, it was a pretty decent game. not as good as the other good battlefield games, but last good battlefield is right.

ttk and weapon recoil are too high, yes, that makes it more realistic since there was no top of the line body armor back in the day but it makes for pretty boring gameplay when you die in 2 shots.

do you at least get paid to make these posts?

Only fictionized thing concerning the soldiers was african americans serving with whites on the US side. And the African on the Austrian side was pretty funny. Other than that I liked the diversity of the soldiers on each side.

It was a lot of fun, but it was also released around the same time as Titanfall 2 which spoiled me on FPSs. Switching over from TF2 to play a few rounds on BF1 made me feel sluggish and frustrated in comparison (which isn't a criticism since it's a WW1 game).

>anything I disagree with is propaganda
Do you get paid to be such an insufferable nigger?

>African on the Austrian side
Was there one? I thought he was replaced with a regular Austrian.

Best battlefield. What the fuck happened to DICE

He was the sniper class soldier. And I don't think they did unless you used a mod on PC.

Literally 90% of the veteran Battlefield devs left around the time of BFV's development.

I didn't say anything about propaganda you shill bot

I'm pretty sure you're wrong. It wasn't this guy?

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Ok poopy pants crybaby schizo nigger who unironically thinks people are being paid to shill a dead game that came out over half a decade ago.

Isn't this a mod?
One of those "historically accuracy" ones?

I am retarded, wrong side. It was Germany.

Nah that's what they look like in the base game.
The German sniper is 100% the black guy, which again could've technically happened but was highly unlikely. Unlike Britain and France, pretty much all of Germany's colonial troops were occupied in Africa for the entire war.

learn to read, I'm making fun of you for not getting paid

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i think we need a fucking new war just so developers can expand from the usual wars

The battle is lost, monkey nigger. Know when to bow out.

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I fucking hate I gotta play the tryhard shit like arma or hell let loose to get a immersive experience. I loved the dumb arcade gameplay of cod and battlefield. And now they are both total fucking jokes. Shits depressing. Fortnite ruined everything.

weak, cope and seethe

>I loved the dumb arcade gameplay of cod and battlefield
They struck the perfect balance; unrealistic scenarios taking place in a realistic setting. Everything more than that is too autistic to attract anything more than a niche audience, anything less is a generic 7th-gen brown-and-bloom shooter from 2010.

How about devs stop using real life settings and start making their own? It would stop all the realism and historical accuracy fags while also giving them creative freedom to do whatever they want

Then you get pozzed zoomed garbage like nuSiege, Valorant, and Overwatch. Those are their own settings and they fucking suck compared to the ones vaguely based in reality for shooters.
The last good fictional setting in multiplayer shooters was TF2, and the other TF2 before Apex shat on everything.

As much as I want titanfall 3, I already know it'll be more like Apex legends instead of a war setting pilot vs pilot.

This. Any halfway decent WWI documentary makes it explicitly clear the extent to which the various European colonial powers were using soldiers from their colonies in varied international front. Practically every major race on Earth was well-represented in one way or another in WWI.

Worst battlefield in the series but retards saw EPIC trailers and fell for the muh armospehre meme

It’s like they forget one of the big Nazi’s popular propaganda angles was saying that the French used their black colonial soldiers to rape German women during WW1, and that’s why France (and by extension her allies) couldn’t be trusted.

Asians didn’t really participate, unless you want to count the Ottomans as asian

Except that it did have le epic atmosphere like it promised. Now run along back to BF4 to play Operation Locker for the 2938750985896739425th time.

>women in WW1 is not the most realistic
Bitch stfu

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and accidentally it also had worst gameplay in the series funny thing right?
but you dont car eabout that because you are a fucking codnigger
and yes battlefield 4 also had awfull gameplay

Yes but it destroy immersion. Blacks made up for a very small percentage of military, and they definitely weren't on German side
Also those women fighting for soviets were mostly propaganda created to motivate men to go fight (reverse psychology - "see these women fight instead of you, move your ass here and do your job as a man")

Overrated game that hides the truth on WW1, aka the Anlgo-American plan to take out Germany Russia, etc.

You must be one of those Bad Company 2 fags then, always the worst of the Battlefield fans.

>if you dont like this codnigger garbage then you must love other codnigger garbage!
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On the italy vs austria-hungary maps there are no blacks

So you like no Battlefield games? Why are you even here then lmao

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I like battlefield games
but sadly studio that actualy made battlefield games was forcebly closed becaues sweed cuck didnt like that
Im talking about about Dice NY
but you dont know about them
because you are a codnigger
you never carred about battlefield in the first place

>one sniper
>russia made a women's battalion and it was >disbanded by the end of the year
>make them 25% of the russian team

You know what redditspacing, you can't even write in complete sentences and haven't given 1 example of a good Battlefield game. I don't feel the need to take anything you say seriously.

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Battlefield 2
The only good battlefield game
and that game wasnt made by dice

>they definitely weren't on German side

BF1 is a shit game for retards and was the worst in the series until 2042 came out. That's why the best thing anyone can say about it is "it has good atmosphere". The gameplay is Battlefront-wannabe dogshit.

first bad battlefield. so fucking dogshit.

Bad Company 2 was the first bad Battlefield.

We want to be CoD: The game

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The Japanese Empire took over Germany's pacific holdings, but iirc it was relatively uneventful. Most of their contributions to the war were logistic. If you consider Nepalis and Burmese Asians, they also fought for the British.

>Austria declares war on Serbia
>Russia hints at siding with Serbia, so Germany decides to declare war on France
>Germany then invades Belgium with no formal declaration of war
>Germany then tries to bribe Mexico into invading the US, both of whom had been neutral in the conflict up until this point
>”wtf how could the Anglo-Americans do this?”
German rats deserve to be wiped off the face of the planet. Actual scourge of europe

They didn't fight in the European theater since Germany didn't have the naval superiority to ship them all the way to Europe like the Entente powers did.
It's honestly kind of lazy that they'd put African soldiers on Germany's side but not even bother to add maps in the theater they actually fought in.

>cumulative 80,000 troops over a period of 50 years
>the vast majority of them used as reserve soldiers in colonial conflicts in southern africa

What a pathetic shill. Nobody minds their inclusion as long as it's realistic. It wasn't. Minorities shoved down the players throats breaks immersion. Fuck you and your gay excuses

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>in a game where you can hip fire a LMG, which in real life required at least 3 people to operate

only breaks your immersion if youre fucking racist kek

Why do Europeans worship blacks in video games so hard?

medic best class don't @ me

BF1 was putrid shit.

It’s literal forgotten weapons the video game and aspergers subhumans think the distinct and highly readable character models for classes is the issue with authenticity. Kill yourselves, wog faggots.