Is building a PC hard or am I letting autism intimidate me?

Is building a PC hard or am I letting autism intimidate me?

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I built a PC when I was 14
you literally just follow any youtube guide theres thousands. its piss easy just a little time consuming.

Can you read instructions, and then follow the instructions you read?
If so you'll be fine. That nigga from the Verge couldn't read.

It's not hard, but it can be overwhelming if you're not familiar with shit. OP: They're expensive legos. Don't smash them around when putting them together and you'll be golden.

Also make sure you have the instruction manuals (or have a friend check your progress if you're not certain.)

Be delicate with them and only apply force when explicitly defined to be needed, like when putting in the CPU and fan, seating the ram, and so on.

Keep your hands clean, keep the fan in your room off while working, make sure to discharge any static on you by touching some metal.

Zoomers will struggle to do all of these things as they will feel the need to touch their phones every 2 minutes to record a tiktok of them dancing on the computer case. You aren't a zoomer, right OP?

Thank you. This is pretty reassuring (i do not have tiktok and do not work for The Verge) however my main concerns came more from selecting the right parts or whatever. That seems like a larger process and I'm not too sure where to begin even figuring out what's worth my time/money and what isn't.

I just put together my first PC and every step was annoying. Putting it together waa annoying, figuring out why it wasn"t booting was annoying, finding out why windows wasnt detecting my fucking drives was annoying...

On paper it's fairly straightforward but get ready for a lot of troubleshooting

prebuilt are better nowadays

the only part that's kinda scary is putting in the cpu right, because it's delicate. but the rest is lego tier.

>youtube existed when he was 14

god i'm old.

These new cpus, at least the intel ones, don't even have pins anymore. It's just contacts

You still want to know what you're doing but you don't have to worry as much imo

It's not hard a child could do it

Youtube is 17 years old

Assembling the PC is easy, save for a couple of noob traps like plugging your video cables into the motherboard.
The real pain in the ass is setting up Windows. People always get filtered by that if they aren't PC savvy.

Use something like PCPartPicker to check hardware compatibility

Planning the build is the hardest part, someone like me might take it for granted because I'm an enthusiast for the autism but people who aren't familiar will be overwhelmed.
The main thing to decide is what's your budget range and what are you going to be using it for (i.e. gaming all the time, or render work, etc)


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>mfw the verge nigga got his redemption arc

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And zoomers still think they can source it like they do wikipedia.

The good news on that is that even a few days of research will get you more sensible parts than almost any prebuilt. Its harder to truly fuck things up than you probably think as long as everything is compatible.

im hard

This and a bottleneck calculator for your GPU and CPU.

and 90 percent of the most important videos are gone thanks to google

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pcpartpicker has a compatibility filter

No but what pkeks don't want you to know is that the quality control is fucking shit. Either you computer just works or it doesn't and you'll spend hours trying to figure out what went wrong. Then you'll have to wait a week for the replacement part to arrive and try again.

autism would have fueled you dumbass. Stop pretending you have autism when really you're just a fuckin idiot.

>the quality control is fucking shit
Maybe if you're buying the absolutely cheapest parts on everything.

I built one with my uncle’s help when I was 15. Also built another one last year by myself. It’s extremely easy. Just pick a good, non-meme case.

>getting help to build a pc at 15


There are plenty step by step guides on what to do and how each part works. You have the internet at your disposal. Use it.

So? I had him teach me instead of just looking things up. It was fun.

>using youtube tutorials

Peak zoomer

>had him teach me instead of learning myself

Yeah I know. I repeat. lmao

>Is building a PC hard
no. its completely soulless and brain dead these days. honestly the only "hard" part is probably applying paste and mounting the heatsink if you're using an aftermarket one.
seriously. ssds are all little chip boards you stick on the motherboard. ram only goes in one way. cpu only goes in one way. the only wires anymore are are just cpu power, gpu power, main power, and case connections. every bios is one click. windows installs in like less than 5 minutes.

Its easy. Heres the best guide

>following a guide someone else made
>learning yourself


I didn't follow a guide moron. Are you really this stupid?

just do what I did and buy cheap pieces to build a mock up computer so you build it and disassemble it over and over again until you are confident enough to build the real one

Physically connecting it together is not difficult
Making sure the pieces connect in the first place is the most important aspect though

It's hard as fuck. Installing one ssd was the scariest experience for me, simply awful. Just buy it prebuild.

Instructions in the manual are a guide.

how the fuck is plugging a little circuit board into a socket and screwing it down scary

>hardware setup
>software setup
the dumbest nigger shit

Breh there's literally a vidya for building a PC you pussy, just pirate it.

Then just use logical thinking, parts that are similar in terms of release date and power are obviously more compatible, you wouldn't stick a pentium 3 next to an RTX3080 would you

I would consider myself borderline retarded and I've done it multiple times. Just read all the instructions and watch multiple "how to" videos. Once you've done it once, it's easy. Also don't worry too much about static, I did mine on carpet while my cat sniffed and approved each part.

>He uses a power switch
>He uses the screwdriver swish and flick
Based is all you need in that regard

If you are retarded buy a used office computer, some normal atx tower case with an i5 and 8GB of ram. Thats like $100 spent on learning. Dissemble it and reassemble it and change the thermal paste on the cpu.
Maybe ad some cheapo sata ssd and gpu and install windows 10 on it for practice and learning.

/pcbg/ on /g/ will get you the right parts for the right money.

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Why get the office pc at all? That will be a cpu, mobo and likely ram that can't get reused along with a gt 710 or something even weaker.

for me, the most annoying part is putting the cables from the case on the mainboard correctly. you always have to read the mainboard manual for which cable has to be plugged in correctly.

Installing windows onto an SSD is annoying as fuck
I would consider os installation part

not him but you could easily reuse those parts to make another computer sure they're shit but you could use it for a casual web browsing pc and watching some videos using linux or possibly run a minecraft server

If you know how to folllow the instructions in a LEGO set, you already know how to build a PC.

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Most people I know that tried assembling a computer over the last 20+ years either succeed from the first try or failed at one of the step along the way.

1 screwed the motherboard down to the case without the extenders and burnt it
1 didnt hook up cpu 4 pin power branch
2 never learned how to copy sata drivers onto the usb and load them during windows installation.
1 forced the molex to sata power extender upside down and burnt the sata ssd.
1 never learned how to slot ina cpu because he was scared to fuck over the pins and always called me to do it on expensive new cpus but had no problem doing it decades later with cheap used cpus

Theres hundreds of small shit breaking points like that and you learn a lot of them by just fucking around with a used standard atx case office computer.

how? you boot the machine and get the welcome screen, pick your language, region, etc. and your at the desktop in 5 minutes ready to install all your drivers.

Can you read a manual?
Can you match shapes?

Almost everything relevant to assembling to components is covered by the motherboard manual.
The fitting to the case should be covered by the case manual.

Honestly most places will build it for you and just send it out for barely anything extra. This saves you time and risk of breaking anything without having to worry about cable management either.

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Goldmask was unironically right about everything