You will never be a woman

>you will never be a woman

Oh yeah? Well you'll never touch a woman.

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>i touched a woman today
cope, seethe, and dial 8

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Can't believe Jordan Peterson predicted this mans downfall so explicitly. It barely took a few months for it to happen as well.

How the hell did Ethan become so much of a fucking cunt so hard in such a relatively short amount of time?

who is this fat jew and how is this videogames?

Gave my mo, sister and dog a hug today already

Jordan Peterson is a fag and I'd love to kill him and Ethan by shoving them into each other's assholes like some sort of manchild oroboros

Masks fall slowly at first then very quickly

>Let's see how you handle fusion!


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los angeles

So, what, you're either far left or far right?

Clean your room, user.

Sounds like someone's a grumpers because they were told to clean their room.

Wash your penis, Hila.

Did his wife break his dick off during a bdsm session?

Here's a retort. Your mother's a whore.

Fat people disgust me

You don't have to think about it, bro.

Today I will remind them.

Transgender cultists and kosher boshers gaslight vulnerable people into thinking that hormones and surgery are the only way for them to be happy, that they were born in the "wrong body" and that the way to start living as their "true selves" is through experimental surgery. The gender identity lie makes it easy for them to convince anyone with even a single atypical interest that they were really "meant to be" the opposite sex. The guaranteed state mandated acceptance and constant positive reinforcement from the media and their fellow grooming victims helps sell the con, too. But in reality there's no genuine appeal. HRT is ugly serum that makes you fat and ruins your skin, it doesn't "feminize". The "bottom surgery" is simply genital mutilation. It can't give you a real vagina. They absolutely do not need surgery or hormones to start loving the way they were born. Boys don't need to cease being male to feel pretty. Girls don't need to cease being female to feel athletic. The gender identity construct is inherently limiting. It tells people they need to change themselves to express any feelings they have that don't fall in line with the socially accepted parodies that our media considers "masculine" and "feminine". It's sad that people get tricked into hating and destroying themselves like this just to appease sexist stereotypes, even moreso that a lot of them are kids. If we had positive femboy and tomboy rolemodels rather than these transgender groomers telling everyone that self esteem is achieved through hormones and surgery, I think you'd see a lot more happy people who accept that they don't fit into gender stereotypes and a lot less miserable mutilation victims who insist on being called something they're not. The world becomes a better place when we celebrate tough girls and sensitive boys who break the mold while invalidating this meaningless and dangerous fad.

Neither will you.
She still see you as a white male, no matter how much effort you put.
She will pretend you changed but deep down, the hate never stop.

He won.

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He was always a fat degenerate

whites are the most desirable race statistically

He always was

For regular people.
Left wing people are programmed to think everything wrong with the world is caused by whites.

touching yourself doesn't count

>gets clowned for using chest holsters
>proves how much of a clown he was for not standing his ground and still debating some onions dude with glasses
>damage controls by saying it’s not fair that he was blindsided
why do people think he’s based again?

Extremely based

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You don't need a PHD to predict the outcome of an edgy retard siding with people who support cancel culture.

You can stop shilling for Sneeder, he got no new viewers and remains a nobody.

>some fat retard scared of guns makes fun of a guy who carries
>gets butthurt that his shifty jew tactics didn't scare away the scawy man wiv da scawy guns
>gets butthurt when he gets called out for being a shifty jew

he hates women

he needs to wear dipers after getting anal probed by her

I hope he gets hatecrimed by an Arab Muslim.

Fuck h3h3

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yet nobody else called it so visibly and succinctly

He's jewish


neither will any tranny

>faggot eceleb drama
mods slacking

>defending some literal fucking who
ethan bitched out. simple as

What happened to him

Yes, everyone knows this, except the young dumbos who keep falling for it.

I called it years ago, but I don't use twatter

Are you hearing voices again, tranny?

Just a typical guy with no opinions that wants to pretend like he’s above it all

wow user you're so smart

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He subordinated himself to some lefty and automatically adopted the talking points? That's how it usually goes. More monke than anything cerebral.

>gets clowned for using chest holsters

Lmao the best insult Ethan could come up with is "You're wearing holsters, dude!", and when Crowder explained why he does, Ethan stopped talking and hid in his neck fat.

Peterson for all the shit he gets for being way overtuned neurotically speaking he still pretty based in predicting pretty much everything that we're experiencing right now when it comes to the downfall of our society.

I never got what "punchable face" meant until I saw this guy's mug.

No I mean YWNBAW from Guilty Gear Strive

now that's what I call horseshoe theory

Peterson is basically a bog standard intellectual with a roughly centrist mentality, user. And any intellectual who's not a post-modernist will hate political extremes.

qrd on this guy?

Which way, western man?

How will you look when you're their age?

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When he was in Israel his hate was directed at his fellow Jews, but now that he's moved to the states his host nation destruction gene kicked in.

The people who think he's based know he's just trolling. He doesn't want his mind changed, his goal is making libtards look dumb.

Kek. Never mind, then.