Why aren't you playing Deep Rock Galactic, Yea Forums?

Why aren't you playing Deep Rock Galactic, Yea Forums?

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I'm terrible with a KB+M and don't want hold up my group with a controller

*c4s scout*

Who says i'm not?

Deep Reddit Gaylactic

I don't know anything about it except that I like the art style

I am at work

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That's a lot of cords.

But I am

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Was playing last night, got the crossbow unlocked. What's the build you should even be rolling with for this?

Toaster can't run it
Haven't bothered trying it with my piss4

Because I'm working at the moment.

>I'm terrible with KB+M
Everybody is. For the first couple hours.
Just play more vidya like so.
If you need practice, play through Portal 1 and 2. Perfect KB+M tutorial games, since they play like an FPS, but are not exactly action games.

it keeps crashing on launch and i have to verify the games file integrity

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>new class: Beast Master
>functions like an expanded version of the perk
>can tame any medium and large size glyphid
>tamed acid/web spitters stick to the ceiling and will snipe targets that you ping
>tamed preatorians and oppressors act as a meat shield and deal light aoe damage with acid vomit or tremors
>tamed exploders stay passive until you ping a target, in which they rush towards it and suicide bomb
>equipment tool is a syringe gun that you can fire at your pet glyphid for special effects
>can work like Engi's turret whip and make them use a special move and also be modded for other things like a damage buff or healing
Good or bad idea? I thought about it in the shower and thinked it sounded cool.

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this season sucks

pheromone special bolts is the safest bet for me right now until i can figure out other builds

I've gotten pretty tired of 4 player co-op games as corralling people is a hassle and randos aren't the same. I prefer SP games these days.

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go back in the shower and think some more

>new class
no. bad idea. go away

because it's boring western skinnerbox trash.

they should add this to the game 100%

>Toaster can't run it
Post specs.
I refuse to believe this.

Did you enable AMD Fidelity FX upscaling or DLSS by any chance?
If so, find the .INI files in the game's install folder (on Steam, it's: Steam\steamapps\common\Deep Rock Galactic\FSD\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor). Delete your Gameusersettings.ini and Scalability.ini to reset settings to defaults.

Launch the game and things should work fine.
If not, try downloading the DXVK's files and replace the default directx files in the install folder.

But it's neither of those things.

Because my gpu is dogshit

No. Fuck off.
The game's balance is fucking perfect, and you can generate crazy amount of variety with the loadout and perk combos.

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>game's balance is fucking perfect
>HAZ3 point extraction shits out modded levels of glyphids on unmodded game
>can't even tame Grunt Guards or Grunt Slashers anymore

It literally does not NEED a GPU, as long as you have a CPU better than a Intel i3 2400.

How do I git gud at Scout?

Let me put two overclocks on my weapon NOW

Flares, throw IFG in fights and grapple away when someone bite you in the ass while mining

I don't really have that much fun. I promoted my guys a couple times, tried all the classes, got all the weapons, tried them out, did some deep dives, beat a couple elites...
There's not really a lot to do, it's just very repetitive now. Not my style of game. I played l4d a lot as a teen and now any game I play that has this sort of pseudo procedural stuff, especially these 4 player co-op games just feel like they're trying to ape a 20 year old game.

yes I name my server "lvl100+ or kick". what about it?

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>modded levels of glyphids
no such thing. They just cranked up spawns in general.
>can't even tame Grunt Guards or Grunt Slashers anymore
...yes, you literally can.
Why do you have to lie on the internet?

why the fuck does gunner keep getting cucked with new weapons? do the devs just not like gunner as a class?
>coil gun is shitty
>new rocket launcher isnt great
>autocannon is still too situational to be used over the minigun

I don't have friends

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bosco is the only friend you need, user. he wont let you down.

Mobility is your best friend.
Kiting foes and finding a safe high ground are crucial.
Cryo grenades insta-gib flying foes, even Breeders, so use them wisely.
Add elemental effects on your weapons, such as zapper rounds to M1000 and flare shot to the Boomstick, and watch your foes slowly get consumed while also being physically slowed down, aiding rest of your team.

I can't even run SC2. I play exclusively BW and turn based games that can run on almost anything.

well you're wrong. played on a free week with ryzen 5 3600x 1050 ti and only way my system got a stable 60 fps was literally turning the game down to 720p or 4:3 resolutions which in case i'm not playing cs go and

He wont protect Doretta

>autocannon is still too situational to be used over the minigun
there is no scenario when aids autocannon build isn't vastly superior to any minigun build

Impact Deflection Drak
Cryo / Detos Zhukov
Frost Grenades
Extreme use of the grappling hook

fuck that shit i'm broke

>modded levels of glyphids
2 oppressors, 5 praetorians, 1 menace and ~130 grunts for 3 people, and the swarm reset halfway through to spawn a second time. that isn't even counting the prospector shitting out patrol bots.
>can't even tame grunt guards or slashers anymore
just went through a full ~7 missions with two friends last night who were both saying they couldn't tame guards or slashers anymore, i didn't have tametard equipped
>why do you have to lie on the internet?
i'm not, people just have a strict fatalism of "this doesn't happen to me so you're a lying cuck" and expect you to keep receipts for literally everything

What minigun is that

how is the game in singleplayer

Opinion discorded

i have no friends...

Fun but you are missing on a lot.

The game is great fun even on public servers / with randoms. Easily one of the best communities I know.

Nigga, I play on Intel i7 2600 + GTX 1050ti 4GB myself, and I have no trouble running the game 1080p / 60fps with med-high combo settings.

My i5 8250U + GT1030 2gb craptop can do the same at 900p.

Just started yesterday

give me an autocannon build that doesn't require an overclock and i'll test it out. i only use the autocannon on elim missions just because it chews through single targets so easily

Builder's Choice, the new one from the cosmetic tree

The ice overclock freezes a praetorian in 2 shots (with little to no break in between)

Cheers. Shit looks really good

r8 h8 apprec8

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>the wave shit
Only ever happened to me if we took on a Machnie mission in a PE. Besides that, basic stuff.
H3 feels a bit more like H4 in general nowadays though. Which is fine, since all of my team's level 250+

>just went through a full ~7 missions with two friends last night who were both saying they couldn't tame guards or slashers anymore,
Well those friends of yours are full of shit, because I've been playing 5+ hours every night since the S2 dropped, and I only EVER tame Guardians or Slashers. And it works 100% perfectly to this day.

the auto cannon relies on the Neurotoxin Payload oc. keep with the minigun until you have it.

>point extraction spawns lots of bugs
Working as intended. Get your thumb out of your ass an actually do your job in a timely manner, you arent paid by the hour.


I've got 1000+ hours clocked, and I've never used Neurotoxin on the Thunder. Gets the job done just fine; I prioritize splash damage over direct-hit though, and aim to the ground.

i did already and it was fun for 50ish hours but it's repetitive as shit. really needs more enemy factions.

kill, marry, fuck

it's fun for a while but you lose the dynamics and fun situations that come with real people
the average person doesn't use voice chat and barely uses text chat, yet is still relatively competent at the game, so I recommend multiplayer even if your friends don't play

not enough helmets/youuglyaf

It got repetitive, we stopped playing before we even reached rank 20 or whatever it was

i have the neurotoxin and i feel like its awful. is that really what a lot of people recommend using?

promoted everyone once and got bored

>stopped playing before even getting out of babby mode
absolute plebeians. I bet you went back to Apex or CSGO the next moment.

Fear and neurotoxin is really good.
>Fear causes distance based debuff
>Neuro causes slow
>each poisoned bug that gets feared spends even more time than usual running away

I don't play those. But the game just felt like it's the same thing over and over, and it wouldn't become anything else even if we played more of it

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it is
people lie to themselves about the game but anyone who isn’t autistic would get bored of the game pretty quickly

i'll have to give it another shot. i just stick to the minigun + burst pistol because its a good way to send a shitload of bullets down range

I felt a bit bad that we quit right before unlocking the Deep Dives or whatever they were, but apparently it's just a mode where you do the same thing as before, but multiple missions back to back. Not my type of thing just going in grinding over and over

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>people dont realize that game is only peak fun in haz5
it's greenbeard time again

Hasn't happened to me yet

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>all my buddies play haz2/3
>i play haz5 constantly
>bring them into a haz4
>they're having no fun whatsoever while im not going down because im used to haz5 just being a clusterfuck
i get they want to have fun, but there's no challenge in anything below haz5

Is this game still fun even if I don't have anyone I know to play with? In other words, is playing with randoms fun?

Already had my fill with it plus heard the last update is shit?