Makes FF14

>Makes FF14
>The most profitable product at Square Enix
>The most profitable Final Fantasy in history out of nearly 100 releases
>Is the only member of the board staunchly anti NFT/Blockshit
>Is the only one making them money
>But fuck that the guys who funnel that money away on dogshit trying to push monkey jpgs are the ones Matsuda needs to listen to!

Can you imagine being Yoshida and watching this circus every day?

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YoshiP failed with FF16
That is in the development hell

>The most profitable product at Square Enix


he didn't even want to work on final fantasy he wanted to work on dragon quest

>>Is the only member of the board staunchly anti NFT/Blockshit
Disingenuous little shit. He's just against it specifically for XIV.
>>The most profitable Final Fantasy in history out of nearly 100 releases
Took 10 years to take that title from XI
>Is the only one making them money
Mobile and Gacha outperforms most sectors

Stop worshipping developers. This is how you get Nomuras.

Barry nobody is buying XV anymore, its time to move on.

Yoshida is complicit in the botting that is ruining the fucking game.
Square enix knows their audience though, they won't risk upsetting the freakshow by addressing the fucking third party software abuse that is fucking over actual players in PvP, the Marketboard, or Housing.
The only reason they came up with the lottery system is because they're lazy as fuck and will never make a real anti-cheat so this is their way of trying to side-step the elephant in the room by making a system where bots can't really be exploited.
This isn't a cure though, and they fucking know it.
It's pretty disgusting to be honest. They fucking ban players for "toxicity" but let these fucking cheaters walk free because they don't want to deal with the real problem.
No wonder the community is full of fucking reject faggots who turn to passive aggressiveness as a way to jab other players.
They don't promote genuine player interactions, but they don't give a fuck as long as these piles of human feces keep buying fantasias.
They're fucking addicted to those fucking things.
It's retarded how many fantasia they sell because these dumb fucks can't stop pretending to be women in the game.

Goddamm where is FFXVI. I dont care about a fucking MMO

Giving extra time for a PS4 version because the ps5 sold like shit for the launch numbers square wants.

It's funny that you don't realize most XIV players are just Barry tier autists but for XIV and not XV. Barry and you XIV players are the cancer of FF.

so we can all agree neverland cheated right? the one person in common that got TPS their TEA first place and now got neverlands is confirmed the owner of the private server
just the fact that we still dont have another clear should suffice as proof

Who the fuck is Barry?

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australian abbo who a CwC tier obsession with the worst FF game.

Good thing the Japs don't really do mass shootings.

Who actually gives a fuck about worlds first?
Fucking everyone cheated. There were programs ready to help clear the fight before the fucking patch even launched.
If anyone actually believes whoever got it first didn't cheat, they need a reality check.
XIV is fucking riddled with pathetically disingenuous players in it's community no fucking shit they wouldn't be above cheating.

Dev Hell. Remember that Yoshida is the opposite of Nomura in the sense that he is very much about the bare minimum and playing it so safe that it'll just be a reskin of another game but without the depth to attract as many casuals as possible for maximum profit.

if ff16 flops and SE continues to ride the nft train, I could honestly see him leaving them.

He's the XIVfag equivalent for FFXV. Cultish reverence for a game essentially. You know how XIVfags associate a boogeyman with WoW? For Barry his WoW is Kingdom Hearts.

Lurk moar

>I could honestly see him leaving them.
You don't know Japanese culture. Also . The only thing he has stated that would get him to leave SE is the potential to work on a Diablo game for Blizzard.

An imaginary user that supposedly is the only one replying to these threads with certain opinions despite Yea Forums being extremely populous and the chances of someone actually "figuring out" a random user here is miniscule.


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New, or just Barry?

I always figured they were holding out to wait until ps5 install base was high enough to warrant a triple a release. But it looks like that isn't going to happen for a long while if at all. So scrambling to get it running on ps4, if they were devving "next gen" only, makes sense and would definitely account for a delay like it's seeing.

I don't think three+ years ago anyone would have reasonably expected next gen adoption rates to be so slow. The machines themselves are the same thing but a billion times better, but the supply chain issues have fucked them over. I wonder how fast adoption would have been if you could walk into a store and buy one retail whenever you want.

A schizo who's been shitting on threads of multiple games (one of them being ff14) because he was mindbroken by Nomura (or someone in SE, I don't remember).
Nowadays he is shitting wowg because a bunch of xivfags are there. You can instantly recognize him because he overuse the words "ziv" and "troons"

That chip shortage really fucked Sony over.

Go start a Forspoken thread and wait. You'll see.

yeah i know that in japanese work culture, job hopping is seen as a bit weird and you're more or less tied to the hip with whatever company you work for. if he does want out of any leadership roles, he'd just be reshuffled into another team. it's just that this time around, SE's level of incompetence is more infuriating than annoying to where he potentially could jump ship if the worst case scenario comes to fruition.

Ffxiv is factually the most profitable game SE has ever made

Yoshi's been there forever way before XIV

seniority over profits, as it should be.

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So was he put in charge of the ffxiv mess because he wanted to like a madman or was it more of a kemono friends situation trying to get rid of him?

A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.

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What's astonishing is how YoshiP basically just sticks in things he enjoys into XIV and hires a staff of people who do the same and it keeps getting better with literally every patch. PvP is better than it ever has been and has improved so dramatically that many players have discussions about failings of PvE as a result. The latest Ultimate took 7 days for anybody to actually see the end, which is twice as long as the next hardest Ultimate. All content is still relevant, and he even went back and fixed earlier absolute dogshit content, giving the playerbase hope for even more repairs to the failings it had before into a more pristine future. The game still generates oceanic profits and is one of the pillars keeping Squeenix afloat, and yet they do everything they can to make AAA productions made to appeal to suits and shareholders instead of just games people actually want to play.
>mfw a dancing Lalafell had more of a resonance throughout the greater gaming community than the entirety of the release of the Avengers game

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He worked on the Dragon Quest MMO which was pretty successful (Japan-onry though) so he was the only guy with any authority at the company outside of the FF11 devs that had actually done MMO shit before

He was a literal who dev that nobody would miss if they had to can the whole project and fire everyone involved a second time.

>Blood doesn't get worse


>they use profits to fund shit games
Holy shit they use profits from their projects to expand their scope by funding other projects? Tell me it aint so user. Someone tell Nomura KH3 profits are being funneled into non-KH projects to stop this blasphemy. Holy fucking shit I hate you WoWtier fags that joined in ARR who think this is some anomaly in a business. They scale their profits to their projected earnings. Yoshida plays a big part in that discussion. Kill yourself.
After 10 years dethroning the original FF MMO. It's almost as Games as a Service models make more money over time compared to One Time Purchase games.

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>10 years to take it from xi



Oh yeah, all those mmos that are completely bot free like... none actually. To truly come down on botting would require draconian measures that you'd complain about 10 fold

>the fixes made to the whole final arc of ARR

Honestly gives me huge hope for the game going forward

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Yoshida made a statement a few days ago saying that it was in the final stages of development. The key factor is that it never had a release date to miss.

Square-Enix is retarded. NFT/Blockchain gaming is just gambling on the meta verse becoming widely adopted. Fortnite is creating their own metaverse without blockchain and it's already widely supported. They would make so much money with skins of Cloud, Tifa, Squall, Aeris etc in Fortnite.

They need to make smarter decisions

He's someone who believes that FFXV is the greatest game ever made. He also hates FFXIV and FFXVI for some reason.

Yes thats why he wont likely leave. JP culture is very weird when it comes to job hopping. As it was stated Yoshida's only reason to jump would be a chance to work on Diablo. People seem to forget how much he loves Blizzard, Diablo and WoW.
>dancing lala beats avengers
Potatoes are great memers

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>xivfags are like barry
Is this your new cope, Barry?

He thinks 14 and 16 ruined 15 by taking away resources needed to make 15 better.

years to take it from xi
Not factually wrong. XI was king of SE profits till late into XIV's lifespan. Reminder that XIV had a lot of red to make up for.

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>tfw YoshiP has to go online and watch rabid FFXIV fans (something he has fostered into the world) constantly shit on Blizzard, Blizzard's fans, WoW, Diablo, and everything that initially motivated him to work on MMOs in the first place
>tfw the man is probably going to be the last remaining WoW apologist when the ship sinks forever, while the entirety of the XIV community will laugh at its death

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>YoshiP failed with FF16

nah the real failure is making it a PS5 exclusive and they're delaying it to bring it over to PS4 for more sales

sauce? my dad works for SE

at first probably but its confirmed stock wont fix till '24 and Village sold a lot of copies on ps4 with its massive installbase.

Nah, Yoshida loves WoW and Diablo but he also knows there are huge problems with the current developers. He was laughing at them for not playing their own game.

>barryfag calling anyone Barry
Replace XV with XIV in any of this posts and that's you. Plus i can't hate XIV cause retards on Crystal pay a stupid amount of money for simple clears.

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You understand that dumping money into one game doesn't make it more profitable in the future, right? XIV is profitable and has room to grow with the same budget and team it already has. You're better off spending money on other IPs that can be profitable than dumping millions to fix FFXIV's engine only to appease to the consumers that already play that game anyway and attract very few new players. Not to mention that Yoshi-P manages his team down to every little detail, so his team doubling in size so quickly would only mean that he'd have less control over the final product.

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Genuinely, how the fuck do you think its development is more troubled than usual when the last numbered entry which didn't skip its originally slated console generation came out literally TWENTY YEARS AGO.

>They need to make smarter decisions
If we're talking about 70+ year old corporate suits, these are actually """""""smart""""""" decisions. Remember, they are not at all interested in the actual technological or practical implications of NFTs or anything that has to do with the Blockchain. They are only interested in additional revenue streams, and the notion of NFT's being something that could potentially be a near-infinite supply of money with exceptionally little effort, usage of nearly zero of their own personal resources, and exploitable via their own vast pool of recognizable brands and artists, it seems like the easiest slam dunk you could ever dream of in a board of other boomers who don't know how this technology works or why it's just a scam factory that rarely ever hits and extremely frequently misses.