For me, it's having a fag while playing some vidya

For me, it's having a fag while playing some vidya.

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haha. very cool

onions detected

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>not smoking GITANES

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Why would you have a gay

Imagine smoking in 2022 LOL

>handsome Hollywood actors juxtaposed to nu-male ecelebs
Every time.

the background looks like a stratocaster sinking in water.

yeah i agree haha good one bro

I see it now

inhaling any sort of smoke is for chuds

I cannot fucking smoke but I love it when people around me do it the fragrance is absolutely delicious.

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>I cannot fucking smoke

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I don't know. I put the lit cigarette in my mouth and suck in but nothing interesting happens. I just don't see the appeal besides looking sort of cool.

it's possible that you have a high tolerance for nicotine, in which case never smoke again. i've quit ciggies for good but i still like a cigar now and then.


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For me? It's a healthy lifestyle and living over a 100 years while playing vidya every single day.

>want a fag in his mouth
you're come to the right place

Are you just sucking it into your mouth (wrong), or are you inhaling it into your lungs using your actual diaphragm?

Men who do neither

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hahhah. this might be true to extent but ive seen bottom of the barrel test people smoking packs asking for cigs constantly. I can tell you this matey, highest test fuckers use drugs. Harder drugs and weed.

how does this shit work, I keep eating them and nothing happens

i chew tobbaco

Cigars and hookah/Shisha while playing games that can be played with 1 hand

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>Men who vape

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smoking is excellent. zoomers wouldn't understand.

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I smoke when Im with friends or going out otherwise being an addict is never healthy

You know, I always wondered why people smoke in the first place.
I mean, look around, there's a gajillion of ads telling You that smoking kills, gives You cancer, makes your dick smaller and all other Bad shit. Yet people just go and smoke.
Honestly, I'm curious

Honestly I don't. I tried it once and felt nothing at all

Retarded teenagers jump on the bandwagon to pretend to be big men then nicotine keep them on a leash for 50 years

went to uni at norf fc and just started as a social habit
Smoked on nights out, after a few beers in the evening with my housemates, inbetween studying etc
I didnt struggle to quit though, once I left and there was no more social reason to I just never smoked again

Tastes good, feels good.

looks cool
yes it does

I'm not confident that I'm going to live past 50 anyway.

nicotine doesn't really have much of an effect on anyone, at first. most people get addicted to the habit, which is why "replace the habit" works so well as an addiction-kicker for nicotine. It's nothing like alcohol where you can feel an immediate benefit and when you get addicted you always know how good it would be to go back to that, regardless of how many years it's been.

for me, it's skruf.

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Yea Forums, this is ODENS.

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is that anal snus?

Tastes good and feels fantastic when drunk
So you are handed a cig when you are drunk
You cough and can’t do it then but you remember the taste and feel it the next day
The vague burning is actually kinda good
And the scent from last night smells fantastic
So you buy a pack
You don’t like the first, or the second
I didn’t finish my third
But shortly after lightning the third and only smoking half I lit up another one
And this time it clicked
You come to love it until you feel like shit
Maybe you quit, but you’ll always know that smoking feels good

id rather not waste my money and ruin my electronics thanks

For me, it's Kamel Red's.

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I've smoked a few cigars before but that's it. Tobacco leaves this nasty taste and feeling in my mouth after it's done so I brush and floss as soon as I can after, can't imagine that in my lungs

more or less this. I only quit because 10 bucks every other day is money i could be spending on literally anything else.

For me, it has to be the montecristo no.4
I love a good cigar but yeah I can't have more than one a night.
If I'm on a night out with mates I'll probably have a single cigarillo but any more than that and my mouth tastes like shit. It's a very good self-regulation measure.

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It should have been me.

Very dangerously based

>hollywood actors are now....LE GOOD?

make up your mind, chuddo.

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>men who do both

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I smoke Royal Dutch cigarillos. They're actually really good as a conversation piece and for making you look interesting, because they're relatively unusual and it catches people's eye.

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So you forced yourself to continue with something you didn't enjoy until you enjoyed it, purely out of a drunk decision?

My father used to smoke one of these bad boys once a year on special occasions.

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Get a girl who smokes. Actually don’t I want one but all these zoomer bitches just want to vape but I’ve been noticing more switching to cigarettes and it makes me happy I miss when people could smoke in public I liked watching the pretty girls

So fat and bald?

Cigarettes are for children and faggots. Real man "smoke" cigarillos or cigars, not this dirt cheap lung cancer garbage for boys that think it looks cool.

I like the smell feels good I have a fetish for it and remember when you could still do it in restaurants it helps you talk to people especially if they also smoke etc. Only vapes I bother with are the weed ones.

Cigarillos are for niggers and Mexicans to slice open with a razor blade waste all the shit tobacco and re roll into a blunt. Smoke a real cigar if you want to act superior cause at the end of the day you’re buying a 4 pack for a dollar from some Indian

I got a pack of lucky strikes cause they were on sale the other day and I really enjoy them makes me feel like my favorite anime characters

There is no better way to control anxiety than a cigarrete.