When did Pokemon really die?

When did Pokemon really die?

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Pokemon X and Y.


Normies and consoomers will buy anything that has "pokemon" written on it so there's no reason for gamefreak to strive making quality games.
The moment sword and shield sold 20 million copies was the moment when the series officially died. The series had a bunch of good games but right now its just a cash cow.

It had its ups and downs before then, but gen 6 was when it died for good.

this is the correct answer

Also this, they released some remakes which are just worse versions of the originals (not even worse than emerald, WORSE THAN FUCKING RUBY SAPPHIRE) after making the masterpieces that are heartgold/soulsilver and yet they sold lile crazy as usual.
There is no reason for developers to try.

What happened in Gen 6?

Change to 3D, which ment the small team of not particularly good programers had to re-learn how to make their games

Gen 6 saved the series from Gen V retardation by bringing story closer to Earth.

After the DS games I think. There's nothing new to add to the series and any changes that Nintendo tries will result in mass sudoku from the weebs and fanboys

BW2 was the best game.

Pokemon Black and White.

When the games moved to 3D, that's when all the soul disappeared.

>Change to 3D
the games were 3D since 2006

The series turned to shit when they switched to 3d, but personally i think sun and moon were still soulful and probably the last good pokemon games. They are the only 3d games that dont have eyebleed inducing graphics, and there were a lot of memorable characters.
Only issues were the replayability considering the amount of cutscenes, and a bunch of furry gen7 pokemon.

Gen 6 when they ditched Pokemon Z

>discord kalosperm are on Yea Forums now

after gen 2

Peaked with Gen 3 while also starting the decline.
Gen 5 filtered too many faggots.
Gen 6 was the death (even with some neat ideas); everything after is cope.

>Gen 5 filtered too many faggots
yeah, it filtered people who like good games

This, Gen 6 was like a sloppy, worse Black/White and desperately needed a sequel.

Gen 3
>games gutted everything so they had an excuse to sell remakes of gen 1, meaning you needed to buy 5 games to catch them all
>anime kept sticking with Ash instead of actually changing protags
>already started with retarded new designs because they didn't have any cut gen 1 Pokemon to add like gen 2 did

Alola was such shit

>was like a sloppy, worse Black/White
it was better than BW in pretty much every way


gen 2

No other answer other than this, forget about it.

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lol just lol.

Gen6 when TPC/Gayfreak started to pander to Charizard trannies as the main focus

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When you grow up.

>no SOVL category
give it up, x/y was the beginning of the end

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the first one that wasn't apart of my childhood

it didn't die but the games went downhill with Gen 6

Why the fuck did you add PL to this image


I think they only die in the wild, like every other animal.
Otherwise they're healed by their trainers to the best of they abilities, so as to not take lethal damage in a fight.
You're definitely killing all those Rattata that you hyperbeamed in route 3 tho

he's right


It hasn't.
It stumbled with gen 6, but it's never been truly bad.

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If we're talking from a SOUL perspective, it was already dead before you ever knew it existed. Pokemon going full-franchise after its surprise success in Japan with Red and Green laid the foundation for all the corporate bullfuckery, sleazy greedy tactics and corner-cutting we're seeing today.
Pokemon as a game did literally nothing to earn its guaranteed success, its merits were supplanted entirely by marketing, the TCG, the anime and the toys.

When you grew up

Sales wise it is black and white

Quality and design wise it is black and white as well, subjectively

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pokepedos and what killed pokemon

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>It's the XY schizo
Back to /vp/ with ye


>mini games
what a stupid fucking image
the single correct thing on it is the bottom screen, which was much better than gen 5

the series couldn't survive the jump to 3D

Projection: The Post

I like how butthurt people are about Swsh to pretend it has no content.

>d-d-d-d-doesn't count, BW is better because it just is okay
every time

It died when Gen 4 ruined everything, but Gen 6's massive infusion of S O V L raised it from the dead.

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seething: the reply

it counts, it just doesn't matter. it's a retarded basis for an argument, and whoever made that image is clearly just a contrarian.

>it doesn't matter because...it just doesn't okay BW is better because I say so!!
every time

>and whoever made that image is clearly just a contrarian
or someone who actually uses evidence from each game to judge its objective quality instead of mindlessly following the leddit bandwagon

Should have skipped gen 5. The DS was already on its way out and they turned out to be the worst selling games of the franchise. We don't have to deal with dream world autism and zoomers saying it's the bestest gen ever.

Gen 6 comes out six months earlier with the release of the 3dsxl and is more polished due to more dev time. Gen 7 comes out immediately around the release of pokemon go rather than 7 months after. Gen 8 comes out around the same time with more time in the oven to get the meshes for all the little jews so dexit can be fully reversed with dlc and updates instead of the half assed reversal we got

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it doesn't die, it just goes through eras
>(1, 2) Pokemania
>(3, 4, 5) i don't know what the fuck to call this
>(6, 7, 8) nuPokemon

>>(3, 4, 5) i don't know what the fuck to call this
soul. home. the peak of pokemon as we know it. Kneel.

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Go back

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they poured all their remaining soul into bl*ck and white leaving nothing left for gen 6+

It's important to recognize pokemon is very much so alive. It's also important to differentiate pokemon being alive from pokemon not being good. If you delude yourself you will just look stupid as fuck and start stupid arguments.

Pre-emptive fuck you to the replies.

Pokemon is shit though and I will not elaborate on why.

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When someone at Game Freak suggested Fairy was a good idea for a new type


Actually, it's more like
>Gen 1-Early Gen 2: Pokemania
>Late Gen 2-Gen 3: Pokemon's Dormancy
>Gen 4-Gen 5: The Competitive Renaissance
>Gen 6: Revenge of The Late 90's Nostalgia
>Gen 7-Now: The GO Boom and Aftermath

Reminder that Pokemon is a kike globohomo agenda aiming to turn children into mentally disabled furries to make them vulnerable to economic and society changes and to easily exploit them into mindless consoomers.
Just look at all the blatant gay and furry depiction in the anime and games

>i don't know what the fuck to call this