How do I get into fighting games? It's all muscle memory and nothing else

How do I get into fighting games? It's all muscle memory and nothing else

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Just fucking play them retard.

You don't.

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Why do you want to get into games only trannies play?


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you dont

>find a game you like
>find a character you like
>learn their movelist
>start playing
Not very hard bro

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If it's all muscle memory you wouldn't be losing. You have to really enjoy trial and error and the process of learning. Fighting games are mostly knowledge and to learn something you have to do it alot. Just play.

Why do retards pretend playing fighting games is an esoteric and unattainable skill> There are countless resources available or you could just play the fucking game to learn and improve.

"muscle memory" and "memorizing combos" are retarded normie memes and its so exhausting having to hear them over and over

anyone who has ever advanced beyond the 'beginner' stage of getting good at fighting games can tell you that knowing when to hold block and when its your turn to attack are infinitely more vital skills than anything else

muscle memory comes with time, getting your ass beat for hours on end is how you really learn. if you don't want to sit through that then fuck off and play something else


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develop muscle memory, duh
on an unrelated note, I was browsing my steam library and saw pic related. THIS GAME DOES NOT NEED TO BE 80GB holy shit

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play melty

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This^^ the learning process is simply not fun, it's failing your way up

Find a character you think is cool.
Desire to do cool shit with your character.
The rest will fall in place.

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That's not a fighting game character.

But she is a character who fights.

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Made for lewd.

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Honestly, a lot of fighting games is encyclopedic knowledge and knowledge application.

When will muffet get into a fighting game?

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stinky feets :x

Do you think an undertale fighting game would sell? I mean maybe on popularity alone but I don't see the fanbase being into fighting games.

Fighting games filter alot of the worst blacks out and even if they look like this are usually super chill dudes who talk "white". The worst ones are all NRS/Marvel players.

If you're above 18 and can't fighting game, then you don't

Can I join?

If I were to take Yea Forums's opinion on the genre seriously it's a hill that's only possible to climb if you're a turbo autist but also a genre for braindead nignogs.

I agree but beginners complaining is valid. Since the vast majority of beginners think they need to do insane combos, everyone at a low level vomits damage all over the screen but has no concept of neutral.
So the person that does higher damage tends to win more. If you go in without combos you can't allow yourself to do as many mistakes as your opponent. I mean in the long run it will be basically the same for all parties involved since everyone has optimized combos. But I see why it is frustrating for beginners.

You don't have to ask permission to post here.

Just think lewd thoughts at them and see how they react.

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The hottest part about them is the potential of their psychic link.

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deep, autistic analysis. for most games, watching replays of the best players in the world in slow motion (pref. with input display) is one of the best ways to learn.

>fuck one twin
>the other feels it
Really under-used in porn. That and mixing up which twin is which.

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>Lock one twin in chastity
>Only gets release from the other
>Free twin is perpetually horny because of the locked twin's feelings flowing over.

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beginners struggle to even do basic bnbs in training and you claim that they're doing optimal shit? lol no
but yeah newfags really do overrate the importance of combos
>If you go in without combos
no one ever recommends that. what I recommend is learning a basic universal route, not for damage but oki

to add onto this, if you do low damage off of hits because you have no combos, your opponent won't be as scared to get hit, meaning they won't respect you which is integral to the pressure and mixup game.

When I think of that, I just imagine all the lewds we would have gotten if Tate and Liza were released in a modern gen instead of 3. We'd be drowning in content rather than a tiny trickle from masters.

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Dumb argument to make especially nowadays. Every game has a super easy combo system that doesn't require strict timing or, for the games with more complex combo structures, they have straight up autocombos for mashing one button. These games just aren't for everyone, not because they're hard or unintuitive, but because they crush your ego first before you can actually start winning. Any other "hard" game that's popular, like Elden Ring, will still have casual appeal, because at the end of the day, every enemy in that game is designed to lose to the player character. That's obviously not how it works in a strictly PVP, 1v1, competitive game. You'll always run into situations that will force you to admit to yourself that you're shit and you need to try harder, and that's not an easy thing to sell to casuals that need to be eased into investing time into these games.


you need quick reactions, that's why I retired from them at my thirty birthday, it was a good run.

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Nope, guess it's a twins thread.

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This. Pretty much any game with a high skill ceiling requires not only muscle memory, but also the minerals to perform when under fire. I'd recommend playing shmups before getting into fighting games. To quote my friend (who's the #2 Axl Low player in the U.S. in Revelator/Rev 2), "shmups are you against yourself, fighting games are you against the world."

I am actually struggling to think of any vidya twins other than Tate and Liza.

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Do they have to originate from vidya or just be in vidya?

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Post more feet because thats a feet thread

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devola and popola from both niers

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nobody goes with "no combos", a dude who knows when to defend and attack with a simple H>M>SPECIAL combo will stomp those fags that just train those long optimized combos.

Nah, I just got a waning for it. You can try.

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Its abour recieving footjobs from barefoot girls.

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when your reactions suffer you learn to predict your opponent and apply your knowledge smarter
don't give up oldfag

Dante & Vergil

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>barefoot girl + twins
Most based thread on Yea Forums right now

Mario and Luigi

Somehow I forgot the most obvious twins in vidya.

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Feet were always offiacial Yea Forums fetish.

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I got to Genbu in season 1 by just whiff punishing everything with hopkicks and shoulder.

I just wish there was more SFW twin feet so we could really cross the beams.

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>Dumb zoomers don't immediately think of one of the most iconic and influential games of all time

>Or another one, Metal Gear Solid

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Are Mario and Luigi twins?

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your friend sounds like a faggot and I'm not impressed at his skill at a dead game.

Barefoot and twins you say?

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