Will american culture turn him a woke?

Will american culture turn him a woke?

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Arcane isn't woke it actually adds diversity without feeling forced at all.

Babymaking sex with Caitlyn.

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>Arcane isn't woke

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Kojima has always been progressive.

As is the vast majority of people in the world, especially in intellectual and artistic medium.

You're bitter in your solitude, and will be forgotten by history.

He's already a westaboo i.e. Worships western culture.

Vamp is a bisexual faggot that has taken Fortune's father's BBC.

Snake hates the U. S. Government and idolises Che Guevara.

The whole message of MGS5 boils down to multiculturalism is good and cultural hegemony is le bad.

You're delusional if you ever saw anything Yojimbo made as not """woke"""

Kojima has always been a woke commie retard.
Western wokeness is much more extreme than it is in Japan, but Kojimbo views it as a higher standard to aspire to.

It really isn't.

I hated TLOU 2 and Aloy's game with a passion but I enjoyed how Arcane delt with its girls.

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I miss when this site thought lesbians were hot

The woke shit seems to be under attack now. Elon chasing trannies off twitter, sCOTUS about to over turn Roe vs Wade. If it keeps going even western games might be saved

You don't read history how would you know?

>of course a retard like kojimbo likes league of reddit

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>any thread exist
Shitdow poster
>Time for me to be a massive faggot in this thread.

I'd like to consider myself pretty left-leaning, but the wokoids really should have seen this coming. They overstepped boundaries hard, admonishing and shaming literally anything that didn't fall into line with their world view, forced people to walk on eggshells for years, now the pushback is gonna be swift and brutal.

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Kojima was always a woke westaboo faggot

He's been a westaboo since Metal Gear. It's not like he just started pandering to the west.

>I'd like to consider myself pretty left-leaning

>Best character killed off after season 1
Yeah this is going to be the anime GoT, right?

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Reminder that people like you let this shit happen. Faggot.

Yeah you don't even notice and it feels natural.

>no posturing about race, gender or sexuality
Literally isn't woke.

What does Kojimbo have to do with Arcane?

>any thread exists
CHADow poster
>Time for me to be a massive chad in this thread

don’t see people like you doing anything but seething online either

Yes retard, just because it has a black character doesn't mean it's woke.
We had black characters in movies for a while now.

yes, but the west constantly stereotypes them and also ignores vast large populations in the world for them

He said it was very good on Twitter (which it was, honestly)
That's it

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Everyone's tired of it. Enjoy your lack of sales.

Not really.
Leftists speaking out against crazier leftists just immediately get lumped in with the MAGA crowd.

Lefties caused it, no matter if they speak out about it or not. If you're left-leaning you support this kind of shit. You are the audience.

you have to understand something, user. People on this board don't actually care if something is woke or not. They are mostly 20-ish ugly neckbeards who blame women for not wanting to suck their smelly little dicks. Anything that shows a woman being something other than an annoying useless cunt or a hot piece of meat is considered "woke". No use in arguing.

Watch more movies, retard.

>The whole message of MGS5 boils down to multiculturalism is good and cultural hegemony is le bad.


Also imagine thinking you need to be a left winger to hate the U.S government.

Americans treat politicians like they're sports teams
They really are fucked in the head

So by that logic, anyone right leaning is a nazi?
I'm so sick and tired of you mindbroken by politics burger NPCs who can only think with 0 or 1 desu senpai.

Death Stranding was pretentious as hell so who even cares

They've been raised on fear and "us vs them" mentality since forever.

In your logic, maybe. Not mine.

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>Turn him

>makes a generalization
>gets generalized in return the same way
>n-no it's n-not true
Every time. I think you need a software update.

Is trump unbanned on twitter yet?

did trump even do anything to violate the ToS?

Who made him controversial? If it wasn't by the jewish controlled media he would be another run of the mill politician

Well it's a good thing Arcane doesn't do that.

Of course not, they just didn't like that some people were agreeing with him on a platform that was pushing the opposite opinion.

Nigger you are absolutely fucking retarded. You can be on the left without being an SJW screeching harpy.
Holy shit. How many extra chromosomes do you have?

Stfu faggot

seethe nigger


So what kind of excuse will they come up with to make it so Jayce and Mel survived the nuke?

She's wearing an artifact that can protect people in her direct vicinity, which is why Viktor and Jayce will live and everyone else will probably die.

They also fucked up viktor
Instead of him choosing to become a "survive at all costs" machine by himself instead its all just muh nanomachines

He literally called for a violent insurrection.

>for a while now.
That's not a good metric but a few is fine
Pills nignog faggot
It has bait, the only woke part is the black kid with the skinny girl.

Also reminder this mediocre show just tried to mix every existing cliche ever

>Arcane is woke
The wokest part of Arcane was its themes on class divide, but something tells me that isn't what Arcane's critics are referring to.

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>50 years is not a good metric

>class divide is woke now
I hope you all die of your brain infection

where did the OP say that, you retarded nigger


which tweet?

Did you miss the episode where Caitlyn explores her sexuality and comes out as lesbian in a brothel

>es, but the west constantly stereotypes them and also ignores vast large populations in the world for them
Because of Black Americans. If there was a sizeable and culturally influential Indian population in America, we would also see Indians in our media as well.

She's been a dyke for years now.

Cait and Vi being lesbo has been a running thing in the fandom for a longass time.

Already is.

>the black kid with the skinny girl

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I don't like Trump, but I don't think he's run of the mill either. In fact most of his pre-2016 run was campaigning around the fact that he was NOT a run of the mill politician. Drain the swamp and all that, you know?

They are good looking so they are allowed.

I'd prefer he contacted with americulture as little as possible

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Like many liberal celebrities/politicians/literal nobodies do on a daily basis to zero consequences?

That's literally what the original meaning of "woke" was. Being "awake" or conscious to how class, race, and other socio-economic divides influence society and vice-versa. I know the right has corrupted it into a catch-all boogeyman for anything involving non-straights, non-whites, and women but I don't subscribe to that, so I'm not using it that way. Sorry for your confusion, blame picrel.

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you fags are never satisfied

>black kid with the skinny girl.

Doesn't fucking matter, the meaning of the word is changed now, it's corrupted, so don't use it in the old context anymore and expect people to know what you mean.

umm actually me spamming the same images for 5 years is doing something SNOWFLAKE

>Doesn't fucking matter
You got proven wrong, dumb fuck. It matter sbut you just don't want to acknowledge that you were wrong.

>but the wokoids
no you're not

Your ignorance on Caitlyn being into chicks is excusable only because knowing as little of LoL's lore as possible is a virtue.

yeah he wouldn’t shut the fuck up

They would probably be very angry and pass more anti black laws?
What the fuck is this cunt even trying to say?

Ok, cuck.
And yes by cuck I mean your gf is literally cheating on you and you enjoy it, not the current meaning of cuck with is just another word for "person I don't like".

>no tranny shit except a background gag

Yeah, it's not woke.

It's just mutts law pervading every facet of american society

It's not even that far removed from how conservatives use it. Woke basically just means whatever pet issues libs care about, be it class divide or racial/women's/LGBTQ2BBQ rights.

Why is Caitlyn a stinky chink now?

Yes, shouting fire in a crowded theater. Don't play dumb.