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I wish they wouldve listened to me on the internet for the past decade+. Ive been telling them to just stick to ff. They would be fine if they did that. But theyre retarded and disney has helped corrupt them and here we are.

It'll probably start looking like an actual game now. If they would've stuck to making a 3D version of Ultimate Alliance like the original plan was we would've had something half decent but no

it's what happens when you make a generic game with ugly characters and everyone knows x-men is better when it comes to games

That's what happens when you try to make western slop as Japanese

>fromsoft DROWNING in money right now
>meanwhile squaretards somehow lost $200m with the most profitable movie franchise in history

>the most succesdul licensed capeshit game from marvel to date was a free faceberg game

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Where are all the “story is important in games” fags?

But the story was shit so this doesn't prove either side of the conversation

I understand that all these publishers see GAAS as an infinite money engine but how many of them are actually all that successful?

Kamala Khan has been nothing but a money sink.

Do you think this game had a good story?

What story?

Marvel as a property is pure poison right now. The movies underperforming, the games cartoons and comics outright flopping. I’ve never seen so much hate for Marvel since the mid 90s at the peak of DC and Image domination

There will never be a good MCU game, that's reserved for spidey.

Just like there will never be a good Sony superhero movie without marvel basically doing it themselves

>movies underperforming

You fucking wish

I don't know if these are "successful", but destiny, warframe, and poe are probably some of the more popular ones. Mmos are basically gaas with a monthly fee.

Insomniac's Wolverine game might be good.

Capeshit is cancer

>game releases with shit and monotonous gameplay, grind that apparently only gets worse, ip doxing, microtransactions and more
wow its almost like SE killed the game itself

Serves em right.

where you at shazaam

Their movies are doing just fine. Not performing as well as Engame isn't underperforming.
They knew this would happen, they knew a HUGE portion of the audience would be happy with Engame as an ending point. A lot of people simply stopped following MCU after that.

>movies underperforming

We'll know for sure this week, I think it might prove you wrong though.

Shut the FUCK up Boco

>superhero story
are you pretending

not many because retarded publishers dont understand that you need really good gameplay to counter balance the absolute shittyness of Gaas

You mean Scamco

I'd argue both superman and batman speak to a modern day mythos in the making. We aren't doing anything different than the romans or hindus.

I’m still pissed that ultimate alliance 3 is stuck on switch and marvel heroes got shut down.

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Where's that SEtranny who kept spamming Sakura Revolution's failure in every single Sega thread?

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Yeah one piece is awesome now that luffy is some chosen one or whatever


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Didn't Nintendo bankroll mua3?

Nah. This is just what happened to Capcom. But at least Capcom changed direction, Square is still being stupid with blockchain crap.

Or it might be like playing prototype with only claws. I'm not too optimistic on something which can never be more than a hack and slash

>We aren't doing anything different than the romans or hindus.
there was a degree of sincerity in their writings no matter how absurd they seemed
capeshit is just straight up spitting in god's face

Oh my God, I played the shit out of this game, it fucking ruled. Never spent a dime, either. There was a gold exploit early on where you could open the game in multiple tabs (browser game) and claim a reward more than once it was sick. Game was actually good too

Shut the FUCK up Boco

Read a book for once you retarded soiboi.

Theyd tried to be globohomo for years and in the end they had to be fooled this hard by Amerimutt woke ideologues KEK They honestly deserve this shit but at least they learned something from the greedy Amerimutt woke subhumans who pushed Kamala nigger and Chink Hulk on them LMAO.

They invested the money in all the wrong places in this game.

I bet the voice actors cost half the already low budget. And then they spent the rest on drinks and shit.

Like the Iliad? Or the Bhagavad Gita?
Read em, thats why I'm saying what americans are doing is no different.

Read the bible

I read that too. I'd post my freemason illuminated bible but I cop a b& when I post it, regardless of the board.


Where's the scam? 12 MILLION copies of a new IP sold in the first three weeks. Meanwhile look at Square Enix here. Can't turn a profit even with one of the most profitable IPs in the world.

Keep talking Boco.

>new IP
Come on it's the same game they've been making for the las decade

>Ok, so we have a big studio with a track record of single player games that also own massive IPs like Tomb Raider and Deus Ex, what do we do?
>A: We put them to make single player games on these ips THAT WE ALREADY HAVE or create new ones
>B: We put them who don't have any experience in multiplayer games to make an Avengers GAAS game that we'll have to pay hundreds of millions in license to Disney
Fucking retards

>Marvel as a property is pure poison right now

Spiderman made over a billion post endgame and post pandemic. The shitty Disney+ shows helped to cripple Netflix and gave Disney a significant market share in streaming. The toyline and Legos are the most popular sets in the last decade. The problem here was SE being retarded for the 1000th time

I still don’t understand why square Enix didn’t use platinum.

Instead we got Babylon’s fail.

No fucking way they lost that much.

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Neither the Iliad or the Odissey were the basis for ancient Greece's mythology. You don't know what you're talking about.

Eternal flopped

Only Spiderman made its money

Don't throw rocks in glass houses, SE drone.

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>Work with the Rat, you get fucked over hard
Man, it's like I've seen this before, but I can't put my finger on it.
More like they fucking decided to not pander towards freaks that have a disturbing emotional attachment towards nigger mutants and shitty fighting games.

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kinda sad since gaurdians of the galaxy is actually a decent game

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Don't worry, Florida will be doing the final death blow towards Disney in general with their anti Grooming bill.
Especially when Florida removed Disney's good boy status for being open on wanting to groom children.

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T-this cannot be!! We were told that 'get woke go broke' was a nazi alt-right incel buzzword!

Just realized there's a chance that Guardians broke even and shrunk the debt from Avengers somewhat.

It's like taking Christian saints who are saints because God grants them His energies and they work in synergy with His will but puts those powers into the hands of average nihilists and degenerates in a cosmos/world-view that's as illogical and as messed up as possible.

>The movies underperforming
Big cope.

>Not knowing the massive boycott from the Disney and Florida situation

>fucking up a marvel game to the point where you LOSE money from it
looking forward to that wolverine game

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>Sony could have bought two studios with the game rights for all that Marvel shit to connect to their Spiderman AND also owned the Deus Ex plus Tomb Raider IPs for $300 million
>Buys mediocre studio and IP for 4 BILLION instead

What did they mean by this?

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Maybe if Square Enix made good games this wouldn't happen