Nep, Nep, Nep, Nep, Nep!

Nep, Nep, Nep, Nep, Nep!

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Do the Nep games cycle through genres or are they all turn based?

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how is sisters game?

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Maria died

it has Reimu from the Touhou Series and Rena fro the Higurashi series

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the mainline games are all turn-based RPGs.
The spin-off games cover a wide swathe of genres.

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There will never be a mainline continuation to VII, IF and CH are full of faggots that keep pawning their star IP off to retards who don't know how to write these characters beyond the most basic shit and memes.
Based, more please.

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>There will never be a mainline continuation to VII
I'm fine with this, VII was the series' peak. Wish the spinoffs weren't so hit or miss, though.

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The original trilogy is something else I swear.

Isn't this official art? It's so close to perfect, I just wish their outfits/armor/whatever you wanna call it, wasn't shredded to shit.

That's the first game on PS3. It has the best story, but worst combat system. Nep is silly, but not retarded like the other entries, she still my favorite, though.

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I'm aware, I wasn't criticizing it. I was just commenting on how different the original games feel compared to the remakes and spin offs.

>worst combat system
No, that would be Super Neptunia RPG.

I need to lick this goddess.

>I was just commenting on how different the original games feel
We probably won't have this anymore. The original entries managed to strike a balance between parody and engaging characters, being silly was one of the things that made this series popular though and now it's toned to eleven.

>Super Neptunia
Never played, you got me curious now.

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Valkyrie Profile but it's super slow and there's no combos.

We won't have anything resembling the original Neps ever again. Those days are long gone and here are the days of mediocre to god awful spinoff titles. *cough* Virtual Stars *cough* Hyperdevotion Noire *cough*

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>get called out for being a faggot
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Hyperdevotion was made before VII. After VII is when spin-off hell started in full force.

A new mainline title just released in Japan. It's bombed, but early reports from importers indicate it's pretty decent at least. We might get to see some good neps again once it comes over.

Well I was just picking from my personal least favorite spinoffs, that's all. I picked Hyperdevotion because it just feels so slow and clunky to play. I heard the new game seems alright but it's also like a "too little too late" situation. It's been so long since VII that most people have moved on and making a new mainline finally just feels forced.

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Iffy's big sleeves are so cute.

I think there are a lot of factors contributing to its failure in sales. Crazy how such a promising niche franchise was run so badly into the ground. So many fans have just straight up checked out of this franchise, even people I've been good friends with for YEARS that I met through this franchise just gave up on it.

Oh, well. Even if it dies and everyone else moves on, I will always love my waifu.

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I'm going to assume by your image that your waifu is Blanc, and I'm gonna have to tell you that you're the most based motherfucker I've seen here in a long time. But yeah, at this point I'd be happier if they honestly just let the series end because the future for it isn't looking bright if even a new mainline fails. I'll always have my Nep/Blanc avatars and backgrounds on Steam and my desktop, but just I'm sad man.

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You would be correct in assuming as such, she's been my waifu for nearly a decade now. But I feel you, you get super invested in a franchise, with an absolutely great cast of lovable characters, and it's crushing to watch it fall this far. Neptunia has brought me so much joy and laughter and it legitimately hurts to see it in this state.

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>A new mainline title just released in Japan
Sisters vs Sisters? Just checked jewtube and there's a five hours gameplay video. I liked the animated portraits during the dialog and the combat is in real time?
During the gameplay, the guy playing jumped with Nepgear and her panties flashed for a moment, then someone on the chat said "Really dude". Man, fuck these people.

I feel that, at least we have the good games to fall back on and replay to reminisce though.

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Don't tell you're the guy that sent that e-mail to the developers/publishers asking to marry Blanc and they approved it.
I was in that thread. How's the marriage going?

So how's Sisters vs Sisters? I'm EOP

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Which one did you like the most? I'm generally of the opinion that the original had the best story, but overall I think V had the best balance of everything.

No, people keep mistaking me for that person. I predate them. It looks like "Blancanon" has moved on to vtubers, while my love for Blanc lives on.

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Apparently it's not bad, but nobody wants to buy it on Playstation.

I'd prefer it if Blanc, twins and IF didn't wear clothes.

I like the very first original game the most, it was a really fun introduction to everyone, and compared to the Re;birth titles, I liked the original artstyle, and Purple Heart's original design much much more. Still like Blanc the most but Neptune is a close second.

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I DO prefer the original to Re;Birth1 as well. Sounds like our tastes match up fairly well, Neptune also happens to be that close second for me. Even though the original game is pretty underwhelming mechanically, Neptune managed to carry a whole lot of the game. When did you start playing?

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when does megadimension get good

After you get out of Zero Dimension.

I got into the series with the Re;birth titles on Steam a few years back when my buddy randomly gifted me Re;birth 1. I played it, enjoyed it, and since I was taking a break from shit like TF2, L4D2, and a few other games, I just kept playing the others, eventually bought the original games on my PS3 and LOVED those.

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did you guys know that they made a "top nep" videogame?

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Yeah I heard about that, it's basically just an upgraded Neptunia Shooter though.

I'll play it one of these days, I swear.

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Bless you for going back and playing those old games. Hearing something like that eases my heart a bit. I started with the first game on PS3 back in 2012. I played them in order. V was the first I got to catch new, so there might be some bias as to why it was my favorite overall. I spent so long playing it, and earning Blanc's confession line made it feel so much more special. I could have just downloaded it off the /nepgen/ pastebin, but I wanted to do it right for her.

I did. The Will Be Venus chiptune mix is great.

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did the vtuber nep game ever come out of japan? how is it?

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It did, it's on steam too.

>but I wanted to do it right for her.
Respect, you've done her proud user.

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its not good

>embedded porn

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It's okay by Neptunia standards. Make of that what you will. The gameplay is fairly shallow, and the differences in shot types are kind of bullshit, but if you're willing to engage with the mechanics... By which I mean make liberal use of your favorite character's skills, you can have fun with it. They made Blanc a charge shot type, so she ends up leaning really hard on her skill usage. And most of the time she's basically playing melee in a shooter game, but I guess it fits. Really need to pick it back up, because while I was enjoying my time a bit, I did drop the game over getting stranded. In a certain level it's possible to find your way to an escapable point and you basically lose your progress if you jump there. Typical CH jank, I guess.

Thank you kindly, user.

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