Kratos is much sicker than dante

kratos is much sicker than dante
dante is gay

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I like how the enemies actually attack you in this game too

Kratos is balding tho

Kratos is literally a manchild that blames everyone else for his problems.

Old Kratos>Nu Kratos

Kratos is the most alpha protagonist. DMC dante isn't even half the alpha dante from dantes inferno is

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the gods were manchildren first desu, they just created an angrier more powerful manchild and typical self fulfilling prophecy bullshit

it was all planned by athena anyways, kratos just fucked it up by not dying and then saying fuck you one final time to the entire realm by denying athena a chance to rule as supreme overlord

>noo you cannot pierce my belly with a sword. it hurts, help me athena

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>t. zeus

Yeah, but the guy literally sold his soul to Ares and the complained how unfair it all was. He's unironically more at fault for his family's death than Ares or any of the gods are.

the fuck are you on about? kratos only got Ares attention by being a cool fuck and actually being a god's child, where is all the other humans and shit that got lifted up and their souls stol- oh wait, there isn't any because ares doesn't do dumb shit like that, not to mention when he goes to the Athena temple for Ares, his wife and child were NOT supposed to be there

not only that, the gods promised they would help get rid of his dreams or alluded to doing so and then turned around being like 'no fuck you, deal with your sins' and then stopped him from killing himself


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Doesn't change the fact that Kratos actively sought out Ares' help, which would inventively lead to his family's death.

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All that is once again Zeus' fault because Kratos was a demigod who happened to be abandoned in sparta for whatever reason and he grew up a warrior who did war, Ares should have just ignored him but he wanted Kratos for himself.

GoW3 ruined Kratos' character so thoroughly I cannot care anymore

Kratos is literally greek, now think about that, especially a spartan, cant get more gay than that

>which would inventively lead to his family's death
Not if Ares didn't actively lead him there for the purpose of their deaths

this post smells of boomer posting... it has to be ZEUS

it could have been either Ares or Athena, remember the dumb old wise lady who was like 'you won't like what you find in there, tee hee'

Kratos is spartan he is born gay.

Shit meme.

Still gives me chills. Back when Kratos was actually cool.

>Dante`s Purgatorio never ever
>the west plays identity politics
>the nips make coomer and gacha shit
fuck this timeline
shit timeline

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God damn God 9f WHORE 2 was K I N O

Kratos has no style

If that's supposed to be Athena, then she'd be the one to do the ash skin curse? Doesn't seem right.

Does the phone number still work?

i personally didn´t like 3 all that much, but 1 and 2 are among the greatest games i´ve played

No my experience. Chains have huge range and hitstun everything. I basically had to stand still and do nothing to get attacked.


or she was just an oracle to athena and knew what was gonna happen anyways, it's heavily implied she knows what will happen, either she is Athena or he crone and they purposely took the steps to do this to him

Oh, I thought we were talking about Dante from the Devil May Cry™ series. Who cares about Dante from Dante's Inferno?

GOW3 backpedalling every character so Kratos is now a good guy and the greek gods are now just 'corrupted by pandora's box' has to be one of the lamest fucking cop outs ive ever seen on a videogame

She was indeed Athena's oracle. So very likely Athena knew, and did fuck all to intervene. Surprise surprise, the gods are assholes and the cause of everything

they didn't even need to really do it, the gods were big dickbags anyways so kratos honestly had the moral highground, it also made implications about Athena's role in the entire series, in my headcanon she orchestrated it all to become the true wise ruling god, only she felt she could direct the world properly

FUCK YES. KRATOS WAS SO GOOD. They dont make em like they used too. You cant have a good hack n slash game without a charismatic no fucks given protag
What dont you like about 3? 3 and ascension are still great

He has no grace
This god, has a funny face

>tfw never played ascension
Did I miss out?


They got cold feet at the end line. They didn't want to be remembered as 'that one trilogy with the absolutely unlikable main character' so they tried to pull a Last of Us by siccing a morality pet girl at Kratos. NuGOW does it so much better

lmao not at all

god mode is so fucking unfair wtf

depends on if you like eating shit

Featuring dante from devil may cry is a pretty cool guy,
DmC dmc Donté, muchacho homosexualista is gay faggot,
Dante from Dante('s inferno) is a stoic and a real family man of god,
Now Kratos is just pure sperg rage, what makes his games pretty good, but he is sadly also a greek, so atleast likes to get oiled up by other men (as was a thing back in those days)

I guess how weak the olympians felt? Like, he disposes of them so easily in their exectuions, i was expecting the headhonchos of the Olymp to be like fighting back and Kratos being a bit more crafty with his kills, but then again that wouldn`t be Kratos. I dunno, something about it just didn`t click with me

You miss more by not playing Chains of Olympus

their entire boss fights were basically destroying all their artefacts and avoiding the powers they use

To be fair, it's not that Kartos has charisma. It's just that he's unapologetically unhinged, which was rare for an action game protagonist, as most were either some stoic warriors like Ryu, or snarkers like Dante and Bayonetta.

lmao why are DMCucks so fragile? At least play the game first

Fair enough, they wanted to go over the top for Kratos revenge, so i see where they are coming from

i mean the first few are taken out/weakened by titans and kratos just mogged hades because hades was bad

>still no prequel game where you can play as Sparda

>he's unapologetically unhinged
as he should be. the gods messed with the wrong guy

GOWsisters....the DMChuds keep invading our thread...

>the gods were big dickbags
That and by 3 they were actively engaging Kratos one-on-one even though he'd have been satisfied with just killing Zeus.


Ares is Kratos' half-brother actually.