What killed the hype?

What killed the hype?

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And his shit obsession for the realism

every game but the first one being shit.

best post in the thread
people just realized reddit hearts was never good

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KH2 is better than 1 though.

Still seeing daily threads on it. So Yea Forums seems pretty hyped.

KH3's release.


Nothing, retards are going crazy over it because they cant stop themselves from eating shit. I wonder what parts of the older KH games they even liked.

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Fanbase grew up

Ironic since you're posting reddit the edgehog

Nothing I feel like KH is the most popular it’s ever been

Motherfucker not making Verum Rex

Yep. What do I care about some goody two shoes dumbass visiting Disney properties for the umpteenth time when Versus XIII is still the biggest 'what if's in gaming? This is all trash. Fuck KH4.
>b-but Nameless Star is confirmed to be a Verum Rex character and she *might* even show up in KH4
>dude they might even include 5 sec. of Yozora, too
Just kill yourself, Nomura, you worthless hack.

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All I felt was boredom when I watched the KH4 trailer.

lol square enix is going down
they might not even release ff16 and kh4 because they're gonna lose a lot chasing nfts

>square enix is going down
God, I hope so.

Nothing. Kingdom Hearts 3 spit in our faces but now they are listening to the fans, we're going home!!

Go play FFXV

Fuck you

The Re:Mind DLC, MoM game, and no Verum Rex did.

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No, fuck you. You wanted modern urban Final Fantasy as a hack and slash and you got it.

>strip everything to its most basic concept and its exactly the same
Yeah fuck off with this shit

>haha I see Western fans want Verum Rex but I'll make KH4 instead
KH4 will be just KH3.5 with RC memberberries and Roxas like prologue before the capeshit romp, a total nail in the coffin for the series. The fanbase is too old to care about SDG, Mickey Mouse and 'interacting with a designed Disney character'. Everyone was hyped for the Disney free shit Nomura teased in the secret ending and Verum Rex commercial. Now trust in Nomura the traitor has collapsed.

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KH4 is going to sell like hotcakes and no amount of seethe will stop it from doing so

The game looks like some SFM porn scene.

Go eat garbage.

I'm not seething, just dissapointed. It will sell really well for sure, especially since it has Star Wars.

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It will flop harder than KH3 because there is no hype and expectations are pretty low.

>The Re:Mind DLC, MoM game
Why do people believe these cash grabs are okay?

>fanbase is too old to care about SDG, Mickey Mouse and 'interacting with a designed Disney character'.
Don't you speak for me. The Disney stuff is comfort food. I do not want it gone.

Hackmura is a motherfucking sellout.

The story mode was bullshit, but the data battles were worth the money.

>go play one of the worst action games ever made
Fuck no.

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Disney acknowledging it's existence, Squeenix doubling down on NFTs, and their track record of releasing underwhelming incomplete games.

I wanted a fun Kingdom Hearts rhythm game, and I got one.
The retarded story elements they shoved in at the end are irrelevant to that fact.

>The Kingdom Key makes a cameo in the latest trailer for Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers, which is set to premiere on May 20th on Disney+!
>This is the 3rd reference to the series in the past few months!


There will be even more corporate meddling in the future.

>Verum Rex died for capeshit and Frozen 2

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Birth By Sleep

It was the game that showed us exactly what they want to do with this series and exactly how up its own ass it was with its convoluted lore and plot that they literally make up as they go. Follow that up with 300-whatever/2 Days and it confirmed that beyond a doubt and the fact that they constantly split these games that still have mandatory plot material in order to understand what the fuck is going on accross multiple platforms from different companies just makes it that much more of a pain to keep track of and it just wasn't worth it. I stopped caring then and there and nothing will make me care again.

This. It's probably being marketed as an avenue to a Disney universe. There are probably some Disney suits currently celebrating that they signed the contract to put in Wreck-It-Ralph into KH4.

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Probably Sora going all Advent Children

You should have learned that at chain of memories, despite how excellent it turned out to be. But yeah, BBS and the command deck as a whole, shattered the illusion.

I fully anticipate Disney to do a hostile takeover. The only good that could come from this is building your own keyblade in disneyworld.

you need to understand that the majority of the KH fanbase is no longer teenagers and most adults tend not to sit on the internet and endlessly talk about specific things they like. Most have many varied interests, and will see an announcement they like and make a good fuss about it perhaps the day of, but then move onto the next thing.

I'm still going on my first playthrough of Elden Ring. I can afford to be less excited about other games i Like.

The first Wreck-it-Ralph was so good. I legitimately was so angry when I saw trailers for this mess.

Frozen II chads dab on Virginrexxers

I guess CoM was the "fool me once, shame on you" game. BbS was "fool me twice, shame on me" and I sure as shit wasn't gonna fall for it again. It was the right call after they put out what, something like 6 games, one of which was a fucking JP browser game, all with absolutely necessary plot information, before finally putting out KH3? Yeah, no, fuck that.

>What killed the hype?
No real info given, and no gameplay trailer. I'm still looking forward to it though, I liked 3.

Xehanort is a terrible villain and the plot of BBS was dumb as shit.

What if 4 doesn't have any Disney worlds? We know it has characters, but worlds are still in the air, I believe.

I don't mind games on other consoles, I am an idort after all. But 2 mobile games and a region locked flash/java/browser game is a bridge too far

I can't wait for the porn

He's so fucking ugly, why did they make his so hideous? He's always been so fucking cute, too.

Two redditbadposters with strong opinions on kingdom hearts
See who you stand with

The story is more fucked than real life politics.

That said, I don't mind the reduction of spiky hair, actually looks decent now.

Say what you want but I like the push for more realistic graphics in most situations.

Took 20 years to come out and by then I gave no fucks

It was always a kusoge.

Only when the Osaka Team worked on it.

KH4 will sell 10 times the amount XV did and 30 times the amount Flopspoken will

Nomura basically confirmed that VR will come after KH4

>Verum Rex
Nomura's waiting to make it a Virtual Reality game so he can call it Kingdom Hearts: VR, isn't he?

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Shit the duck up

I hate the slowdown when using actions, I know its there intentionally, but its still shit

KH3 being an unfinished mess. KHDDD being the worst game ever made. KHBBS being a dumbed down game that has no story despite it being a crucial turning point for the series as a whole.

there's no hype because everyone knows its like 3-4 years off because SE announces their games too early

The Frozen level

Kingdom hearts VR already happened user, thankfully it is one of the few non-canon releases because it's shit and psexclusive

You should really stop spouting whatever bullshit your faggy khtuber says, 3D is fun as fuck do to the off the rails flowmotion