Resident Evil 2 (2019)

Resident Evil 2 (2019)

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4 is still the peak, easily


I bought 2 and 3 on sale for £20. Saving for that next gen update. Whens it dropping?

Resident evil 2 (2019 shots to kill)

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>webm name

the peak of TPS horror

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The best version of Ada

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Rushed, butchered de-make.
Embarrassment compared to the RE2 1998 and the REmake 1, 2002.

Claire is cute. CUTE!!!!

RE2make is a better remake than REmake

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With the way RE2's remake went, an RE4 remake would be great. Assuming it isn't as short as RE3.

Yeah that motherfucker by the door in the morgue was a mini boss man. Even on normal he is a fucking tank.

>Shotguns your head into a million pieces with one blast
>Flame grenades your bitch ass and finishes you off with a single headshot
Heh, nice "miniboss" you got there champ.

Never understood the difficulty here, just shoot off one of the legs and then knife him to death. Zombies are way more helpless when they're stuck on the ground.

will resident evil ever be good again?

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I'd call it the best modern horror game currently. RE3 could have been better but they opted for more stupid action shit. RE at its core is always better as a horror game.

My only gripes about RE2 are that the sewers lasted too long and the lab was too clean/sci fi. OG RE2 still had better atmosphere in that regard.

Nah, you are

My bad should have said he tanks pistol shots.

They really did base Rebecca on some random internet pixie didn't they?

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disagree, 2make manages both great action and an interesting structure to tie it together. 4 kind of becomes a samey blob about half way through.

is gud

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i miss kittens bros

why did you change filename?

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Considering the last good RE was 6, I have no doubt REmake 4 and all other future installments will be shit.


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It’s already been 3 years?

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Better than the original.

Also this.

I played Claire's A, but then never did Leon's part afterward since I was pretty much over the areas in the game when I finished

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I've played every mainline RE plus both Revelations and Veronica this year and found RE4 to not even be in the top 5.

If i want a linear shootan game with a horror theme I'd sooner replay RE3R since it at least has the decency to only be 3hrs long on a casual pace while 4 is bloated and padded to shit while having worse gameplay. Hell I'd replay some of the storylines in 6 sooner for the same reason.

Both pale in comparison to REmake, RE2, RE2R, RE7, RE8, and arguably RE3 though.


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Resident Evil 2 (2019)

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>doesn't include RE1 or RE5 in the top 5
fake fan spotted


So Capcom? When are we getting the Hunk game?

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Revelations 2 has the best gameplay of all RE games

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>When are we getting the Hunk game?
The writers will have to figure out who HUNK is working for after Umbrella went under, and why he would keep fighting BOWs instead of just retiring.

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and even on top of that you can still kill him in a few shots depending how the DA is skewed, the game really is amazing in how it ebbs and flows for players and yet at the same time people have figured out some amazing strats to deal with enemies in reliable ways even on hardcore
watching speedrunners lure zombies away from doors with handgun shots in the next room was eye opening to how to play

Maybe Hunk will become what that flatface chink Ada could never be, an actually mysterious and intriguing anti-hero working as mercenary on its own.

The damage is randomized so it's fair, sometimes you kill zombies with a single headshot

>If you take improved RE4 and put it in a non annoying coop the game is good
Yeah no shit
You know what it would be even better? A proper TPS RE without meme coop and retarded campaigns

i want to see the coop of rev2 in a new game, it's very fun

Doing a first playthrough. Should I play Leon or Claire first?


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Claire's model is so fucking hot

Claire A and Leon B are canon and the best routes

this but with Jill's

Holy crap she's beautiful.

this is irrc the ONLY ZOMBIE NI THE GAME that takes that much ammo.

you can still have it die super quick though depending on the DA

By far the best and scariest zombies to date. They’re perfect.

Revelations 2 is a surprisingly good resident evil.