Xenoblade 3

How does it make you feel knowing she isn't playable?

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My Commander will be playable. Enough of this inane babbling.

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I wish I could enjoy Xenoblade gameplay. The girls look pretty cute.

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Will you guys keep watching the trailers/follow new info?
I don't like already knowing the party members and the fusions even it's an early event in the story
I didn't follow 2 at release and i think showing Mythra was a mistake as well

What don't you like about it.

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All that leapt out at me was a lot of free-roaming and active turn based combat. Perhaps I saw the wrong bits of gameplay but it doesn't appeal to me these days.
All that being said, the character designs are very nice all-around.

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is she the new jin? in the past she was good but now she's bad and we fight her but then she changes at the end but its too late she dies

GFL did it better

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I'm fine with that. She obviously makes for a better enemy. I just wonder how people fill be when they find out that
Ethel is already dead, during the same battle where the party gains their Ouroboros ability, her time ran out when fighting against Cammuravi. She was so afraid of death that she became a Moebius, this games version of the Gnosis.

where are you getting this info?
just headcanon?

Wasn't fucking everyone besides Malos playable in 2? Huge fucking oversight if she isnt. And I highly highly doubt she is the Malos in 3 dude.

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Immediate improvement. All I want is costume customization back and I just know they aren't gonna do it. Guess I'll just have to be content with the additional armor and enhanced graphics in definitive.

Malos was a temporary party member for like 10 mins but that's it. She will most likely be a guest party member as well. It's not a uncommon thing in JRPGs. Tales does it all the time.

Well listen dude, I at least better have her as a permanent one in new game plus or I am going to be very very angry and upset and write letters to the developers explaining how angry and upset I am.

>he doesn't know the trade mark cool guy/gal who seems like a bad guy at first always joins later
Why are you pushing this meme

only Rex, Tora, Nia, Zeke and Morag are permanently playable

All of the information coming out says that Noah, Mio, Eunie, Taion, Lanz and Sena are the six main characters and that these are the swap able characters, that is it. If they were to introduce more playable characters, they would need to come as a pair with another person to have an Ouroboros form, be able to use fusion arts and class change. The only hint of that is that both her and Isurd have glowing red eyes, but on the opposite side. However, the glowing eyes are probably a hint to a block to becoming an Ouroboros, not a confirmation that they will become one.

The rest are blades though in new game plus and I count those

well dood it ain't happening. she's obviously going to die. your only choice is to hack your switch or play on emulator where you can edit the hex values to keep her in.

It's more real-time with hotbar combat. Characters auto-attack and you use special abilities (Arts) to use a variety of options to defend or attack the enemy like bonus damage from positioning behind the enemy or in the case of 1 use utility tools to your advantage like buffing/debuffing, etc. Try out 1, and if you can't get into that, then 2. 3 seems to be the best combination of the previous games since it now allows you to switch to any party member during battle, something you couldn't do before.

>the character designs are very nice all-around.
Damn straight.

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meh, they just follow you around and pop specials not really the same

I highly doubt anyone is going to mod her that way if she isn't. Modders these days suck ass if its not zelda. But it better happen, at least for new game plus.
I understand where you're coming from but I still like that kind of thing

>where are you getting this info?
>Six characters, Noah and others, can be operated during the battle. In addition, one of the other characters who will be friends during the adventure, such as Nopon's "Riku" and "Manana" , will also help, so up to 7 people will participate in the battle.
>The six members, "Noah," "Mio," "Lants," "Sena," "Yuni," and "Tion," can switch operations at any time while on the move or in battle.

Censored game.

The whole plot's leaked already?

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What meme? It was confirmed only the main six characters are playable. We might get Ethel's class though.

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Mio is hotter so I dont really care

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>Uraya is fucking dead
He didn't deserve this

No one is more beautiful than my Commander.

Would be crazy if Xenoblade went the Chrono Cross route and had a fuck ton of party members to recruit. I know they said the party members who you will control but what if there was someone who will die and be replaced?

>so up to 7 people will participate in the battle.
So, 7 playable party members.

>inferior nia rehash

Best looking location in the game. I hope they can top it.

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She's better than Nia.

if she is already a temp playable character, modding her in its literally just adjusting her party value from 0 to 1. i used to party edit all the time in tales games, it should be similar for xeno.

Participate =/= playable. They literally say the six (Noah and co.) can be operated with 7 total participating. The 7th is just Al controlled which is why they didn't say 7 are operated.

You can't be better than something that's already perfect.

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Please commit suicide. Diver and Blade Nia both have vastly superior designs and welsh voices.

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i have absolutely no idea what i'm supposed to think is so incredible and amazing about this character

Mio has welsh accent but not as strong, same as she has ears but not as big. Outbreeding imo (white men fuck cats.)

>Diver and Blade Nia
are shit.

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I'm definitely not watching whatever trailer comes out in june. I've seen enough and I'm just waiting till release. I feel like the second trailer provided the first real hook to get hyped for the game, and that's enough

How do we know that? I'm sure most didn't think we'd have Morag playable in XB2 but we did.

>sure most didn't think we'd have Morag playable in XB2
yes we fucking did
and you know what else everyone called? vandham dying

We didn't know that for the first trailer and I don't think we knew from the 2nd trailer either.

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And who could blame them?

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>Participate =/= playable
That's literally what it means.

>Physical copies of 2 out of stock everywhere
What do you guys think are the chances they will reprint copies of Xenoblade 2 when the Pyra/Mythra amiibos release?