What is your favorite game similar to rogue?

what is your favorite game similar to rogue?

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enter the gungeon

How did it never occur to me to make a hamburger with hashbrown patties???
Holy shit!


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zAngband. Eru help you if you've been ignoring your elemental resists into midgame.

unironically one of the worse popular roguelites, the only thing i would play it over is the large influx of deckbuilder kusoges.

Looks more like a mcchicken with hashbrown buns

its fried rice lol


I thought China didn't have McDonalds?

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i liked it. it had a weak tho

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Wrong flavour chicken scratch.

Why can't our McDonalds be just as soulful?

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Trash game


One Way Heroics

It can be. I live in a coastal tourist trap town and the McD's around here have crab cake sandwiches, they even use Old Bay branded seasoning.
They aren't good but they're trying.

Why are Japanese ads so good?

God I want to eat a mochi and red bean paste pie so bad





because they don't have to appeal to niggers

Too easy

A job recruitment advertisement should not elicit this level of emotion from me.

Because they still have soul and haven't been neutered by the globohomo

>carbs on the outside with carbs in the inside
>zero protein
I thought this was a British, during famine, thing?
Why would anyone like this?

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hapa user here. most of the exclusive shit sucks. the only one i actually liked is the samurai mc they released like 2 years ago

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What is this?

McChicken pasta from /ck/ in Japanese

Nobody eats McDonald's because it's good.
They eat it because McDonald's marketing has spent decades (even in Japan, they've been around since the '70s) convincing people that they think it's good.

That's a chicken patty

I like a couple things about it but by and large my problems can be summed up by the fact that the devs thought it was OK to put a hard limit on how many truly great items you could get in one run.

No it is literally good, go choke on your celery and water you no fun allowed faggot.

nigga burger. kneel.

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what are the "buns" made of?


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Case in point? See this level of unncessary aggression to criticism of the McDonald's brand? This is all part of the brainwashing.
Or maybe it's just because of the steroids they put in the chickens.



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Take your meds schizoid

Hashbrown burgers holy shit
That's genius


McChicken bros...

The Tsukimi burgers and the Teritama ones look amazing to me. Don't know about the rice patty ones but Ive seen a lot of stuff over the years that I wish we had.

Does it make you black?


Carbs on carbs isn't good. A meal with Zero protein isn't good.


Rice flour oven'd into bread?

Notice how the brainwashed McDonald's customer grasps at any straw available when confronted with an argument for which they have no proper response. This is, once again, a product of generations of brainwashing.
There is no reasoning with those who have gone this far. The best that you can do for them is to be there and make them as comfortable as possible when the health effects start to take their toll.
It's a sad state of affairs, really.


>convincing people that they think it's good.
No, I eat it because when I'm the road and I'm hungry from not eating, it's nice to whip out a coupon code and get a Big Mac for $2. It's cheap and it tastes moderately good.

No but it unironically makes your shit either black or really dark blue/green

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Then it's shit, da nigga burger should make you black for 5 hours at least, then I'd eat it.

It does not taste good.
You've just been convinced it tastes good due to the brainwashing.
Another lost cause, I'm afraid. At least you will be a lesson to those who have not yet succumbed to the McDonald's Effect.

My favorite game similar to rogue?
Why it's my peanus weanus of course

At least they actually show you the kind of tasks you'll be performing at your job unlike all these shady "teleperformance" jobs that get advertised in my country. After extensive research I still have no clue what they expect from you. I think they just make you call people to offer them shit.

Notice how the McDonald's Syndrome victim uses a reaction image which depicts him as the infamously overweight and unhealthy Peter Griffin from the Fox animated sitcom, Family Guy.
Thils is a clear cry for help, buy sadly, it is too late for him.

Chill the Teriyaki crispy chicken is crack

>chickens are more valued than your immigrant ass
Woah, astute observation there, Jose. You cost the world 5 million chickens worth of eggs and nuggies because of your stupidity.

Ok this one actually made me kek, good job

My building I was renting with my gf had a McDonald's in it. Was so fucking good to get a breakfast there for around a dollars. It wasn't perfect, but better than paying 8 to 10$ here. I just want my porridge and chicken sandwich with a black coffee :(

It helped also it was the only place using a computer menu in English, it was easy to order. She was always sleeping late and it was a tiny apartment, so I was happy to go there early morning and relax with my cellphone.

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Always glad to know I was able to bring at least a tiny amount of joy to someone with my shitposting

That still sounds good to be honest.

Island nations always have shit food as a rule
>Bongs - Jellied eel, bread sandwich
>Japs - Chicked done medium rar, deadly poison fish
>Ireland - diseased potatos, dirt

not a fan of the sauce. my gf liked it tho
they are ok but id rather just have a normal double cheese burger/big mac

It's just cooked rice. The color comes from onions sauce.

What's this

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They don't sell hashbrowns at mcdonald here. Europe is truly cucked when it comes to fast food

Japanese food is top tier you philistine

Point out the issue. Bad thing is bad. Good thing is good.

lmao cant even say so.y what a fucking website



Wait is that a girl or boy

This is weeb cope.

>Japs - Chicked done medium rar, deadly poison fish
You forgot also the radioactive seafood!

fucking kill yourself already. you will never be japanese.
>inb4 this thread gets necrobumped to 500 replies by 2 troons talking to each other

Your idea sounds better. I'd buy the fuck out if a burger with hash brown patties.

Nuclear Throne is better

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Only Japan can make some souless like McDonalds into the most soulful thing imaginable

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Really? I need to test some things.
Onions sauce

i was born and grew up in japan but yeah i dont consider myself japanese.

once i went to japanese mc Donald's and it really gave me the impression that no matter where you are fast food will forever be a shit place to work.
The Japanese cashier got my order wrong because i wanted orange juice instead of coke and she just grabbed the fucking cup and threw real fucking hard at the direction of the nearest trash bin, however she threw it so strong it hit the above the bin and coke spilled everywhere. She was already looking defeated and after that it looked like she want to commit sudoko right there and then.

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It's a tomboy

Can't attest to how the job is over there, but I worked at a McDonalds for 3 days in America and it was the absolute worst shit I've ever experienced.

She was probably just having a bad day, McDonalds japan workers will literally smile at you free of charge, it's a great workplace unlike western fast food wage slaving which is hell because people are impolite af.

>she just grabbed the fucking cup and threw real fucking hard at the direction of the nearest trash bin, however she threw it so strong it hit the above the bin and coke spilled everywhere
I hope you filed a complaint. Whatever's happening in their shitty lives is none of your god damn problem so the least they can do is serve your food right.

It definitely is, but only by virtue of Gungeon being a 1/10.

>i wanted orange juice

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i only drink sodas at parties and shit, it makes me gassy and uncomfortable.

here's your superior western ads bro
now buy the burger

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What parties are you going that they serve you sodie pops in? Your lil nephews birthday party?

McDonald's has like the cleanest restaurants I've ever seen, on par with high-class shit. It just sucks they have the worst fucking fast food.

Chicken burgers?
Nah we're selling interracial couples and faggot kisses.

>they have the worst fucking fast food.
Only in the US, Asian McDonald's is god tier.

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nta but unless theres a chance of me being swabbed for a new job you can keep your shitty alcohol to yourself. dude weed lmao give me soda