Whst's your honest opinion on this creature?

Whst's your honest opinion on this creature?

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I'd put my penis in it if that's what you're asking

what do i need to say so that we get V3?

Is 3.0 out yet? Any updates? Am i keeping my cum in my balls for nothing?

i don't want to be the bearer of bad news but we are not going to be getting V3
the game has been abandoned
Better to just accept it and move on

>Game lets you knock up weird shit
>Game doesn't delve into the body horror consequences of being knocked up by weird shit
Where's the horror and sexual terrors? Alien sex is too safe and samey.

p-please say sike

Such an animal wouldn't exist in the real world. It has no eyes, ears, nostrils, it has no room for a fucking brain nor any apparent area for organs, it just kinda looks like a tube on legs with a practically vestigial tail.


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Sike. V3 is definitely coming user, don't devolve into despair.

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i dont know how the fuck people can eat that

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Of all the things in Neptunes Bounty why oh why do chinks continue to catch and eat such disgusting and weird shit?

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So basically it's a worm.

muh libido enhancers, prease understand

Snake oil traditional medicine

Is this a jewish restaurant?

Nice legs, I guess.

Heh, Niirds

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I hope you sick fucks at least follow this ruleset.

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Uhhhh yea haha of course I do

Give me the loli monsters

Do bugs really?

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Who cares

for your audio pleasure

People not completely fucked in the head I assume, some small vestiges of humanity still intact.

>if you speak a different language they are are sub-human retarded animals and it's illegal to fuck them

I agree, English is God's language after all.

Humanity has been fucking literally every animal since the dawn of man

>humanity in a monster-fucking game
Well, you play as a human, so there's that.

Yeah because of those few no self control retards we're dealing with a plethora of parasites and sex diseases to this day, would have never been communicable until some asshole decided to stick his dick in a mare. We used to put those kind of people to death along with the animal they raped because it was too traumatized to be used normally.

Name one wide spread disease that was caused by fucking a mare


This is caused by a lack of mare partnership

Absolutely based good taste haver

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Made for human cock

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Not from a horse but aids you fucking faggot.

Eating raw animal meat is not the same as having sex with an animal.
Monkeys are not horses (mares).
0 for 2 try again.

I... fell off the wagon famo...

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Your exchaging bodily fluids with something too stupid to realize it's even sick. Kys yourself zoophile faggot.

I keep thinking the nostrils are eyes

>exchaging bodily fluids
user, wanna exchange some body fluids? Multiple times a day.

well someone else had your same mindset apparently

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No thanks I only like women.

Yes and zoonotic diseases are extremely rare as it's insanely difficult to cross the species barrier.
You will literally never get sick from fucking your pet or any animal that is not 100% wild and clearly diseased(even then it wouldn't be from putting your dick in it).

for me, it's nkaanmykiunsuns

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I liked Naigad the most myself, I wonder when we'll see her again

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what's this from?

At this rate? in v7 when it releases in 3975

>Penis fish
How the fuck can they eat that shit even when they themselves acknowledge what the thing looks like and behaves like

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Hah.. I'm happy if I live long enough to see v3

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its from from a game called teraurge, you can download it here: teraurge.blogspot.com/2018/01/teraurge-10-release.html?zx=f40efe149a5fd98c

You're more of a homo than anyone who has eaten penis fish

It looks like Kog'Maw. Also it looks like a Spore creature.

You don't want a swarm of billions to like and eat the same wild catch as you

There's a higher chance actual aliens arrive on earth and you get to fuck one than v3 releasing.
Just saying.

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Looks like an ugly ass pittbull lmao.

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Check f95, Meandraco had posted more V3 updates in the last three months than in the last three years

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