Guardians of the Galaxy was a MEGA flop

Guardians of the Galaxy tanked SO HARD that SquareEnix had to sell its dev team and two other dev teams. They have now sold most of their western dev teams.

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Avengers was the real biggest Flop.
Guardians of the Galaxy is underrated.
But can't miss that gigantic meteor shit that was Avengers.
So, Square Enix killed them all with fire.
In one of the most stupid move ever.

Finally we see the results of Avenger's disaster. It sucks, but it was a total flop and a money sink. How can the devs create such a terrible game in today's age? I bought it at release like a sucker and I had my fair share of fun, but I still need to admit it was fucking terrible and the biggest problem was it's core. Not updates can fix how the game is running.

what ?

>was looking forward to avengers game
>play it
>holy shit it's bad

>didn't really care for the gotg game
>try it on gamepass
>pretty good walking sim
>then the combat starts
>the fuck are those keybinds
>can't rebind anything without starting a domino effect of bullshit
>quit and uninstall

maybe their 3rd game will be okay

think they had the deus ex team make it
couldn't imagine it was what the team wanted to make, but was just told to make it look good and turned out soulless

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Has a film game ever been good?


>goes from 23.82 to 3.42
lol it's practically ded

I hate capeshit with a dying passion but Guardians of the galaxy was a pretty good game

Wolverine was amazing, well pretty good DMC like game. It got the proper soul of being Wolverine, including the violence and regen. It was good for what it was and more license game should take example.

Guardians underperformed, but it wasn't the gigantic money sink. That's Avengers, the game that lost like $60 million within the first quarter of its release.

>sell the entire studio instead of admitting your jew cancer is the problem

A dragon quest monsters gacha sounds like easy money. Too bad the game sucks ass.

>ching chong
>bing pong
Yes, and????

>squarenix keeps making games that costs hundreds of millions of dollars
>always shift resources and make stupid demands throughout development
>create insanely high sales goals
>every game turns out to be a hot mess of half executed ideas on a decent concept at best
How hard is it for SE to just get out of their own way and stay the fuck away from development?

Butcher Bay

Spiderman 2
Peter Jackson King Kong

remember what they took from you

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based, now these devs are completely free of japanese boomer control and they can make kino.

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Eidos Montréal did the Guardians of the galaxy game. Crystal Dynamics, who made the 2013 tomb raider game and Rise of the tomb raider worked on the avengers game.

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>it's another "aging video game developer shifts all his writing to being about parenting" episode

the facial animations in this game had zero right being as good as they are. it's insane.

You consider those good?

You're either blind or a disingenuous faggot if you can't see how insanely well done the facials animations are.

The modern western woke trash studios cant make any decent games for sure unless they are protected hard by a woke mega corp like Disney. The shitty overpaid western subhuman devs deserve to be sold off. They can make their beloved broken woke shit games full of trashy Hollywood cliches for the western market.

all the Lord of the Rings games, even the GBA versions

they arent well done at all
they just utilize mouth and eyebrow movements and head swaying
but they aren't that well done though

what do you consider good newfriend?

It was square's own fault as they failed to clarify what the game was and most people thought it was either gaas like avengers or directly just an avengers expansion

bangin ur mum

i don't normally say this, but meds now


How the fuck does square fuck up so much?

capeshit xisters, i thought we were hot shit..
I'm gonna dial 8 and off myself real quick


western teams make trash.
no shit
I really western game industry crashes and then they realize we want games, not movies

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nah, Im sure the problem was wokeshit

Butcher Bay is amazing

Spider-Man has good movement mechanics but the mission structure is typical AAA homogenization garbage that doesn't work well with it.

They just copied the Arkham games

What i said is all true. You must enjoy woke trash like last of us 2. Though its fine. Keep buying woke trash games from these western devs.

>Shitty dev team that 'rebooted' Tomb Raider by making it a walky talky movie game that plays itself.
>In charge of making a 'live service' superhero game.
>A genre that only survives on the back of good, addictive, gameplay loops.
>Lootboxes, gear, season passes, and grinding out junk for crafting is like the antithesis of the superhero fantasy.
>Have to somehow create a unified system of combat and gameplay for a bunch of heroes that should play differently.
>Story focused on fucking Kamala Khan of all characters with some of the worst writing in the industry.

Gee I wonder why it sucked? It was doomed from the start.

don’t worry my wan the western studios are gone. be sure to enjoy the lasts nft in final fantasy or dragon quest

>How can the devs create such a terrible game in today's age?

they didn't create a game, they created a product. they created a shop, based around the primary assumption that video gamers would just love it and eat up whatever.

and then, bizarrely, while trying to sell stuff, they gave us ugly, dollar-store versions of characters and an utterly embarrassing game. to say the least.

and then genshin impact came out and exposed the west as a joke. focused on cynically raking in money, but giving players nothing they want in exchange for it. a manufactured environment: love this big-name bullshit!

Western development teams are shit, they are fixated with social justice, they demand massive benefits and wages, they complain about working overtime. They aren't worth their time most of the time to a JP used to dealing with normal people working for them.

I really western game too

Me not so much. I barely western game

youre all fucking stupid frfr no cap


There's a new DQ and FF gatcha every quarter


I just wanted a simple online game where you could play as any heroes and do missions :(
Exactly like Marvel Heroes, but in 3D. I knew that game would blow, but not this hard. Fuck everything about it. Especially the gearing system, it's fucking cancer.

Granted, I don't believe for one second that lootboxes etc were Crystal Dynamics' idea. Sqaure has been making one retarded decision after another for years now.

So they sold Tomb Raider and Deus Ex and now they have... Babylon's Fall? How long until SE is dissolved? No way FFXIV can carry them for so long

they werent the game was clearly supposed to be just a regular single player game first . or coop game

just like anthem

Depends on whether they give up Marvel

Unironically also a retarded decision. There's only so many gacha even the most dedicated whale is willing to keep supporting.

Guardians under performed but it's not like that's difficult to do these days when publishers bloat the advertising budgets to 500% of the dev budget. Still, it was at least well received. The real reason this is happening though, the REAL bomb" is Avengers with how they pumped it so full of microtransactions and shit gameplay to encourage those microtransactions that it began hemorrhaging players in the first week. It's also extremely likely the reason GotG didn't sell as well because people saw another Marvel game coming from SE hot on the heels of the disaster that was Avengers and no shit they're going to be skeptical and tune out before they're even told what exactly it is. I don't blame them. I did. It wasn't until a price drop convinced a friend to pick it up and then said friend recommended it to me that I decided to give it a go because otherwise, I was ready to write it off after seeing what Avengers turned out to be. I'm sure that on paper, yeah, GotG is probably the straw that broke the camel's back as far as their executives and investors are concerned but these are also people who are incapable of taking context into account and following a chain of events backwards. They don't care, they just see green or red numbers and blindly make decisions based on that.

it's funny because nu-lara's games outsold most of the "pure based japanese" games se has been shitting out despite Yea Forums crying about how woke they are

Even at the peak of Endwalkers success, gatcha more than doubled xiv's profits

They've never been better.

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They only lost money on those studios - for the most parts.

>Tomb Raider sold millions but the games were also some of their most expensive projects so they didn't make much impact
>Deus Ex did well but it wasn't a franchise people wanted to see going down the liveservice route so SE abandoned it in favor of Avengers
>Avengers meanwhile was a massive failure and dead on release
>Guardians of the Galaxy was their attempt to damage control the Marvel deal but it sold even worse than Avengers

Square Enix don't know what to do with those studios. Selling them makes sense. Konami was in a similar situation with their AAA department. Metal Gear technically did well but making single player focused games without tons of microtransactions is too much of a risk for those business suits. Thats why it died in favor of mobile shit and pachinko.

Yes. Guardians.

I know your Yea Forumstard begging for internet belonging to replace good parenting requires you to always parrot what you hear around here, but get a grip

>Weebs trying to damage control the retarded nip boomers

Nah Avengers was announced as a long term live service bullshit thing before development even started.
It's just the result of clueless executives telling developers what to make without asking whether their ideas make any sense.