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Elden Ring Lore Thread

Post some fucking lore

Try not to:
1. Post headcanon without some bit of lore
2. Post cut content contradicted by lore
3. Powerlevel fight ignoring lore
4. Post your coom folder without any lore

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>TFW no Rykard ending or any impact from the Volcano Manor questline

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Why didn't Millicent offer sex to repay her debt

I just noticed something, some of the MOST fervent autistic rage and seethe-fueled posts in these threads are brought about by mentioning this one thing:
>Creates a gigantic flower that blooms into an explosion of scarlet rot.
>Each time the scarlet flower blooms, Malenia's rot advances. It has bloomed twice already. With the third bloom, she will become a true goddess.
Why are people so invested in this?

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>Serpent finally grows strong enough to attack Leyndell and the Erdtree
>Worms its way over the Outer walls
>Morgott has his sword ready

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Ancient astrologer's summoned the stars by glancing into the primeval current, which precipitated the destruction of Farum Azula

Founding Rain of Stars
The eldest primeval sorcery, said to have been discovered by an ancient astrologer. A sorcery of legendary status.
Summons a dark cloud of stars overhead. Shortly after, the cloud will release a violent deluge of star rain. This sorcery can be cast while in motion. Charging increases potency.
Thought to be the founding glintstone sorcery. The glimpse of the primeval current that the astrologer saw became real, and the stars' amber rained down on this land.

Ruins Greatsword
Originally rubble from a ruin which fell from the sky, this surviving fragment was honed into a weapon.
One of the legendary armaments.
The ruin it came from crumbled when struck by a meteorite, as such this weapon harbors its destructive power.
The Ruins greatsword's special attack uses gravitation magic

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How did that misbegotten get a legendary armament?

This spell paired with the haligtree bloom deliberately has two vague trip ups in it.
>Spell alluding to her not blooming a third time
>Clothes alluding to the haligtree bloom being a sister of rot making it a fake bloom
>She is yet called the "Goddess of Rot" in-game and in the spell, indicating three blooms
It's a deliberately DLC-bait play and it can be argued either way with no clear answer if its hers or not, this leads to:
>Lake of Rot schizo claiming it isn't real so his headcanon can be real
>Maleniaposters claiming it isn't real so their headcanon can be real
>Anti-Malenia posters claiming it is real so their headcanon can be real
>Radahnposters claiming it is real so their headcanon can be real
Then you get into the order of which they happened and more seething commences. It's all very, very autistic.


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I thought Farum Azula was wrecked by the star the elden beast rode in on.

How does the Omen curse work normally? I remember Mohg and Morgott being cursed specifically because of something Godfrey did to upset the powers that be.

>The universe has 2 types of amber, Golden and Glinstone
>Golden amber contains the vitality of the cosmos and renmants of ancient life (outer gods?)
>Blue amber (glinstone) contains the vitality of stars and residual life (people, animals, plants, etc?)
>Ancient sorcerers found a way to put their soul inside glinstones using that property

Great Rune of the Unborn

>Amber egg clutched by Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. Great Rune of unborn demigods.

Runes are a type of Golden amber

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Nope, not the case. It just happened

Virgin Vyke

Chad Bernahl

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>vitality of the cosmos
>vitality of stars
uhhhh user?

Both ended up maidenless.
Vyke killed his after going full frenzy schizo, while Bernahl cucked himself by following the guidance of grace.

Nobody knows, bro. FromSoft, yet again, don't outright tell you.

>Vyke killed his after going full frenzy schizo, while Bernahl cucked himself by following the guidance of grace.
I thought Vyke's maiden got killed and THEN he went anger-mad. Why did the 3 fingers touch him when he left his clothes on?

I made a very post in the previous thread, not sure if anyone wants to reread it.

to be fair you need to have a very high IQ to understand Elden Beast.

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>Why did the 3 fingers touch him when he left his clothes on?
probably didn't want to make the same mistake again. Vyke having his clothes on wasn't fully enthralled into chaos, and also damaged some good looking armor too. They have you take your clothes off so they can REALLY marl you with chaos

The best guess we have is that Omens are possessed by evil spirits which causes them to grow horns. This can be supported by the Omensmirk Mask description and the fact they are the only enemy capable of using the white-black fire explicitly called "wraiths" by the Wraith-caller Bell and the Omen Bairns. Considering that the Dung Eater can summon these too and his curse somehow prevents people from returning to the Erdtree, we can deduce that his plan is to turn people into wraiths so they create more Omens etc.

There is also a connection between the Omen and the Crucible as they can grow horns and tails which is in-line with what people could grow in the Age of the Crucible. My personal guess is that since all lifeforms were one long ago and this is why people could grow those, being possessed causes an "over-abundance" of life that needs to manifest.

Morgott and Mohg being a lot more mutated than the common omen can be explained by the fact that Godfrey seemed to be using the power of the Crucible a lot as evident by the Crucible Knights being his own cadre of knights.

If you could use torrent it would have been a better final boss than Isshin, nevertheless it's number 2 and an amazing boss

looks like shabriri didn't want to fuck up more Elden Bling

My guess for the Omens is that the primordial energy of the erdtree's sap/amber, as referenced in various item descriptions, was a manifestation of the primordial crucible upon which the Erdtree developed.
This sap was collected and used for various purposes like spreading word of the golden order (sacred tears), the curatives of physick chemists (crystal tears), fashioning into amber jewellery (amber medallions), and general healing items.
The amber jewellery was said to specifically have been popular in the times of Godfrey.
The crimson crystal tears, arguably the archetypal tear, that provide life-regeneration options, are of a reddish colour, strange for the Erdtree's sap.
However, the primordial crucible was said to be of a primordial reddish gold, reflected in the Crucible Knights armour and weaponry, which appears to be made of just that.

So if you've got an early Erdtree culture that's using the sap for various miraculous properties, described as an 'age of plenty' through various item descriptions, that probably means there's a lot of Crucible-energy being imbibed by the populace.
Godfrey's twin children, Mohg and Morgott were omens, and given that his elite militia, the crucible knights, were obviously devout adherents of the Crucible, it's not a stretch to believe he was balls-deep in the shit as well.
Plus, his beastmaster, Serosh, was a lion. The only other lions we encounter in game by the time of the Shattering's aftermath are the lion sentinels in various locations like Redmane and Castle Sol. On top of having horns of their own, which are fundamental aspects of the crucible, these lions also drop the 'Old Fang' crafting material, which has a relevant part in its description:
"These multiple, overlapping fangs grow from a single root. Perhaps they're a vestige of the primordial crucible."

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No one wants to read your posts user i'm sorry.

I do.

Seems to me like the Omen Curse is just blessings of the Crucible that has been perverted by the parasitic Erdtree and The Greater Will. Did Omens exist before the Erdtree? That would be strong evidence to this point.

Prepare to have your minds blown by these completely unknown super secrets courtesy of sir vaati vidya the allllllll-knowing

three misbegotten have legendary armaments, they just love em
>Grafted Greatsword
>Ruins Greatsword
>Golden Order Greatsword

Where did Gideon get his info?

Greedy fucks

What's an updog?

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Yeah, but why is one in a random cavern in the Consecrated Snowfield?
All the other legendary armaments are safeguarded in castles or dropped by relevant NPCs.
Meanwhile, the weapon wielded by Radagon himself somehow ended up there.

He's a powerful sorcerer who clearly had access to the Capital at one point to be able to copy the Fortified Manor that closely. He probably used to be influential and well connected.
And he's been sheltering the tarnished warriors for a while before the game starts. He gathered info the same way that he gets info from the player when the player gives him info. Some tarnished warriors end up in the Hold one way or another and he talks to them. That's probably why he created the Hold too. Everybody goes through him.

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He also has a kill squad of Depraved Perfumerd and Omenkillers working for him. Dudes got clout


Blaidd but a girl???

Why did the first (or second, whatever) one completely wipe out caelid, while the others were tiny?

>The despair of sweet betrayal transformed Millicent from a mere bud into a magnificent flower. And one day, she will be reborn—as a beautiful scarlet valkyrie.
Was super powerful as it harbored the worst feelings.
Also it slowly spreads after a bloom, Caelid was the first one and had a lot of time to rot.

user, what about the Amber medallions? They both state 3 types of amber coming from the Erdtree's sap.


>Crystal Darts control golems
huh thats cool, didnt know that
>Night Sorceries don't trigger dodges
knew that
>Crouch attacks
didnt know that
didnt know you could feint, pretty cool
knew that
>Mimic Tear tank
knew that
>Armor Alteration
knew that
>destroy chariots
didnt know that
>weather affects damage
wtf really? damn
>buffs make you stronger
no shit

5/10, not great not terrible

Blaidd… but a kemoshota?!

She suppressed the rot her entire life, so when it was finally unleashed it wasn't something she was able to control. I doubt Malenia actually intended to nuke Caelid, she just wanted to beat Radahn

That amber is different because the Erdtree is its own entity.
Mending Runes, Erdtree sap and Elden Ring fragments are all variations of the same type of amber.

Miquella and Fortissax tried to save Godwyn's soul but they failed.
What's the actual problem with the dimension that guy's soul is residing? I take it that purging Death Blight from the terrestrial world wouldn't completely solve the issue of death going awry.

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Wouldn't it be doable if we holy-blast all the TWLID in the mortal realm while the deaths can be contained in the "deathbed dream"?

I'm sure this is asked often but wouldn't it make sense that Radagon is just a persona that Marika adopted?

>Needed to impregnate Rennala for (((grand schemes)))
>But aren't you a girl?
>Create alter ego

Zeus would often come down and pretend to be other people to knock up random women

I imagine so but the souls would still stuck somewhere and that's not the salvation that people wanted for Godwyn and everyone else.
But why would Marika and/or the Greater Will create an alter ego with red hair reminiscent of the giants?

>souls would still stuck somewhere
Stuck where?

Well the persona would have to be grounded in the history of the area. And red hair doesn't automatically mean fire giants


Exactly the same for me except for the buffs thing, I didn't know there were specific categories and how many of them you could stack. But I rarely used buffs anyway.

Why did Miquella want to block the sun or whatever, whats the relation between the sun and zombies?

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dark energy

>didnt know you could feint, pretty cool

yeah me neither, that kinda btfos that one video about malenia cancelling out of an attack animation being fundamentally unfair and against the idea of animation commitment in souls games

In that deathbed dream place, or at least that's where Fortissax ventured to try to save Godwyn's spirit.
>And red hair doesn't automatically mean fire giants
The Giant's Red Braid says:

Every giant is red of hair, and Radagon was said to have despised his own red locks. Perhaps that was a curse of their kind.

I think the connection between Radagon and the giants is almost concrete.
I don't know but didn't people speculate that Godwyn's rune (if he had one) could be sun shaped?

the problem is that a demigods body is immortal and unkillable. so is their soul but that's just the same as everyone's soul. so given that, you basically need to use the rune of death to finish off his body and kill him completely. i believe that is possibly what fia does by completing the hallowbrand

Oh god Max0r's at it again

Fair enough about the Red Hair. I still believe that it's an alter ego of Marika. Marika had a crisis of conscience at some point about being host to the Greater Will and fractured into two personalities.

This is why during the shattering one shattered the ring and one desperately tried to repair it. One still wanted to continue the Will and one wanted to destroy it.

>In that deathbed dream place, or at least that's where Fortissax ventured to try to save Godwyn's spirit.
If there is no other way to resurrect his soul in the LB, wouldn't it be better for his soul to live in the dream world where St.Trina has control?
Or you mean the "nightmare" corruption going on? I understand it is also a part of the underworld, but then if we actually get to interact with Trina, wouldn't we get to do something about it?

Miquella wanted to give Godwyn a true death with the Golden Epitaph, apparently, it only worked on zombies or something, not Godwyn, so he went with plan B using the Eclipsed Sun to resurrect his brother's soul.

The whole
>Radagon is Marika
thing is actually explained pretty well by cut content


sure you can claim this doesn't count because the quest was cut, but I doubt the lore behind how these things work changed

>i believe that is possibly what fia does by completing the hallowbrand
Fia's doesn't want to kill Godwyn's body. Why do people keep misinterpreting her ending?
>you basically need to use the rune of death to finish off his body and kill him completely.
If Destined Death is so effective, why didn't D and hunters use it instead of holy power? We know GO can imbue Destined Death power on their Baleful Shadow's blades.

>If Destined Death is so effective, why didn't D and hunters use it

it's for killing gods, why would hunters of TWLID need the ability to kill a god?

DD is basically the nuclear option. that's why it gets sealed away. it shouldn't be used by anybody

>it's for killing gods, why would hunters of TWLID need the ability to kill a god?
Again, it's not completely restricted. GO and the Two Fingers distributed that ability to the Baleful Shadows to kill Ranni. If they want to kill Godwyn and his body, they would have given the D and the hunters those blades.
I am talking about efficiency here.

>wouldn't it be better for his soul to live in the dream world where St.Trina has control?
I think the problem is that Godwyn's soul is probably even more corrupted than Fortissax.
If an expansion with Trina and the dream world really comes out then I wouldn't be surprised if the main boss of said expansion was Godwyn's corrupted spirit.

destined death only affects demigods
it wasn’t used on godwyn because there was still hope he could be fixed
it wasn’t used after the shattering started because the two fingers are retarded