Your new Hogger, boys and girls.

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Am I just paranoid or does right look like something a furry would jerk off to

I don't know what it is with nu-wow models but they look so bad.

No, you're right

This is now a Gnoll pun thread
>For whom the bell Gnolls
>Train kept a Gnollin
>Christopher Gnollan

nu wow is so fucking soulless shit

Is the new one on his period?

WoW had a major shift in art style some time after wotlk. Beastmen used to look feral and threatening but now they do indeed look like furry shit

youre not. blizzard has furryfied a lot of their designs. the new druid cat form compared to vanilla one for example. repulsive

>left: savage killer beastman
>right: disney furry movie character

All the beast races (worgen, gnolls, tauren, pandaren) now resemble furry porn, almost as if the artists employed at Blizzard now are degenerate/diversity hires familiar with the artstyle.

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Jesus you're not kidding.

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what it is is that they do not fit the artstyle of warcraft.

it's not even the decent kind of cool furry design. they reek of depraved fetish artists

So the original was a crazed, feral beast ready to rip your throat out with its jaws and the new one is a character from the Ice Age series of movies? Pathetic.

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God he's so cute bros

>new one is a character from the Ice Age series of movies?
if only that was actually the case and not furry fapbait

>cool furry design

Left has sexier paws

>Warhammer still has the beastmen look.
GW is crap but it is miles better than Blizzard.

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Even the Taskurr was soulless.

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HotS was ironically the last Blizz studio with any old soul lek0axnft

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Is this BugSnax?

yes, which makes it 100 times better
left is just ugly and souless

i mean anthro artists that dont do porn

Right looks like something from Ice Age or a generic dreamworks movie.


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How did they fuck this up so bad?
Oh yeah

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The gnoll on the left looks kinda cool but every still looks to..... soft? Vibrant? Disney animation?
What the actual fuck happened

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Yes. Furries and chinks are the only ones funding their games now so they need to appease that demographic.

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they started to import onions

wtf, I typed onions

He was forced to eat cement

Holy newfag

Put him out of his misery.

this looks like a JUST edit lol

This is you can't type "I am" in Spanish because of the word that is not "onions".

Nu Artists don't know what soul is because they have none, they just copy trends. CalArts is the very definite of souless corporate shit.

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It's real.

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Get back out there, soldier.

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>Medive and Ilidan retcon into fags
>trannies everywhere
no thanks

I will not play your gay game

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The fact they constantly repurpose old memes rather than grasping what made them memes in the first place is why NuWoW is soulless.

Right would be better had they stuck to the feral face with the spastic eyes and mouth.

>Medive and Ilidan retcon into fags
When did that happen?

have u ever really thought yourself "wow i really wish wow wasnt gay anymore" just play classic wow game lol


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I hate Blizzard so much.

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God I wish panders were real

pretty sure furries would happily jerk off to both

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>Gay Illidan
I really hope this isn't true so I'm gonna need some proofs, senpai.

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They do, in fact, exist.

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its been happening for years

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Here's your new Hogger, bro

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Remember when Warcraft endings wasn't full of hope.


the vast majority of people browsing the internet fundamentally don't understand the idea of memes
memes become memes because they have adaptability that allows you alter them to suit whatever it is you're trying to make a joke about, but people think that using a meme format is what makes a joke funny when what they actually do is enhance a joke that's already funny in the first place

Who would have thought it would come to this; the degenerates are reveling in their orgies as Rome burns.

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I would jerk off to both and just might in a bit

All anthropomorphic creatures are furry, regardless of whether or not they actually have fur.

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New porn when?!

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This is probably the best cosplay I've ever seen

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You can an aids ridden pedophile drew this in between eating used diapers.

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Holy shit that's really good.

>is actually the most dangerous

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samwise was a furry you idiots

By adding all those "high res" detailed textures they killed original WoW style I think. It was more close to HotS than this

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Do you not understand WoW is played by 90% furries and trans child groomers? This has been the case since 2004 ERP on moonguard, it never changed. Why are you all such massive new faggots?

>Beastmen used to look feral and threatening but now they do indeed look like furry shit
I mean saying "The beastmen are now furries" isn't even accurate, it's the softening of the game as a whole. Even outside of looking furry it just looks generic because WoW doesn't have a cohesive aesthetic identity anymore and devolved into the same TF2 uncanny valley shit most "cartoon artstyle" things suffer from these days.