What games do your gf's play?

What games do your gf's play?

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Final fantasy and kirby.

The Sims

she has an interesting face



Dead by daylight, Sims and some weeaboo shit

Wife plays Elden Ring currently but also plays horror games, MMOs, Resident Evil games, Skyim, Stardew valley, RPGs in general

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

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I miss when anons posted they are girlfriends

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>league of reddit
your gf is a man, go back

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Not picking up the phone at the first ring
Flirting with other men to make me mad
Making her friends flirt with me to test me
Conveniently forgetting her money at home when we go somewhere

Stardew valley

Before we were married:
Professor Layton
Zoo Tycoon

Not gf but wife. She thorougly enjoyed Blue Reflection and Atelier series.

Oh and pokemon go, I think she reached the max level but stopped playing when we had our first kid

So what do you and your husband do for fun? I'm guessing the restraining orders relating to schools and playgrounds make life difficult.

She plays a lot of Morrowind and Oblivion. She does a lot of work for the Tamriel Rebuilt scene.

Man, I used to have similar hairstyle as that dude. Now I’m a balding faggot

Back to where? Yea Forums - Video Reddits?


So you're saying she does it for free? Whats her favorite hot pocket flavor?

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how do gfs feel like, bros?

Jade Empire

We tried Guild Wars 2 and Diablo 3 for a time but she says modern games suck ass now

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picrec her in game husband

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Swedish cumdumpster phenotype

The most literal
I have seen on here today.

Just go bald and beard. you'll look great!

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amazing if she is "the one"
fucking awful if she turns out not to be

just watch the johnny depp trial lmao

she's clearly irish

>bear head
>otter body

She plays:
The Sims, The Witcher 3, Greedfall, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Ass Cred, King's Quest
For anything else she just watches me play. It's like streaming for an audience of one. we split the cost of all vidya so it's a great system

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My gf plays all the same games I do.
My gf is my hand.

I get what you're doing but that does look unironically better than balding.

she mainly faps to blacked porn while i play elden ring

her tits are so saggy, she looked so ugly naked.

was constantly hugging her tits up to make them seem not as saggy on the cam show too.

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>For anything else she just watches me play.
This sounds really comfy user, good for you.

>tfw you're able to fuck girls but not find a girl worth being your gf
I don't even have high standards but there's too many crazy bitches out here and I hate it. Some of these girls are worse than you fuckers and I talk to you guys everyday. I don't get it.

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whore slut skank tramp
I hate women


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>just lift bro, chicks love ripped guys
>just shave it off bro and grow a beard, you'll look like a lumberjack, chicks love it

duo bot ?

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I think it is a she, just ugly

>chicks love ripped guys
>he fell for the /fit/ meme

you'll transition before the end of the decade

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Keep hating your life then, girlfriend-less andy

>they are
wrong their retard

i have 78 images of her naked saved on my device

Animal cross

You aren't datamining shit from me, chink. Go suck Pooh's musty cock

I met my wife on WoW and she left me for our guildmaster last year bros...

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I met my wife through mutual friends via WoW and our 10th anniversary is next year

congratulations on the promotion to guild officer, good trade!

Only Heroes 3 occasionally.

Share them user, make a MEGA or something.

It's current year bro. Buy yourself an onahole already, much better than hand

I met my gf on WoW, I was her GM. Kinda sucks she had to dump a guy that was in my guild for this.

Here's my gf's top Steam games

Lately she's been playing House Flipper and UT2004

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YOU JUST KNOW (she loves to travel and do drugs)

Whenever I feel bad I go to r9k and it instantly makes me feel better. Is there a more pathetic cohort of humans on this planet?

Cooking, Cleaning, and Laundry

Sims, Mario Kart, Wii Sports, I got her to play Timesplitters multiplayer with me

I don't even go on r9k, Yea Forums usually does the trick, and yeah I do the same to lift myself up by schadenfreude

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what happened to the fella on the left

Does "she" own an onahole and wear predominantly blue and pink clothing?

bags of sand

She is a big fan of Needy Streamer Overload

I have never met girls more annoying than those that play shit like LoL, Valorant and Overwatch. Granted, the entire playerbase for those games are fucking retards, but the girls manage to be absolutely insufferable.

the level of pure delusion of r9k almost matches /pol/ and /x/
Its entertaining to read their shit, I feel like someone watching monkeys in a zoo while behind protective glass