How do i stop getting mad at video games

how do i stop getting mad at video games

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Wear a ballgag

dont play multipalyer games
dont play le hard le souls games

pic related?

why did generals have to die
fuck ea

by not being bad at videogames.

play games that don't immediately frustrate you for either not being good enough or being so fucking grindy that you have to sit for hours and hours doing boring things you don't want to do

you can get mad as long as you dont break anything or harm yourself

>win match
>still mad because the other guy was a turtle king that wasted over an hour of my life

Particle cannon activated.

remember it's just a game and getting angry is silly


it's gotten to the point where i still get mad at that game for not winning fast enough

Just play for fun and only fun OP, who cares if you win or lose or the guy stalls out the game. You should only care about enjoying vidya with other people online :)

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RTS is a dying genre.

without ea you wouldn't have generals

because the average person is too retarded to grasp it

I have never once been mad at a videogame besides things like saves getting corrupted. I used to get mad when I played league until I realized it's a game designed to make you mad and I stopped playing.

I suspect it has nothing to do with the game and has more to do with your own wellbeing. Work on that maybe?

Red Alert 3 was a fun game

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Personally I don't play RTS games because the only ones with a very big multiplayer base are Starcraft 2 and Age of Empires. I don't want to go back to playing an RTS like Starcraft 2 where you only have like 3 factions, and Age of Empires is too focused on the economy rather than proper use of unit types for my tastes. Too bad the RTS games I like have small player bases, when I do play them it's often better to just add bots rather than spend 10+ minutes waiting for a lobby.

It's been "dying" for the last 10 years and yet new games are still coming out.
When will you fags shut the fuck up about le dying meme?

Stop defining your self worth on how good you are at video games.

>videogames end up a waste of time
You knew what you signed up for

Nothing better than nuking bitches with A FUCKING SATELLITE


video games are my life

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I thought Red Alert 3 was shit because that's where they really jumped the shark with the silliness

c&c was always ridiculous

I didnt like it at all, rode the hype train hard but hated it.

it was a step too far, too cartooney and gay.

Only RA2, 3 and ZH challenge generals

generals is an incredibly morbid game


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Generals sounds more and more realistic nowadays

>Age of Empires is too focused on the economy
It's always bread based economy or losing the game.

only difference is that russia is actually pretty strong in game

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Stop playing autistic multiplayer games

AoE 4 was honestly pretty good, even though people seemed to hate it before even giving it a chance.
Best walls in RTS. What more can you ask for

WHAT went wrong?

There was no russia in Generals. This is just a meme mod.


china will grow larger
you read it in his voice

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I would say dilate but you will get drafed next week anyway

multiplayer tryhards

mod won't go anywhere unless hunter comes back to development

>Best walls in RTS.
That title belongs to Stronghold.

Don't be sad it's gone, be glad it happened so you can tell your three-eyed grandchildren.

AoE 4 looks and sounds like shit. Even if the gameplay is good, I can't get over its clean "safe for work" graphics and annoying voice lines.

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I kind of had a similar opinion when I saw the screenshots, but when actually playing it, it looks pretty good to me
I never noticed the voice lines one way or another

you must find joy in the learning process, it's all up to you bud

Oh yea and there's nothing to learn in heavily depedant rng games, therefore no joy in those kind of games

Maybe those foolish sheep aughtn't to have take OUR supplies and they wouldn't have had their homes destroyed.

>Terrible in RTS/Grand Strategy
Patience, take your time
>General Shooters/Battle Royale
You don't until you get used to suffering

play something else

I build vagina

What went wrong?

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finally my penis can fit in her bumhole

everything. basically it was a useless piece of shit and a massive moneysink.

over engineered

i really liked it though i'm one of those single player rts guys who can't really keep up with online players

Who was the VA for that?

>everyone says the raptor is trash and outclassed by russian and chinese jets in the 2000s
>20 years later it becomes objectively the king of air superiority

What went right?

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>>videogames end up a waste of time
>You knew what you signed up for

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too bad russia would be something like GLA in the new games to come. you know since putin revealed his cards now

Conscript reporting for du...UNIT LOST

you tell us, user