Imagine all the Aeonian Butterflies to harvest for my rotbone bolts

Imagine all the Aeonian Butterflies to harvest for my rotbone bolts...
Killing her is such a waste!

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Fucking cheater. She deserves a good ass spanking.

Will get out cut content back right bros? I need another waifu for my lord harem

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too tranny looking for me

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What a fucking bitch. I hate her so much...

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Honestly, she looks too much like a dude with a tiny head.
No idea how they fucked her up this much.

Have some decency user she had breast rot

I would. Nothing can stop me. You don't encounter 8+ ft tall readhead valkyries every day.

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I can excuse the body but why is her head so tiny?

Look at this in game model vs this fan art It's very noticeable.

imagine the smell

Discard the fleshy bits
Make a Malenia of pure unalloyed gold.

First From game? They love this shit. Big humanoids with long limbs and not very human proportions.
Look at Rennala.
Also maybe in the past they weren't giants.

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Smells like home.

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>the most recognizable boss this decade
>is pure sex
I hope developers take a fucking hint and give us our sexy vidya girls back

Rennala looks like an elongated monster. I can understand that.
Malenia with the tiny head feels like an oversight though.

She is rotting user.

And I'm turning into a dragon with all these communions, we were meant for each other

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Yep maybe also
>She is rotting user.
She somehow managed to survive with rot for centuries, thousands of years. I as a mere human will die much quicker.
Also with my nigga lil Miquella we will restore the Haligtree and needle and everything. Just you wait, DLCâ„¢

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Ngl I would sniff her rotten anus hole


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nice tummy and butt

Wtf why won't she let me stunlock her

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Not gonna lie.
I didn't expect this character would be loved and fetishised like this.
Guess I underestimated the internet yet again.

Oh meant to post this one. I have over a hundred of screenshots including random ones so it's hard to see lol.

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>Sexy naked woman all over the promotional material and has the most difficult / iconic fight in the game is...POPULAR???

But she's on optional boss with cut content. 10 lines of dialogue at best. Locked behind secret endgame location

amazon press you mean

But she is rotting and has aids.

Be gentle.
Scarlet Rot is cooler aids.

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malenia with a bigger head

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>solo Melania
>get zero fanart
Wtf bros where's all my art with my cute rot wife?

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unironically coom

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She is probably starving for sex. She's waiting for a worthy male to "defeat" her.
>not only head but body too
Eh. She looks like a teen now. Like young Malenia, I allow it.

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This video is the distilled essense of everything that's wrong with how tryhard fans approach these games. "She's cheating because she's not playing by the rules" -what are the rules? "The rules are what are listed on the wiki!"-but you don't have a wiki in the game. "Well, there should be! They should list every interaction and how to exploit them, and the interactions should be universal."
This video is about a wiki-scouring faggot who wants to optimize the way they play a game instead of enjoying it. To them, Malenia isn't a warrior goddess of equal amounts of hubris and power. To them, she's a glitch in the code because she isn't designed around the standard mechanics of other enemies.

>Go and return the needle to her blossom
>Malenias arm shoots out and pulls you in
>Phase 3

Imagine simping for some rotten bitch when Ranni exists.

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She is a big girl.
There is plenty of fanart on pixiv, twitter, artstation. You can also check boorus to not lurk through garbage.

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>Ywn defeat her and take away all her prosthetics, turning her into a giant Amazonian onahole

starting a family with Malenia!

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>not the first post from this IP
You're a smalltime. Ranni killed her tall redhead original body. What a waste.

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Holy shit I'm actually gonna use this background thanks senpai

>it's literally just the head

>You're small time.
Better wording. Remember from Leon's timeless quote.

>Ranni is a doll that can never bear children
>Melania at least has hope for containing her rot long enough to give you heirs
Imagine being a lord with no kids

>You're right hand comes off?
Truly a classic.

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What's especially funny is that practically no other bosses take *any* hitstun from light attacks. So what rules is she breaking?

>Your right hand
And yes, a true classic.
Quality writing for a high class gentleman, such as myself.
Looking forward to the remake.

Ranni can conceive with magic.

She's making them cope with the fact they're not as good as they thought. There's a reason these same people didn't play Sekiro because they they couldn't summon when no one was looking to help

Leave her to me

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She is literally the face of the game and has been since the first trailer

No, in the old version it was "You're" I'm pretty sure.
>2009 video
True but this game has so much content you will probably forget it about it

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Hard pass

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Why is her head so small?

why is your head so big

Miyazaki's fetish. Bare feet, long limbs and compact heads.

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I passed on this game because of all the tranny vibes from the character creator, to the naked body of this thing

from trademark

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i just got to her
fucking bullshit boss

what the fuck is that thing

>tranny vibes
Actually the whole type A, type B is only in the character creator. NPCs call you man, lady etc. It's to get "good boy points" from the mainstream media.
Enjoy it. Without bosses there is nothing to do in the game. There is no endgame outside of multiplayer.

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my wife

incredibly based and aesthetic


>child already rotting
Better hope Miquella wakes up soon.

>of all the tranny vibes
Imagine ACTUALLY being transphobic that you get scared by the letters A and B.