The End Of Video Games

>Be the philosopher John Michael Greer
>Outline a simple principle, that energy takes energy to acquire
>Oil used to get you 20 barrels to 1 expended
>Now it is more like 5 for 1 barrel
>We have surpassed peak oil production
>It is all diminishing returns from here
>Year on year, plastics, minerals, metals will become costlier
>As hardware disintegrates, it cannot be replaced
>It is supply chain issues from 2021/2022 but 100 fold
>Gaming PC will be 1% more powerful, 1000% more costly
>This goes for cars, TVs, phones, servers, all tech
How does it feel to live through the end of vidya, anons?
You should probably get some new hobbies, some practical ones.

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We will have renewable energy infrastructure by then so this will literally not be an issue.

lol ok malthus

how's the food supply looking?

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Renewables will NEVER reach the power output that fossils have. They also require fossil fuel to install and manufacture.

Food requires fossil fertilizers to produce at our levels. It will run dry soon.

Why not both?

What we need to do is bomb everywhere except the US and Europe back into the stone age so they stay poor and won't consoom the resources that belong to us.

>thinking oil will ever really run out

They figured out how to manually create crude oil from plant matter, only reason we're stull pumping is that it's cheaper. Oil is never going away.

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>It will run dry soon
ok malthus, good to know. man humanity is gonna be fucked by the year 1900

>Renewables will NEVER reach the power output that fossils have.
They already are in some cases.

>They also require fossil fuel to install and manufacture.
>Loss of profits will finally drive infrastructure owners to invest in renewables
>Spend fossil fuels building infrastructure
>No longer need afterwards
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usa should be nuked first and foremost
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Even in its decrepit state, USA is still infinitely better than some streetshitter India or soulless bugman China. Those countries don't provide anything of real worth, they just consume like mindless locusts.

>kino choice
"Based" and "kino" memespewing lowercase posters like you have a questionable sense of aesthetics. Even if you're right, it's only by chance.

It may happen naturally. Africa cannot stay at 1.1 Billion people forever.

It is really expensive to make at scale. Organic lubricants and coolants etc are good but not replacement ready.

Only really nuclear is as good, and even that is not available unless you have a real country. Investment as you say in renewables is not even damn worth it, as they are not capable of powering the planet. There is not enough minerals to make the solar cells necessary to power earth.

Dunno who that is, not me though.

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>>Be the philosopher John Michael Greer
I've read this as philosopher John Metal Gear

>This thread's gay as fuck.
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Grim, judging by inflation.

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Hydrogen is the future.

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>Kek, too much time on Yea Forums lad.
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Games never started and they will never stop.
Try falseflagging harder tranny

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Hydrogen is total toss

I care about my beard, not his and your assumption of homoerotic behavior is... well... that's on you, player.

what even are games?

>don't live in a barrel
more like a hack fraud

>Hydrogen is total toss

>I care about my beard


>throw a random date for the apocalypse
>retards believe you and freak out
>day comes
>nothing happens
>throw a random date for the apocalypse

How do people keep falling for this shit?

It is extrmeely extremely costly to produce in its compressed state. It takes so much power. The issue with any of these renewables is this.... can it generate the power to make new renewables. A solar panel CANNOT make power enough to smelt the metals to make a new panel. Wind turbines do not make enough to make a new turbine etc. Hydrogen is the same.

I hate this too, but JMG is sensible, as he predicts a slow multi century decline to pre-industrial traditions. Amish by 2300 or some such. It is not a "get a front row seat for 29.99 for the end times".

Can't do anything OP. Mega-corporations use and waste more resources in one day than my small town will in 5 years, maybe more.
I'm not an asshole who leaves his PC on 24/7 but until someone figures out how to actually solve the market-energy problem, we're never going anywhere and all those words are the equivalent of that old ass commercial with the native american crying, which was also a fucking scam

Sure, but you gotta prepare your anus, nonetheless.

Let's see


>waaaaaahhhh no more energy
Don't care. Ice caps haven't melted. Ozone layer didn't disappear. Blah blah blah...

you nuke the US, you get nuked and die
simple as

>A solar panel CANNOT make power enough to smelt the metals to make a new panel.
This hasn't been true for quite a while

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>Ice caps haven't melted.
They're measurably melting.
>Ozone layer didn't disappear.
Yeah, most of the chemicals destroying it were banned.

Whatever, there are thousands of great games from older gens that i have never had a chance tomplay. They’ll keep me occupied.

Yeah I don't care. Enjoy your bugs

>All things being equal...
Reminder that doom posters have literally existed for as long as humanity has been around.

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>clean shaven
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Hydrogen technology is also in its relative infancy. Breakthroughs happen and hydrogen will start to pick up a lot more in the future.

Nuclear fusion is also looking to be the biggest breakthrough of the century.

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Why do you guys always imagine the Illuminati huddled in their secret lair of evil with their #1 business item on their agenda being
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Like do you just think they're bored and have nothing better to do, or they just think it would be really funny, or what

We’ll find a new way if we have to.

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Thank you for the resource friend. I will read soon, but you should know, simply because it produces more than it takes, does not mean that it produces enough to manufacture another unit of itself as then all you have is PV making PV and nothing for general grid use.

We got CFCs banned in the 80s and that really helped the O-Zone.

Did you read the thread? You won't have hardware to play it on s once your PC fries, the parts won't be able to be manufactured.

They do, but I have yet to see, beside nuclear, a technology mature enough to produce enough output to match the input and surpass it enough to mean it is self sustaining. No solar cell produces enough watts to manufacture its replacement and service the house it is installed on. Will all of these technologies, we will have to wait and cross our figures, but we DO have current trends, and that is a messy decline due to scarcity.

I do not see much in Fusion desu. It is very science fictional. I hope I am wrong about it.

Not him but it is one part of many parts of their plan

Very magical thinking

I mean so was nuclear fission but that's become normal now. It seems unlikely that nothing will come of nuclear fusion especially given the recent experiment on it.

Here we goooooooooo!

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also peak oil panic in 2022, kek


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>simply because it produces more than it takes, does not mean that it produces enough to manufacture another unit of itself as then all you have is PV making PV and nothing for general grid use.
Yes, the energy cost of production is factored in. I'm not sure where you're getting those figures about smelting, I can't find anything saying that.

The bigger sustainability concerns about solar are probably mineral scarcity and disposal.