Enemy Nations - the best game you've never played!

Enemy Nations - the best game you've never played!

Think Red Alert meets SimCity - with online multiplayer!

It's an old RTS City Builder (from 96) with online multiplayer. I want to get a big game of it going. With modern PCs we should be able to get a huge number of players in one game.

Win7/10 instructions
-run as administrator or it crashes eventually

.iso link


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Start by landing a rocket on an empty world with several other Enemy Nations (lul)

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Build lumber yards, coal mines, iron mines, smelters, farms, apartments, offices, fortifications, roads, and factories. Expand your settlement while preparing for war with other players.

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I successfully tested the TCP/IP multiplayer with 6 clients on Win10. As long as you run it in admin mode it works good enough.

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Looks neat, I like old RTS games, I'll try it.

Research techs, secure resources, build city and infrastructure, and of course armies and tanks.

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Resources need to be brought to their destination by trucks. Trucks have 3 modes - auto, route, and manual. You can mostly leave them on auto and they'll get the job done, but you can get better efficiency with some routes mixed in for major manufacturing (steel, gas).

Manual can be handy when jumpstarting a construction, like say you need a bunker asap.

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If all of your trucks are destroyed you get a free one. Think of it as your colonists last, best effort to keep going.

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There's in game alliances, fog of war, production chains, tanks, battleships, research, all in a randomly generated, wrapping world.

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I think I actually played this game a long long time ago

Nice, join the discord, lets see if we can get a few players for a game!

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Just mount the iso or what?

1. Mount ISO
2. Install
3. Start game with admin privileges

You can set XP compatibility mode, but I found it works as long as you run the game with admin privileges

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looks interesting

It's in a very small way like anno, in that you take care of a city while maintaining a military. You attack over resources, and finally to destroy your enemy entirely.

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The graphics are dated, but they have soul. The window system allows for multiple viewpoints, or one big one, and works fairly well on modern high resolution screens.

It even works on multi screen.

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ok it's running I placed my ship but how do I build tanks?

I forgot to mention it last time but you'll probably have better luck in /vst/.

you need to research
Medium Sized Buildings
Armored Vehicles

(not sure if you NEED radio, but it's good to have)

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I created a thread there, they found a sped up gameplay video and think it's like starcraft now or something lol

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how do u rotate shit

CTRL + Right Click

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This looks incredibly based

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I actually like the artstyle

Looks delightfully autistic. I'm busy right now but will check it out later. Thanks.
Pic unrelated.

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hell yah

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>delightfully autistic
is a great description deeessuu

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12 races to choose from, each with strengths and weaknesses (except humans I guess, they're pretty average)
and one race that just has weaknesses , and is ugly

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how do you "Mount" an ISO?

and some angry looking mfs

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In win10
right click the .iso -> mount

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What do you think the blue guy's skin feels like? (no homo)

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What the fuck I can't find my fucking city it's fucking lost. Wtf I was looking around the map and now everything is gone. I can't find shit.

these bastards sure are ugly

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open your unit or building list at the bottom (1)
double click any building or unit to zoom to it (2)

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Ok that's not too bad I'm retarded

I'm on win 7 and use magicISO.

no worries, the interface is old and the icons aren't always clear
but you can used to it fast

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no I'm not downloading that shit

You take it out for dinner and ask it nicely.

looks neat
I'd play an online game of it

It has online.

nice, for how many?


Literally as many as you want. Game so early it has no limits.

as far as I can tell the only limit is your hardware,
and the min sys requirements are 486 w/ 8 MB of ram for 2 players
so with a modern 2+ ghz CPU and gigs of ram,
LOTS of players.

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are there boats? because I'm a simple man, I like old games with boats

if you run outta fuel can you just no longer build?

When you run out of gas:
You can still build buildings and vehicles
You can't build roads
Your units slow down

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is the start just super fucked or something? It seems like even if you get 1 of everything you're still WAY net negative with how much you just fucking consume food/gas

I do full civilian start

I start with 1 lumber, 1 iron, 1 coal, 1 smelter, 2 farms

the yield depends where you place them, you can see the indicator in the bottom left
for wood and farms it's 0-10. never go below 5. you should be able to get 10 for the farms, 7 is good for the wood. if you can only build a 5 or 6 wood, build two

for the smelter you usually have more coal than iron, so I like to quickly get a second iron mine up

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Never enough fucking steal lol
I'm going to max out the damn steal production

I build my first set of roads right away after I plop my rocket ship
I always run out of gas before I get my oil up, so I plop my first roads, build my steal/wood/food, then maybe research, then get oil

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I built my oil way the fuck in nowhere and now my truck is on a trek towards it lol

There's definitely some juggling until you get your basic infra/eco going. They don't make it too easy. Things like road placement and landing location matter a lot.

That's one of the reasons why I like the game, because it's not babying me. Decisions matter.

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The voice said "enemy approaching" but I don't see shit

what start did you choose?
min civ
full civ
min mill
full mill?

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my trucks are so slow

you need roads and gas
but even slow, they'll get there

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This is the best thread on the whole site, and I say God bless you OP.
I would download if I wasn't at work.

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thanks, hopefully I can get enough interest

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