This is the peak of Japanese """"design"""""

>this is the peak of Japanese """"design"""""

Imagine the sheer mental gymnastics and cope it takes to defend this.

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>Imagine the sheer mental gymnastics and cope it takes to defend this.
it takes none, because it was never supposed to be fair
"souls games are hard but fair" is something the fanbase made up, not fromsoft

thats a lot of texts and ecelebs i wont watch when you could just say you were filtered

>Malenia punishes the player before player regains control
That's not true, i remember dodging it, this retards just used an attack with a long ass recovery.
Not all attacks are made equal, they have different frame data, learn them aka get gud.

Oh and I forgot:
>it can't be broke if I beat it
>I beat it and didn't think it was hard
>I beat it and thought it was hard and satisfying
>all the other enemies are also broke this way too so it's ok
>if you were more skilled at the game its code would magically change
>you are just mad that this game sold well, if a game sells well it means its good
>you are just mad that [insert game] did not sell as well
>animation canceling and input reading are actually good things
>games being unfair is actually good
>it's only cause you have low VIG
>it's only because you have too much VIG
>you died while demonstrating the problem so it doesn't count
>you survived while demonstrating the problem so it doesn't count
>you used Cheat Engine while demonstrating the problem so it doesn't count

The coping is hot and heavy and will begin almost immediately, I'll bet 80% of the butthurt copes will be some form of the above

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We know its not a fun and fair fight if you start to trade hits or punish her moves
People who seethe about her should move on, just use ash of war, try to find her weaknesses which isn't even hard to find even without a guide, or even summon if you have trouble with her.

webm related died because he didn't dodge lmao

>that's not true
>goes on to demonstrate how it's exactly true

>use an attack with long recovery time
>gets punished by an attack designed to punish long recovery time
>use an attack with short recovery time
>doesn't get punished by an attack designed to punish long recovery time
>you can now punish the punish
Wow user, it's almost like you need to learn how to play the game or something, what an wild concept.

Lmao holy seethe westoid tranny

>its ok for the boss to cancel out of animations and counterattack before you even have control of your character because you used something other than r1

First SNK boss?
>B-but RPG!
Oh no diablo used the fire nova I took damage :(
Oh no my HP was set to one in chrono trigger >:(

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But more in the lines of
>it's ok for the boss to have an counter attack move that punishes people for recklessly using attacks with long recovery

It's still not her cancelling her attack. She winds up her attack in that video, then the player lands a hit that staggers her (thereby cancelling the attack she was winding up before getting staggered), and after the stagger she has no attack going on anymore (since the player interrupted her just a moment ago) and queues up another one. The cope is mind numbing. It's on the level of arguing she can "cancel" out of her anime attack, because throwing a pot at her interrupts it just the same as this attack in the video was interrupted.

>attacking the boss when they are vulnerable and in recovery is reckless so that makes it ok for them to glitch out of the recovery

>even normalfags are waking up to the fact Elden Ring has shit boss design
Holy fuck, this is embarrassing.

>attacking the boss when they are vulnerable and in recovery is reckless
Yes, using an attack with long recovery is reckless, that's not a malenia only thing, if you try to do a running attack on a player or a npc you can't combo it, you are negative, at least with dual curved swords, i don't know the frame data for weapons i didn't use.
>to glitch out of the recovery
It's not a glitch, it's a counter attack.

Why is he comparing a boss to regular enemies?

Compare her to Elden Beast.

Then be grateful they added so many things to make her easier

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>just dont use certain attacks
So it's either shit boss design or shit weapon design

>its not cancelling
It very clearly is, its right there in the video, the animation cuts out early. Cope.

that happened back in dark souls with capra

yeah, I remember it happened around das2's release. the das1 PC community was surprisingly calm desu because they understood the jank that these games have because of how bad the PC port was and they get unfairly blamed but it was really the community that came out of the 2014 youtube audience and stuff like that. anyway, i remember the community around fromsoft games back in the day accepted the jank of the game and didn't use certain playstyles not because they "make the game easy" but because they were known to lack playtesting and development time and that is what made them trivialize the game. Or like, they forgave the game for the later half being shit because they knew that it was a low-budget company.

>So it's either shit boss design or shit weapon design
Different frame data for attacks is not bad design.
>It very clearly is
It is cancelling, but that was not the word you used, you said glitch and i said it's not a glitch. It's a counter attack that activates after her getting hit, she cancels the hit recovery frames and start an attack, if you use an attack with long recovery you get hit, if you use an attack with short recovery you can punish her, how is this not fair or bad design?

>how is skipping the animation bad design

Hmm, a fast thrusting attack that tracks until she lands and then does damage based on distance...

I better get right next to her and jump!

It was something Hackiwacki said during Demon's Souls development that obviously wasn't carried forward for very long

I don't mind bosses having bullshit that can fuck you over, dying isn't the end of the world.
SMT does it all the time and it's great.

Doesn't mean I liked Malenia.
Everything in her moveset is easy to handle except for Waterfowl, and she's extremely passive.
Her hyperarmor is annoying and forces you to play defensively or risk a trade, but it's handleable.

As far as pure movesets go, I found Radagon to be A LOT harder since he feels a lot more freeform with his attacks.

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Yes, skipping animation is not always bad design, games with amazing combat like DMC only have said amazing combat because you can cancel your animations.


Radagon can't handle ranged attacks at all. I found him to be the most overhyped demigod.

>games with amazing combat like DMC
DMC is shit.

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Elden Beast isn't nearly as difficult. Just debatably more frustrating, which isn't always the same thing. With Malenia it's a very active, visceral fight so there's satisfaction to be had when beating her, even with cheese. With Beast though, it's a matter of either it constantly running away or it constantly throwing out attacks that demand YOU to widen your distance. (Apparently FromSoft downplayed the shit out of Beast's more annoying tendencies in one of the recent patches but I haven't experienced it in that state yet.)

>mamage to miss the entire point of the webm

>Calling the people who do SL1 guides "filtered"
Absolute cope. Post your SL1 Malenia clear or git gud.

>enemies cancelling stun animation is actually good


Sorceries? I had to drop using my Dragon and Pyromancies since he'd either Retal or pound me out of it.
I ended up using a Flail + Shield, just slowly smashed him to death.

Most of my deaths over the entire game (excluding environmental) were from him.

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imagine preparing this post and hitting send

They were more fair comparatively back then.

ER is a really sloppy game, and at this point it needs something akin to a SoTFS overhaul.

>at this point it needs something akin to a SoTFS overhaul.
Really hope it does. Don't like the practice but remixed versions of action games are universally better.

why are people scared to speak

Because this is shazamtranny cope thread#4357 and OP has given up even hiding the fact that all his opinions and arguments are second hand from his friend simulators.

Her kick can come out pretty fast but it's not like she isn't punishable and the kick doesn't do a lot of dmg, I was really pissed at her during the fight mostly because of the waterfowl but in retrospect I'm glad a boss like this exists I never played BB so never experienced Orphan so I'm glad this game has a bullshit boss presumably on his level for me to experience and overcome

I want it not so that they can make the bosses easier, but to fix the fucking story.

Why is my only option for a Finger Maided Malenia? Why is her "Accord" a complete non-option since it's impossible to get into Leyndell without accepting it?
Why does her dying not affect my ability to level up in any way?
Why does Hyetta not become my Finger Maiden after Malenia leaves? Isn't that her whole deal?
Why the fuck can't I have Varrè as a Finger Maiden?

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>Be aggressive
>Fight becomes fun and she gets pressured and has more openings

>Be a pussy and scared
>Endless combos

Lol, try being close to her and attack while she just stands there.
The instant you press R1 she flies to the side of you and hits you instead.

The input reading is so ridiculous that she will move before your character even begins to swing.

It means you can never attack first unless you literally run at her. It's so crazy

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>>Be aggressive
use summon*

>>Be aggressive
>She just armors through your combo that previously stunlocked her and hits/trades with you recovering HP

>>Be defensive
>Be conservative about your chains since she can just leave whenever she wants
>Long drawn out fight but at least you're not risking her going Waterfowl right on top of you or trading

Has any other boss induced such unadulterated seethe? I don't think I've ever seen the YouTube ecelebs cry so much. Miyazaki gives them an easy mode with summons and then dabs on them with a naked rotten bitch.

>be aggressive
Ask me how I know you did not watch the video.

Get over it bitch.

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Fuck, once again I misinterpreted Radagon as Radahn.


>some crybaby loser shilling his retarded channel, because he's too bad at video games for kids
I ain't gonna click that shit.
But anyway, I was just passing by the thread and the clickbait image in the OP gained my attention, so I decided to put my two cents in. Particularly about the kick.
The kick during the second phase is BY FAR the best punish, because unlike during the first phase, she cannot chain it into a superarmored variant of the combo. You can reliably stagger her after you just step away from the kick, because it has no tracking. And the best part? She will often try to break out of the stagger with another kick. Letting you loop the AI until it decides to do another move.

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>reliably stagger her
objectively incorrect, as the video demonstrates

I don't understand, the bosses haven't played by the player rules from day 1 of from soft games, why would that matter in regards to Malenia in any way?

He hasn't stuck to a single thing he's ever said. Ever.

Does it matter? He produces some of the most fun games in the entire market, with unique visuals and satisfying rpg mechanics. I simply cannot muster the effort to care about something that is so surmountable that complaining about it takes more effort than simply dealing with it. What do people hope to accomplish anyway, the game sold more than every other game they've made and you can't un-cork that bottle. They certainly don't want her "fixed" they just want her "nerfed", which is silly.

SNK bosses are bullshit, but off the top of my head, I can't think of a single one of them that breaks inherent game mechanics present in their associated Fighting Game.

are people really complaining about difficulty in a series that people jerk off for its difficulty?

maybe it is YOU who need the easy mode

>It's hard, but fair!

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Complaining about bullshit inconsistency in games is a completely valid complaint.

>Conveniently ignores that the video demonstrates Friede from DaS3 and Maria from Bloodborne both being fair because they don't break the game rules like Malenia does