Anything good worth picking up?

anything good worth picking up?

also >souls-like

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>anything good worth picking up?
it's cheap and fun

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yep, already have it and it is indeed fun as fuck

Streets of Rogue

>it has the Action Roguelike tag
what in the goddamn fuck
it's an arcade game, there's nothing roguelike about it

that weird Tetris x roguelike game came out today, anyone had a chance to pick it up?

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Got lots of recs to pirate.
Never give money to pieces of shit who falsely advertise their RNG games as 'roguelikes' or 'roguelites'

Steam even got so pathetic for sales they literally shit out some shitty definition which is blatant false advertising


is diablo 2 hardcore mode a roguelike?

>Got lots of recs to pirate.
give em to me, I have no issue sailing the high seas for "roguelite" shit

I was thinking of getting hades but I'm not seeing it on sale
Looked for a key and its the same price as on steam
20e seems kinda expensive for it, could pirate it but I'm autistic and i like having gaymes on steam so i can easily download them if i uninstall them

I wouldn't say so, honestly a "Diablo-clone" is its own category

huh, yea that's super weird it's not on sale. Definitely recommend picking it up when it does go on sale though if you don't NEED to play it right now

Wow, RNG in roguelikes? No way.

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the dev is stupid to put it at such a huge pricetag
I had it on wishlist but I'm not picking this up until it either goes

Just get the game, either you'll hate it enough that within 2 hours you just refund it or you'll love it so much that you'll be OK with having given Supergiant your money.

anyone had the chance to check this out. Looks interesting, but the price point is fucking insane

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Well considering the idea behind diablo was "rogue like but real time" you could argue it, that at least hardcore mode is more a roguelike than most games on steam with that tag.

I guess I could
Yeah I'll probably get it after my exams are done this month, will be my little reward hehe
wow...they finally explained the difference...thanks Valve...

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good luck on your exams user

Other than the classics everybody knows about...

>Pachinko rogue-like
huh...they may be onto something here...

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Heard the combat sucks, but I love the visuals/idea of the game

ok this shit needs to stop

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I need to get back into Wildermyth, they did a good job with the concept. Somehow I get filtered by the difficulty though, I can easily get wiped by the end of a chapter which sucks for the whole "getting attached to characters" when you have to redo it all.

Dark fantasy fags are destroying videogames.
Gamer society is collapsing

I simply don't get why people think it's fun. I've seen nothing but overwhelmingly positive reviews everywhere, yet to me it seems like a very boring flash game that has like 3 hours of gameplay. You just walk and things die, you pick up items that do boring shit like "walk 10% faster" or "take 1 less damage". The art is ugly. Overall very unpolished. What am I missing?

have you actually played it? I had the exact same hesitations, but for some reason the shit just fucking clicks and becomes addicting as fuck

looks like cookie clicker tier player input

>have you actually played it? I had the exact same hesitations, but for some reason the shit just fucking clicks and becomes addicting as fuck
this. it looks like shit but you'll likely get hooked 30 seconds into the game

Work on unlocking the other stuff so you get to the actual meat of the game.

numbers go up simulator but with a smidgeon of depth

Luckily there's not real exams, if i fail them there's no impact since the real ones will be next year, still have to study to see how i'd do on the real one

But does it ever actually turn into something more than "walk somewhat close to enemies but not too close"? Do the enemies actually gain any abilities or attacks to dodge, or are they always just going to walk at you with varying speeds and healthbars?

what makes you hooked on game? gameplay stays the same, you could remove all graphics and just keep triangles and circles, game would feel the same

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there are so many games on sale that have nothing to do with roguelikes

anyway, finally got the rabi-ribi DLC and this is surprisingly good

DS3 and Demon's Souls are better and this

My first thought was $10-15 is the max I'd pay, how much is it?

og dark souls you could get for cheap, but they jew so much on remastered and gatekeep the entry title to the series

DeS is better

25 bucks I believe?

isn't this just anime-XCOM?

currently it's 22 USD with a 10% discount applied to it and no reviews yet

>first 40 hours is mind numbingly easy
>then you get a retarded difficulty spike
>enemies chaining 100 attacks per turn
Cast is fucking based tho.

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>get garlic
>run into shit and level up fast
>get empty tome
>make your build whatever you like
>afk until a boss comes and then move away from it slightly until it dies
It has like 2 hours of gameplay which is only that high because a game lasts 30 minutes.

Only if you want to make a point about Hardcore in comparison to roguelites, like
>Diablo 2 is still the best roguelite

The game in its entirety isn't a roguelite, and if you want to specify the mode, "permadeath" is more descriptive.

Some recommendations from the sale:

>Abandon Ship
>Bionic Dues
>BPM: Bullets Per Minute
>Castlevania Collection
>Dead Cells
>Deep Rock Galactic
>Devil Spire
>Dungeon of the Endless
>Enter the Gungeon
>Get to the Orange Door
>Hollow Knight
>Jump King
>Jupiet Hell
>Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
>Space Beast Terror Fright
>Super Turbo Demon Busters
>Tails of Iron
>X3 Reunion

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My buddy got it for me yesterday and I'm pretty excited about it. I loved the RTS games though and also TBT, so it appeals to me directly. It's 120 fucking gigs, however, so it hasn't installed yet to find out.

That's the point. It's pure mechanics and movement. Strafing around shit while shooting is fun, we've been doing this since Asteroids in the 70s.

>It's 120 fucking gigs
holy shit, what could possibly justify that much space?

It's cute but still in that phase of early access where it's pretty shallow. Fun game though, don't regret picking it up but I'll likely drop it in a another hour or two to wait for full release.

120 gigs sounds like an unoptimized mess.
This is literally the size of RDR2.

Probably not even bothering to compress sounds and textures, I'd imagine. It's odd because I never saw this with other Neocore games.

I'll vouch for Dungeon of the Endless too. Despite mainly being a 4x dev DotE is their best game by far lmao. God I hope they don't fuck up Endless Dungeon

Thats just your average Western game these days. The gorillas coding these games with spaghetti and have no idea what the fuck compression is.

Meanwhile Japanese games barely go over 20-40g's.

The Last Spell is 20% off. It's in >early access but only 4 updates on the roadmap until full release. It's good fun but currently has some balance issues and the harder difficulties have really unfun modifiers (random stat penalty on all items)

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Jap ports a coinflip tho, could run like shit and look like shit

half baked and tedious

looks interesting, but
>early access
is gonna be a no from me user. Been burned by too many of them to not just wait for the full release

Wouldn't blame you desu. I still have Starforge in my library as a reminder to scrutinize the game and the dev closely before making a purchase

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