>ITT: Vidya tropes you hate

>Moon base level
>Barely ever step on lunar soil

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>ice/water level
>always a serene theme with chimes, flutes and chants playing

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You misrepresent the thread

>Classroom themed level
>Gates with math puzzles

God almighty heaven above, Golden Sun 1&2 were perfect

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>moon base level
>no low gravity jumping

Gran Turismo 6 had a mission on the moon what was that about?

>posts a kino scene from a kino movie to beguile the zoomers and retards of the board
well played, sneedlord

>character gets told to not do something
>does it anyway

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northman was sick
you're a retarded faggot if you think otherwise

>I am the based man! What I like is based! I am the based man, I eat toothpaste!

did you seig heil and eat raw meat?

>minigame is more fun than the actual game

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>Antagonist rambles about “mankinds next step in evolution”
>Said step is going becoming a biological monstrosity

>open world game
>enemies are always in the same spots
>npcs don't do anything on their own
>nothing spontaneous or unpredictable happens in the wild
>nothing in the game feels like it couldn't have just been in a linear game instead

why are 90% of open world games like this?

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This user is correct, Northman is based and that scene was fine

I wish they truly captured the element of a dynamic world. An alien planet with toxic smog, violent tides, earthquakes, storms, etc. events are so underutilized


This map is soulful, despite this series being overrated as fuck and pretty mediocre

It's a moon base though. Unless you are going for a moonwalk what are you doing outside?

Hold it this could work:
>Contractor doing external welding job
>Aliens, Rival nation, etc attack moonrise
>Nearest O2 hookup goes dry
>What do you do now

>People thought this shit was fun
The hell? It was just a broken shitty mess that basically forced you to exploit the A.I.

>valkyrie needs braces
>valkyrie needs braces
>valkyrie needs braces
>valkyrie needs braces
>valkyrie needs braces

>faggot soiboy doesn't like non woke movie


>special move in an online fps has a cooldown time

>Moon base situated near lava tubes with hieroglyphs of unknown origin inside, leading deeper into an alien facility
>Moon base situated inside lavatube, and the base’s solar array needs repair, the players job
Many different things you could do

northman has vikangz with braces?

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Disgusting and retarded

>Aliens somehow speak the same language as you despite the lack of a galactic government
>Alien planet has the same species as your planet, but they glow or some shit

>character is a badass in lore, always has the upper hand when sparring amongst party members
>is a complete shitter in gameplay
Fire Emblem pulls this a lot.

Using 11/10 thots as a shortcut to get the sexually deprived player to like her.
>create perfect submissive "Japanese" waifu no. 7123764
>make bad man do bad thing to her
>get mad

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>Left: figure of a high ranking Maya from late classic. Artist Joan Francesc Oliveras' rendition of a late classic Mayan lord, he wears a nasal prosthetic and has a deformed skull, induced cross-eyedness, facial scarification and piercings, filed teeth set with jewels and ear flares.

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>Sci-fi RPG
>Barely an scifi

That's literally no man's sky

>traveling with npc
>player walking is much slower then the npc
>running speed is much faster

>fire based level
> fire based enemies never appear
Why the lie? Society and the media is so fake.

>Every CRPG has to have a romance
>Every JRPG has to have a fishing minigame

Pagans are disgusting, what a revelation

>get shown a giant sprawling megacity
>you're forced to explore tight corridors and only tight corridors for the entire game

Play Rain World

>female character
>not completely useless


>”If you kill the man who has raped dozens of babies and has burned hundreds of orphans alive…. You will be just like him….”

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what the fuck are you talking about

More a movie thing though its in a lot of cutscenes too
>"Don't kill him protag!"
>"I have to do it!"
>Stabs the guy in the face just out of frame
>Actually stabbed next to him
>Leaves with a huff
When the story is good its not that big a deal but man ive seen it a million and one times

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>Fight god at the end
>Don't use or require anything special to do so
>You fight them no differently than the mooks a few areas away

The moon is rocks not soil, dumbass

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This has literally always bothered me, and why I will almost never respect anybody who says a character is strong because they kill these """Gods""" that are apparently only slightly more durable than a lesser boss earlier in the game. Picrel forces you to first fight your way through a large amount of lesser deities using your own cadre of demons, deities, magical abilities, and actual god-given bullshit powers to so much as reach, and by the time you actually get to him, you need to explicitly use some kind of observation magic to note that he's not actually a supreme deity, but an obscenely powerful demon (like all of the others you've fought to this point) who hides behind a veil of true divinity, and after being identified, you can fight him properly. He's still absolutely nonsensically powerful and requires the most powerful demons you can muster to battle, but the fact that there's at least justification behind why your human dude can "kill god" makes it all worthwhile. Most of the time it's just the same fireballs and sword swings.

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Honestly at this point it would be a twist if the person actually kills the villain instead of attacking to the side and just leaving.

Ok but why did you attach a counter example? Nothing about mercury lighthouse's theme is particularly serene.
The aqua rock theme on the other hand...

>the shills are still at it

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>both left and right leg controlled with the same stick

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>Space level
If you're constantly in space, then okay, have sound, but if it's just for one mission or something, it's cool the do without.

name a game that doesn't.

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>copy pasting a meme spammed by third world shit skin

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The only Final Fantasy game you can really say this about is 8. 10 is up there with 7 has having some of the most utter fucking dogshit minigames ever put in a JRPG. The chocobo racing is even worse.

Tech demos are tropes I hate too, OP

Hellblade is good

I desire nothing but slaughter towards those who claim to be (Insert greek alphabet) males

Bros, why do Ice Levels always have fantastic music?
Ice Cap Zone, Freezeflame Galaxy, Freezeezy Peak, Chill Penguin, Snowman, Winters, Route 216, what are some other great ones?