I want a remake/HD remaster or reboot of Shadow Tower and Shadow Tower Abyss so badly bros

I want a remake/HD remaster or reboot of Shadow Tower and Shadow Tower Abyss so badly bros.
This is really criminally underrated

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just play the original then

abyss feels unfinished and it's too easy.


>I want a remake/HD remaster or reboot of ...

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>Console exclusive is inevitably lost in time
I hate this

Are there any other games that let me wear a shining elemental fire sword, a .50 magnum, and a khaki vest?

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The shadow tower games were genius but unfinished
You don't care/know because you are a zoomer cretin trying hard to fit in

good thing we have emulators

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>Facebook filename
You need to go back

first shadow tower is a masterpiece if youre attuned to fromjunk

I don't know any other game that mixes modern day stuff with fantasy stuff like this
It's usually sci-fi

then i guess its not as criminally underrated as you imply

No it's great

th is is my favorite game of all time, I'm fully aware of how jank it is, I don't care, its one of the first non Armored Core FROM game I played I've bought every single one after.

so much of the best of Souls comes from this game.

then play the original

>Masterpieces shackled by emulation when they could have legit PC version that can be made easily compatible for several decades with, at worst, light fan patches

I want a 3rd Shadow Tower game set in the future we created by setting that demon girl free in Shadow Tower 2.
Maybe set in space, like Echo Night 3.

I wonder if Fron will ever make first person games again
The dismemberment system was such a great thing

Play Lunacid.

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Lol, who's the fucking retard? Since when have fromsoft remakes or remasters EVER actually bothered finishing the game? Fuck off retard

the original isnt good enough retard what about this dont you get?

>Early Access
Maybe someday.


enough for 6-7 hours

game is decidedly flat and low on items and weapons.

its go the feel down pat, doesn't have the enviro's or weapons, King's Field came out 20 years ago, it doesn't have an excuse not to have more sprawling areas, even for what little is out.

fuck that, I want KF5 with Shadow Tower Abyss' power pip system.

I mean.. we all do, but we never will, Elden Ring made them all the money, expect more of that.

which is fine, if you squint, you can feel bits of the ye old King's Field in these games.

shame that indies seem only interested in replicating Might and Magic/Wizardry Dungeon crawling.

then i guess its not as criminally underrated as you imply if its not good enough to play.

look into Monomyth and Lunacid for your ultima underworld / kings field clones

Devil spire

It's mostly 2.5D, tho

looks interesting, definitely will keep an eye out on that. Lunacid also looks pretty alright but I don't buy early access on principle. thanks for the suggestions user

I will when it releases

Devil Spire? The game with Demon's Souls cover ripoff has modern weapons?


Sorta? it has both muskets and flintlock pistols. Both are horribly overpowered

Monomyth is more of an Elden Scrolls clone than King's Field. Might not have talkative NPCs (only played the demo) but it comes off as an Oblivion mod/spinoff.

Monomyth is an Ultima Underworld clone, which is what inspired Kings Field.

btfo with logic and facts!

It's just Ark with all the jank and none of the good

>calls itself a spiritual successor to King's Field
>has a jump button
I could overlook the faggot anime shit,the non-fitting ost and even the cheap ass UI and general soullesness of the game, but if there's anything that drives the point home that they have no clue what made the King's Field and Shadow Tower series what they are is precisely that.

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weapon being visible outside of swings is also a red flag.


Lol okay you pretentious faggot

>none of the npcs fit the game's tone
>every room looks like every other room in the area
>the starting dungeon doesn't make any sense given the intro video
>the whole game looks like it'll be set in one dungeon despite what the scale the premise implies
can't recommend. play Northern Journey instead. It's a boomer shooter instead of a dungeon crawler but it's atmosphere and level design is superb

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Don't care, still never goin back.

I had a spiritual successor planned-out about 5 years ago, but I have an autoimmune disease and ended up having to stop doing gamedev to worry about my body instead. Glad to see that some people are making games inspired by this game, like the Lunacid devs.

Get well user

ANONE, Stop being sick and GET TO IT.

They won't. Elden Ring made more money than all of their games from 1994-2010 combined

Seems good

Armored Core bros...

Armored Core is being made right now

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Shadow tower abyss is too easy and kinda falls apart at the end with all the annoying flying enemies and very easy last boss. Also inflated repair costs and guns being really strong.
I dont know why people love it so much. It looks super great, probably the only time a kingsfield game wowed me with its graphics
But it also having no music when its no where as creepy, dark, or punishing as shadow tower 1 feels like im getting cheated (why does this company hate background music??)

Not really its solidly built.
To me its much better than souls

This. Hopefully it doesn't stay in EA forever.

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not a problem, opens up level design, dont forget you could also """""jump""""" gaps in kingsfield 2 and 3
>Faggot anime
1 mascott demon girl and a couple of portraits, get over yourself chud