Statistically speaking like 90% of Yea Forums posters are fat as hell

statistically speaking like 90% of Yea Forums posters are fat as hell

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statistically speaking, rogue is a pussy virgin made exclusively for anal

I am every poster on Yea Forums so statistically 100% of Yea Forums posters are fat as hell

I am fat as hell. Fat cocked, that is.

based Yea Forums setting the record straight

I am just a little overweight is all. Also nothing can beat how fat these fat tats are

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I don't remember posting this...


I got a beer gut

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quite the opposite

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How is this labeled as SFW

How the fuck does a male weigh 147 pounds?

Nah, statistically speaking like 60% of Yea Forums are fat ugly bastards and the remaining 40% are skeletons.

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with that amount of blubber i could light every lantern in london day and night for the entire dark season

>tfw I'm taller than all of you

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I am not fat
I am however hideously ugly and unhealthy in many other ways

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if Rouge ever makes it to the big screen, society as we know it will collapse

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125 skinnyfat povertymaxxing

half an hour walk every day is a start. can't fix ugly, but you can get in shape and learn to dress and groom properly

>the reason people heightpost all the time is because they're actually, unironically all manlets
scary stuff


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When I first went on Yea Forums I wasn't but it got bad overtime once I found my wife

I expected a Rouge thread. You guys feelin' okay? This isn't like you at all.

>Yea Forums and /jp/
>Avg. Height: 5'7"

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statistically speaking like 90% of cats are flat as hell

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I love dolphin shorts

>average height less than 6,0 literally across the board
what the fuck

Learn the difference between rogue and rouge.

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i never knew the name of these things
thank you user, i like them too

By not being a fatass.


she has a fat ass under her clothes

Why the fuck are you niggers so short?

bone density

statistically speaking like 90% of Yea Forums posters masturbate to big fat bat tits

This poll is from like ten years ago. I bet the average age for each went up.

I'm 115 pounds 5'9, you just fat bro

Damn right I am. If you want to cuddle with a 300lb fat ass I'll keep your skelly bitch ass warm all night.

Shoo shoo skeleton.

>one of the shortest boards, the most virgin board, AND the fattest board
you cant make this shit up.

yeah i am....

No problem user. I learned what they're called from Yea Forums too.

130lb pure lean muscle
average cock
virgin because women are a waste of time for now

I'm 130 and I look underweight. Post forearm now.

rouge exclusively has sex with fat Yea Forumsirgins

>instead of bots plastering the catalog it's actually animated skeletons

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>I'm 115 pounds 5'9, you just fat bro

Wow I'm taller than most average board goers kneel you fucking manlets

How do you not get blown away by the wind?

Can attest to being skeleton. I live off of cookies and pizza. Yes I'm amazed that I'm still alive.

Out of my way, skeletal beings.

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>used to be a 260 lb. fatass
>lose almost 100 lbs.
>strong winds during the springtime
>nearly get bowled over because I'm not used to be so light
It's a fucking weird feeling.

I'm exactly 6 feet tall (183cm), it seems to me like I'm pretty average and even kinda small in 2022.

Nice to be the fit 10%
But I'll fuck the fatties if they're female

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good job user, you gave yourself an extra decade of lifetime too

Here ya go user, a normal arm

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>147 lbs

Imagine being a zoomer manlet with no muscle mass.

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Stay away from strong winds, I know I can't handle that physically

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>statistically speaking like 90% of Yea Forums posters need sun immediately
As expected.


My arms thinner. Get on my skeleton level.

Prove it.

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I knew the skeletons were posting here. You all lied to me.

I don't know how modern phones work nor do I have one. So no. I also don't take pictures of myself.

Imagine believing this shit.

But seriously bros, even 14 year old white girls are averaging 5'11 these days...
What are we gonna do?

you have the arms of a little girl

i'll pay you 5 dollars for a handjob mr skeltal

and balding

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While weebs being fat isn't shocking, Yea Forums is too weebish not to be just as fat.

The nipples are covered, how is it NSFW?

why does the bat have fat tats but not a fat tummy

6 feet isn't the average in 95%+ of the world


you can still see the mouth-watering areolas under the pasties

Chunky arms detected.

Thank you user