Warcraft Arclight Rumble

So this is what the average Warcraft-enjoyer looks like!

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why do they all have fetal alcohol syndrome?

2006 disney characters looking ass

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Is the entire western animation industry now just one guy and his laptop in Delhi?

Inclusivity. CalArts teaches you to make everyone ugly and retarded looking.

Dios mío… ¿qué tipo de atrocidades son estas criaturas?

Unfortunately it's multiple people all doing the same awful art style.

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why leftist scream that there is not enough diversity but black girl peasant is so overdone at this point

They all look like someone tried to describe humanoids character to aliens.

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This may be the most disgusting thing I've ever seen

a nigger, yes

i thought this was one of those retarded mobile game ads at first

This is the most soulless thing i've ever seen in my life. And not like the meme SOUL vs SOULESS Yea Forums posts, this is literally like watching Weekend at Bernies, where the corporation is paying someone to make this shambling corpse of an animation dance across the screen. Awful.

>the average gamer is a white male
>lets put black women in all promotional material
is blizzard ran by a rogue AI?

I hate zoomers and their "dub and dance, make sure you don't sync lips, exaggerate movements", china destroyed an entire generation with tiktok

Mission accomplished for the Chinaman

haha pedo movie!

They aren't even hiding it anymore

They have no choice, they hired nothing but xir's so no one knows how to code or animate.


China and Russia are successfully destabilizing America culturally and it's fucking fantastic to see.

CalArts is the personification of Weimart. Souless, corporate and ultimately vacuous

Gotta appease Blackrock and Vanguard

i dont get it. it's just a lady dancing.
what makes this bad?

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it has pedo grooming



it's just dreamworks artstyle. it's been around for decades at this point.

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>Nurse learns tiktok dance routine to entertain zoomer patient before drawing blood as if that's supposed to make patient happy about having blood drawn.
The entire premise of it is a cringey caricature of "what the kids like, nowadays" trying to be sold as heartwarming.

>dreamworks artstyle
Dreamworks best movies were gorgeous though, this is all shit all the time

release when? i want to play

thank goodness they leave warcraft 3 alone

well its a commercial so of course it isn't going to look like how to train your dragon. doesnt look bad though.

yeah it's cheesy but it was made to be to be cheesy. they aren't going to hire GRRM to write the thing.

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They left it so alone that you can't play the original even if you bought it

So not so much overtly pedo like Cuties, just a tone-deaf allegory for puberty that's too on-the-nose.

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yes but it could be worse as the new game suggests. letting it rot is literally the better option.

God damn it I just want to be happy...

My issue isn't that it's "cheesy". Things can be cheesy and heartwarming, authentically. It's cringy that they're trying to use a premise that doesn't make sense and trying to portray it as heartwarming to sell health insurance.
It's someone trying to be relatable and missing the mark because they aren't.

what makes it inauthentic? the fact they used tiktok?

the fact that it's fucking health insurance

Remember when Blizzard was based and harrassed female employees? What the FUCK happened?

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>it's cheesy but it was made to be cheesy
Not sure about that, marketing people are pretty far up their own asses.

So it's agreed, all niggers are criminals!

so? whats your point?

maybe you're right. it's still just harmless.

classic mutt response

Ok groomer

Convince me they didn't make this abomination so they can sell anti depressants to the people who watched it

What the fuck is up with the art style?

Uh what age group is this supposed to be for? This genuinely looks like those shitty fake ads for Chinese games you see on youtube

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>blizzard staying another year rent-free in the minds of alt-right incels and making them seethe
unironically based

I'm guessing it's aiming at the same demographic as those fake Chinese ads.

keep talking mutty


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>if u dont like animation ur incel

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oh my FUCKING gOD THE REFERENCE! I understand the reference it's a crossover :OOOOOOOOOOOO

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take your meds schizo

>36976407_2086402854941619_4437581126717931520_n.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1080) facebook

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you're an incel because you're incel, incel

OH God

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>black women are 6% of the US population
>but 100% media representation

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>*tiktok dance*
>"you have terminal stage cancer"

>incels make up 14% of the US
>it's more profitable to appeal to 6% demographic
capitalism is based