LobCorp/Library of Ruina

beat this recently, where do i go from here?
heard there was an online novel and comic book.

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Check PM page and read Wonderland, Distortion Detective and Leviathan. Or you can play modded fights.

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I bought Library of Ruina after finishing it by cheating and now I'm too annoyed to do it all again (legit) and also try out mods

how long'd it take you with cheats?

bout 40 hours total, I started cheating at SotC though so around 30 hours are legit, the last 10 are cheating for infini HP

You wait for Ligma Company like the rest of us PMfags
It's pretty mediocre from what I heard. Catt is hot
>Distortion Detective
I'd rather wait for the VN
First chapter is great, but I'm waiting for all the chapters to release in order to binge them

There are also mods for both for LC and LoR (didn't look into them). Also LC/LoR themed mods for Risk of Rain 2 and Slay the Spire

You can also consider going through the mandatory reading list for Ligma. Kafka, Hesse, Dostoevsky, Cervantes and rest - all classics
Look into pic related if you're truly desperate

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>wait forr the mobile game

yes, my wallet is ready, I hope I can pull swimsuit gebura within 700 bucks!

Limbus Company gameplay reveal the 6th

I-It can still end up good! I have faith! A-And even if it's shit, there's always that ARPG and the City Builder we were promised

Decided to put the face in hold and work on her hair. It's much easier and doesn't make me want to an hero. Yet, anyway

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do you think if Philip was unbooked he'd return to the Dawn office or would he be hunted down for killing, what, 10k people? Do you think the Dawn guys would even accept him after what he ended up doing after distorting?


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Some people just don't like deckbuilders and Ruina is a pretty difficult one. They're only in it for the story - I know I am
I only finished it without cheats because I'm mentally ill and care about what faggots on a Bolivian Plant-Raising Forum say about my gaming habits

>Catt is hot

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>Ruina is a pretty difficult one
___lol___ ____lmao____

not everyone figures out how to break the game with Gebura or Yesod, and the game is pretty fucking hard if you don't abuse the mechanics

heh, pathetic...

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She looks so dumb and retarded
Love it

Just distort bro

I love hags so much it's unreal

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My finn is too strong bros...

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I wish i had something to add to these threads but having finished Library and Lobcorp i mostly lurk to feed my ever growing Project Moon folder which is incredibly disorganized with the exception of separating them by sets of 100.
The little smidges of animation we got for Limbus looks promising tho

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Watch the limbus company trailer, get hyped and get that hype destroyed when you realize it's gacha
Distortion detective is a novel on hiatus since they want to turn it into a VN. It's really cool
Leviathan is a web novel or manga or whatever but it's only 9 chapters long now. It's ongoing but it's slow as fuck
Don't know about wonderlab comic

>Risk of ruina STILL hasn't updated

Make a mega and share the goodies

play mods. I recently started a new fresh playthrough with a lot of cosmetic mods and extra receptions and its a lot fun.
give a month or so though to let the game sit in.

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The only version of him that can be unbooked is the distortion form, the crying children so it will probably keep wrecking the city

No, they're mine!
sure, i'll just finish playing DRG with my group of lads and get to that, there is probably a shitton of repeated images

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>Yuna effortlessly kills Crying Children without even realizing who or what they are.
The final, ultimate cuck.

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I still haven't beaten LoR

I got filtered by Binah's Realisation so hard that I didn't boot up LoR for a year. Only finished it recently

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Same, but for Geb's realization. I need to actually make proper decks for every floor

how could you lose with the red mist?

>hate the charge gimmick
>hate the hate ranged
how the FUCK am I meant to make a deck without this kinda shit on urban nightmare rank
this is my current situation btw

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unga bunga blunt yesod

grab puppet

I mean, this is basically my deck for Yesod 5x, I just don't like it very much because I can't use my 3-cost card and still get to the next emotion level on the 1st turn
Overall I don't like that 3-cost very much but the draw is very useful

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>4 3cost card
>no 0cost cards
nigga what are you doing

Lets say you have unlimited slot point maximums and you can have duplicate attributed abilities: what would you attribute to have the best solo setup?

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You defeated Crying Children and still have problem with reaching next tier?

Red Hood was too weak, and then we got fucked over when she got mad


Do the two on the far left. The first one is long but easy and the second one is fairly tough but gives you amazing shit.

Tiph sex...

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I'm not struggling I just want to make the deck better
what would be better?

Even an absolute moron would be able to spot the easy synergy between Yujin's keypage and the

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>Red Hood was too weak
Once you get past that particular phase (which is admittedly kinda bullshit) it's all smooth sailing from there. I think I went through it all in one try once I managed to get past the first phase

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Oh, I managed to beat it eventually. Just took me a long time. I still haven't done the other realizations and I'm up to the Ensemble in the story.

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