Post your rarest vidya thing anons

Post your rarest vidya thing anons

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To the user from I got mine's signed too, but not by Igaitself, but instead by Michiru Yamane.

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Hadn't posted this one yet, 3DS devkit.

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only my steamdeck bro

kneel now

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Also in this one you can see my Nintendo 64 iQue, my DSi Nintendo zone, PSP devkits and DS devkit.

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i own umi

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the blue one?


Yes, the blue one is best girl.

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only this and I haven't played yet.

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You could only get pic related from attending the Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess concert, they sold for around $20 and is the actual baton the conductors used for the concerts.

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Where do you find that kind of things??

The devkits I mostly got from marketplace, the iQue I bought off ebay from china before they got bullshit expensive, so i only paid like 60 bucks for it, has a few games on it too, like OoT

Probably this, I don't really know much about rare stuff though

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Neat. How often do you use it?

I got a few rare Saturn games, a Japan only Xbox Smoke Skeleton Black, Outrun 2006 for Xbox and Gravity Rush as a physical game.

PZDs box is a repro, games are originals though.

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I own Bomberman 64 The Second Attack.

>PZDs box is a repro, games are originals though
I purchased a disgaea on vita on marketplace but with no box, I'm thinking to buy a repro box bcuz irks me got a game like that.

post it

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As long as it’s printed well I don’t care if it’s a repro or not. I’d rather have a well made repro than a shitty, worn out box that falls apart when I look at it wrong.

vidya related but I finally got a copy of Oboro Muramasa (Muramasa Rebirth) but the limited edition (only the cover it's different)

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Pic related actually still works.
I also have a launch 360 that's still sealed. Not sure if that's good for anything. The box got severely sun damaged though.

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Only this at the moment. I found one at a mall cheap as hell I really got lucky.

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According to this app, these are my rarest/expensive games

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No pics at the moment but I have the SNES Super scope, it's missing the sight however. And the receiver. And a SNES to actually use it.

>That GH Castlevania
that thing is expensive these days? Really?

Very nice

Oh well, sweet NFR collection regardless. The first kiosk video player was from a pretty intense auction on Yahoo JP, the second video player was from a Korean guy that contacted me after finding my website about the devices.

Also forgot to post, I have a Sheriff/Bandido arcade PCB that I intend to recreate a cabinet for. For anyone who doesn't know, Sheriff is the first game Miyamoto ever worked on, as he did the cabinet art for it.

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Apparently. I remember YEARS ago when I first got it, it was around 50, but shit I'm not complaining.

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Really cool user.
And you have a website about these devices? Care to share? I'm always looking for more information on these devices.
It's so hard to find decent info on these kiosks for example, if they need repairs or replacement parts, because no-one shares that stuff online.
I chronicle all my own stuff when I take stuff apart to clean or repair.

well i uh couldnt find a good pic of it and im not at home rn but i own terranigma in french for the snes and i think thats whats on top of the pile there.

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Sealed copy of Oni, that's about it.

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Here's the games I've got that are on the more expensive side.
In terms of things that are rarer, but less expensive, I've got a copy of Valis Complete Plus, Border Down Limited Edition, and a signed Shantae GBC rerelease

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I'm Jelly as fuck

Op here.
I never played that and everyone in this borad like to some degree.

Tell me about it user, I'm curious now.

>Proyect Justice
Mi negro

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I don't have anything rare, but these are starting to go up in value.

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Panzer Dragoon Saga
Steel Battalion w/ controller
Radiant Silvergun
Elemental Gearbolt
Sylvia figure from No More Heroes 2
FF7 black label w/ misprint (first print run)

I have PSO Episode 1&2 Plus but thats about it


I never got the appeal of those.
FF1 have a version in that device right??

I think the FF games were on the SwanCrystal, basically a color WonderSwan / competition with GBA.

>Radiant Silvergun
which one? the arcade?

I'm a lifelong PC gamer and pirate so I only have a few things in the first place, chief among which are a genuine white DMG-01 which according to the internet is the rarest Play It Loud color exclusive to Europe and/or Japan and perhaps also certain stores, I have no idea. I also have a silver PS2 with two matching silver controllers and a silver Multitap vertical stand in pretty good condition, the stand in particular I've never seen photos of anywhere else.

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PSO episode 3 trial edition is probably my rarest PSO.

>the stand in particular I've never seen photos of anywhere else.
I want to see the stand user, I only have a common black one


RU manga artist?

Probably my PSX RPGs. Notably both Lunars and Suikoden 2.

I would like to show it but it's after midnight and I don't wanna disturb my neighbors by going down into the basement to dig up whatever box it's in, but if I recall correctly it's practically identical to this one, but silver.

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Here it is. Maybe I should try to get a replacement sight and turn it into a display piece, even if that's kind of a basedboy thing to do.
I also own a GB Camera. The GBC itself appears to be dead, unfortunately.

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>The GBC itself appears to be dead, unfortunately.
these are easy to repair now even if you lack the experience (I repaired mine)

What happened to yours? This one won't even turn on, I don't know if it's a recurring problem. I guess I can try to repair it myself if I get familiar with the internals and its common issues.

>What happened to yours? This one won't even turn on,
this but also I changed the screen for a new one.

So this isn't much to look at, since it's just a disc, but in the mid to late 90s my uncle (yeah Nintendie Uncle, I know) worked for Ensemble Studios. He was a programmer. He knew that I was a vidya fag and also a history fag, so he copied me an Alpha version of Age of Empires before it was even formally announced in 1996. Where it was known it was referred to as "Dawn of Man" not AoE. To date I have never, ever seen another working copy of Age of Empires 1 in this state. I had an user literally offer to buy it like 20 years ago on Age of Kings Heaven, but I didn't want to get my Uncle in trouble (he was no longer at Ensemble, but had moved to Microsoft Game Studios) so I said no. I haven't even tried playing it in probably 15 years or more.

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inb4 it rots before you bother to make a backup because CD-Rs are known to do that

For all I know it's already dead and gone. It visually looks ok, but I know that doesn't mean much. I do have it backup up on a drive though, however that drive could possibly be fucked as well as I haven't used it since 2006 I think.

>look at this cool thing I have
>I won't upload it though

E621Check the pornSkip the games

I mean I will. Post a good site for it and I'll see if that old USB drive still works.

A NiGHTs into Dreams Japanese copy bundled with the White Saturn 3D Pad.