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It's been several minutes, so I doubt he's posting an anchor.

Requesting Soleil acting out either of the panels at the top.

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Anchor I drew in MS paint, since the OP refuses to make one.

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anchor here

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Requesting more anchors to be drawn. Draw something that pushes you to your limit

Requesting a mermaid Tenko for mermay

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Requesting a simple pin-up like the example (Byleth's) of Arete from Fire Emblem Revelations

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Suggesting one with Lana from Sun/Moon.

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Requesting Grimm smashed by the Deep Sea Knight's anchor looking cartoonishly flat stuck to the anchor like as if it's a cartoon.

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Requesting a sexy pin-up of Laevatein from Fire Emblem: Heroes in just these undies.

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Requesting different versions of Ganon standing at a balcony

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Neither of these were the first post, how is anyone supposed to be able to find them?

Taking requests involving those two
(advance reploid and fantasy peasant.)

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Requesting a Selkie from Crystal Chronicles in a Bikini at the beach; bonus points if the bikini top is ever-so-slightly undersized for her breasts (without just being a microbikini).

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Requesting the middle picture with Scorn Guy (left) and Dark Samus (right)

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>Botfag gets called out and humiliated last thread
>Makes new thread but doesn't post anchor
>Proceeds to let new thread die to throw the heat off
Fucking autist.

Eh, I say it's a win

requesting Ankha laughing her ass off at hieroglyphics that no one else can read

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You're constantly throwing out all these nonsensical theories, like everything HAS to revolve around the bot
Are you sure you're not the autist here?

Requesting Drasna checking herself out in a mirror while in Clair’s outfit and her mentally debating whether it makes her butt look big as the mirror gives a nice view of her massive gilf ass

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to be honest I think people just aren't as spam happy anymore now that they don't have to compete with a spambot. I used to just dump shit however I pleased but now I space my few requests out a little more.

Requesting The Courier from Fallout New Vegas and the protagonist from Underrail killing the White Leg tribals and the Sørmirbæren savages from both of their games together.

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>The bot says as he shakes with autistic rage
You really think you are fooling people, don't ya?

Requesting the right pic with Maya (Dragon Quest) getting her belly button licked by her sister Meena.

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See this is exactly what I mean, I tell you that I don't agree with your theories and now you immediately think I'M the bot, and that I must be seething at you for exposing my plans or whatever
You sound genuinely crazy at this point, just the thought of someone that's not the bot disagreeing with you is impossible for you to even consider
I said it at the end of last thread and I'll say it again, we have a chance to move past the fucking bot for once now that most if not all of his spam is gone, but people like you refuse to let go
Please, just stop with this nonsense

>we have a chance to move past the fucking bot for once
Not defending the other user but implying that faggot isn't just gonna be back in a month or so

It wouldn't surprise me one bit either, but can we at least stop talking about the fuck in the meantime?
If he shows up again full force then sure, whatever, go nuts, but can we just try to not dedicate a bulk of every thread talking about things that are presently not an issue?

I just assume this botfag obsessed guy is a shitposter ruining the threads for his own fun. All he does is harass people, requestfag or drawfag, then act like he's in the right for doing so and a few threads back he was even saying he's like Batman, it just sounds like some kid dicking around not realizing that the harm he's doing to drawthread in turning people away might be permanent and that the posts he's harassing aren't just pixels on a screen but real people that are getting more and more fed up with him.

To that I agree.

It's been one year since reimu's game came out. Requesting her smashing the blockchain.

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Requesting sfw of queen mab from smt

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I want some Estelle Bright lewds, sex in full nelson position, rough, or even a gangbang, I dunno do something!

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Reina Nanami from Mahjong Soul works at a café, so requesting her in a really sexy and cute waitress outfit like this one please

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Yeah, keep pretending you ain't Botfag. I'm sure people will believe you.

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Requesting Estelle from Tales of Vesperia in harem clothes, maybe loosely based off her own dress in color theme and other details.

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I believe him, the one I don't believe is your obsessed ass

Requesting the miqote doing the poison dance from scrubs

Also working on coloring requests sorry about the wait!

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>it just sounds like some kid dicking around not realizing that the harm he's doing to drawthread in turning people away might be permanent and that the posts he's harassing aren't just pixels on a screen but real people that are getting more and more fed up with him.

I mean if you honestly think that is the case, why not just ignore him? You have already established that he

1. Is bored and harassing people for fun
2. Probably underage
3. doesnt know what he is doing

It isn't hard to just simply ignore retarded throw away comments The ONLY reason as to why people try to stir this pot as far as I can tell is that they know they make a subset group of people seethe. Without those reactions he will either be bored or powerless

Requesting my MMO character from the game "Mabinogi" wearing an alternate version of her Long Maid Outfit, either a more cyber-like appearance with neon lights or circuits/headphones, a steampunk version with cogs as decoration or maybe a bodice, or an armored version of the maid outfit with metal plates/greaves/gauntlets, must keep the long dress and sleeves.

Non in-game reference:

Nothing lewd please.

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requesting fat asses in tiny thongs

Because I didn't think of it that way until recently. I considered the reasons I used to be that way in some places, because I'm an asshole, then I realized it was probably the same deal with this guy.

it's really telling how dead these threads are when they're not being spammed by the bot or misha

Requesting Agnes pulling up her dress and revealing that she's wearing sexy or fancy lingerie underneath.

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Requesting Clown 2B giving someone the wettest blowjob ever and leaving her red lipstick all over his thighs, crotch, balls and asshole.

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Requesting ENF Lilly

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Requesting her getting gangbanged.


You say that like it's a bad thing

requesting akuma mowing the lawn

It's Tifa's birthday.

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Since you like to make crossovers, are you open for a request I've been saving for a while?

Requesting a PoV pic of Terra bent over and getting her tights torn open, the nylon being torn apart by the viewer while he's sporting a huge erection.

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yooo she killed tifa

Requesting Geiru Toneido from Ace Attorney at a computer
Bonus if the screen shows what looks to be a WikiHow article titled "How to frame someone for murder"

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I'm open to hear it but I have stuff up lined. No harm telling it.

Requesting segs

silly segs with benis? :DDDD

Requesting Bayonetta wearing a Kamui from Kill la Kill
It could be either Ryuko's Senketsu or Satsuki's Junketsu, or something original based on Bayo's design combining elements from both series, feel free to do what you want with the idea

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Requesting Aisha out on a dinner date with her hunter boyfriend with her having a normal sized dinner plate while the hunter has a giant plate of food you usually eat in the games before going on a hunt and since its a date he should be in something appropriate like the suit in the reference pic.

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Requesting Colette masturbating through her tights.

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Sketch requests for tomorrows downtime. From landscapes to meat men to gills to frills. You know the drill.

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Requesting upskirt shot of Delilah

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sex with knees.

Hey, that's real good, man. Thanks for drawing this!


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Requesting wadanohara getting dunked

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Fishfag no!

Grils with gills? Hills and roadkills. Take your pills.

Grilled gill ain't bad with some rice and lemon

where's that from?

>Drawing for scornfag