Tick tock Narutards

tick tock Narutards

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tick tock elden ring faggots

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You just had to do it no?

Bleach heat the soul games were unironically fire. I would love a new one.

It should have been
Ishida and Orihime
Ichigo and Rukia

Bleach was the king.

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>FMB's anime run only took a year
>AoT anime came out only 3 years after FMB ended.
In my head I felt like FMB came out many years earlier.

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Ginbros, how are we feeling about his buffs this patch?

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In reality, none of the others, save Dragon Ball, were ever in the same league as One Piece sales wise.

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what was the appeal of One Piece? i tried to get into it but i'm an art snob.

One Piece > Naruto > Bleach

Bleach is still way better than numanga like Demon Slayer or SnK though.

I'm tired to see all the delusion fags around here. Not happening.
Also the Big 3 is : DBZ, One Piece and Naruto.

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What about us, Bleachbro? I want you to succeed too!

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Is it real? I want to believe...

Big 3 is big three, retard. There is no "generations" and there is no "new big three"

>One Piece
One Piece is an absolute dog turd.

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>there is no "new big three"
the legions of black clover fans beg to disagree

Looks like you'll cuck Aizen in the matchup now.

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>still consuming kids media.
No wonder none of you go to college and leach off your parents

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I hope they don't skip Xbox. Snoys don't deserve to have a Bleach game made by Arc Sys to be exclusive.

Good marketing

people wouldn't have watched so much one piece if it wasn't good. try again.

It's not good, far from it.

YuYu and DB ran at different times, and Sailor Moon is Shoujo, and was never published on Jump. Attack on Titan and FMA same thing. FMA is Square Enix, and AoT is Magazine. Also, they all ran during different years. FMA mid 2000s to 2010 and AoT started at around the time FMA ended. Hell, HxH is also older than Naruto.

One piece was really fucking edgy when it started. Zoro, zolo or whatever fights had lots of blood and shit
But the artstyle was really really simple straight out of doraemon or something, so the contrast was pleasant.
But now the edgyness is completely gone and the Luffy and friends got flanderized to absurd levels. they no longer fear for their futures or their lives, they don't have dreams or doubts, they just to their THING. haha I like money! I like women haha! Sword UGH ME ANGRY.

I wonder if you realize this is a troll image. Even if you wanna pretend Berserk isn't Seinen, it sure as fuck isn't Shounen. It'd sooner be called a Shoujo manga than a Shounen as per the creator's words, may he rest in peace.

yugioh is worth more than of all of these except dragon ball.


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>In the same row as AOT
Zoom zoom zoom

People stop sleeping on Eden's Zero. Mashima's best manga. Comfy space adventure kino with hottest girls ever.

Is he still afraid of killing characters?

Not really.

Bleach is fucking garbage.

this image is obviously a composite with the weird differing resolutions of parts of it
but damn wouldn't I love a proper 2d bleach fighter, and by ASW for the absolutely amazing aesthetic? pure kino

if we talk sales per volume then several actually

Where would Kaiji be?

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Maining Mayuri

just no
the Big Three were Naruto, Bleach and One Piece
that's it

They were all equally huge at the time with the same target audience
Those other series are all over the place in terms of popularity and audience

Renji and??


Man, the closest thing to a Bleach game I have played was Anima: Gate of Memories
>flash step
>beam sword spam
>edgy power ups
>spirits as enemies
That's probably far from being a clone but it was cool and the gameplay is fun.


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Just let me use Yachiru and I'll be happy

I want a Bleach arena fighter from Cyberconnect2 so fucking much bros

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Oh this is a new faggot ass game made by ARc Sys. Thought this was a Bleach Dark Souls remake or port. Literally don't care about this piece of shit.

300+ chapters in and this is the first time kubo wrote something that's above average. This manga sucks

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>implying it would be 2d
it would be 3d like Kill La Kill IF

is this real bros? dont play with my heart

check the resolution on the arcsys logo and decide it for yourself

if this game ever was made, normalfags would see the super animations and start hailing bleach as the coolest shit ever because anime fans are fickle, spineless fucks and only shit on bleach because a youtuber told them too

Bleach isn't good?

One Piece is total ass.
Bleach>Naruto=One Piece
Naruto says he wants to be the Pirate King
Luffy says he wants to be the Hokage
Naruto eats meat and Luffy eats ramen
Literally the same fucking series with a different coat of paint and one is slightly longer

bleach is great

bleach is good.

>Shovelware Works
Who cares

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I would buy it

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anal with nel
paizuri with orihime

>arc sys

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Fighting games were always meant to be played with friends rather than some faggot over an internet connection

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Bleach maxes out at a 6/10 which in reality is a 5/10 but it gets bonus points for having good art. The writing in this shit manga is terrible. This entire souls society arc of rescuing orihime is chapter after chapter of fights ending with "I won't kill you because I'm a nice guy" grimmjow healed ichigo, jobbed then got protected by him all in the span of 5 chapters. You've gotta be joking

yeah, i figured this was a bait post

>This entire souls society arc of rescuing orihime

Shonen spics only want ASW to work on their shitty shows solely to jerk off the to visuals. They won't play it for more than a day.

I don't know where it cuts off. Does the aizen reveal mean the soul society arc is over? Doesn't matter you know what arc I'm talking about good job on ignoring the part where I called out kubos writing though

>Also the Big 3 is : DBZ, One Piece and Naruto.

dragon ball was over and never in the conversation. it was always bleach, one piece and naruto

You guys wanna see my silly old high school bleach oc self insert? I came up with so many fanfic stories in my head that I can’t think of bleach without imagining myself in the story.

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>Homemade Iced Tea

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>bleach gets a decent enough ending with the Final Getsuga Tenshou to seal Aizen, trading away his powers and he'll be back to a normal man
If they wanted Bleach to continue then it should have been without Ichigo, there was plenty enough to explore and go over without making Ichigo part everything

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>there was plenty enough to explore and go over without making Ichigo part everything
How many franchises out there got away with throwing away their protagonist without the popularity of it tanking? Gohan was meant to replace Goku, Nero was meant to replace Dante, they just can't go through with it without repercussions


there is no other genre that filters casuals as much as fighting games do, but you also only need to find 1 other player for a match, so having a few thousands online players is more than enough for solid matchmaking

both GGST and DBFZ have around the same active playerbase that other big fighting games have, so it's not like modern Arcsys games are niché compared to other fighters