What went wrong?

what went wrong?

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>Begs his wife to let him impregnate her before he dies
>She refuses
I hope those videos about Fortnite and Battlefield were a good enough legacy for him.

He got cancer and died.

Ignored the bleeding from his anus for OVER A YEAR
Thought he could fix it by just changing his diet.
Finally decided to do something about it.
It was too late.

Remember Yea Forums, this guy was on his deathbed and was more preoccupied raging about the results of an election than doing anything to buy himself more time. What a goon.

Chemo fucks with your head.

It was his anus all along
she made the right thing, any kid without parental figure will inevitably follow a pitiful path of life

Trump lost though so he got redeemed

>>Begs his wife to let him impregnate her before he dies
>>She refuses
I would have killed her

That wasn't the point but okay sure.

How long are you planning on beating this dead horse? He's gone. Get over yourselves already.

i wonder

Bros if there's something off about your body, something that hurts or doesnt seem right, go see a doctor. My dad was seeing a surgeon about some nerve pain in his spine, and the surgeon noticed something was off about his shoulder. He was like "This is almost certainly unrelated to the nerve pain, but go get your shoulder checked out".

Turns out it was bone cancer and my dad's life was saved. He could've easily gone, "Eh it's probably fine" and he'd be dead right now.

To be fair, at some point you wont give a shit about the prospect of buying yourself a few more days of agony.

I miss that nigga like you wouldn't believe.

He would have blast in Darktide.
Imagine the amount of shitting on NFTs...

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>>Begs his wife to let him impregnate her before he dies
Source or nigger

Imagine your final words being "fortnite"

>...The fov slider... *cough*... It's shrinking.... *BEEEEEEEEEEEP*

>inventing new lore

I wanted to hear him roast elden ring's dogshit performance on release bros... I hope he's gaming in heaven

Oh what an awful person. Not wanting to bring another fatherless child into the world.


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Someone post his fridge NOW

let him be a lesson that if you spot blood in your shit, go to the fucking doctor immediately

Kek what a cuck

I have only one pic of his wife.

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Way ahead of you.

God damn, she wasn't waiting around, she wanted to be ready the SECOND he died.

don't care, not letting a proctologist near my anus ever.

literally nothing
if he was to live he would have turn into sellout and basically would shill the thing he bitch about for living

Weren't there only 3 people in his house? Jesus they were both fat as fuck.

and his kid got cancer too

>kept the tits and ass
Best case scenario.

>get cancer and die

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Cursed family.

imagine saying this and then have it happen to you

>throwaway line from the beginning of the game pays off in the ending

I don't know what the fuck we're talking about. Album covers with clipart of a tophat on it?

He was based and I'm never going to pretend he wasn't. By the end of his life he got pretty cringe but it's understandable.

Uploaded so much cancer to the internet it manifested in physical form inside his ass.

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she hooked up with someone right after he died, so the kid would have been fine

>By the end of his life he got pretty cringe but it's understandable
it was mostly the cancer talking

I really don't get what's wrong with this fridge? The only thing I can see that's blatantly unhealthy is the vast amount of soft drinks.

So, the whole fridge?

Wtf is this bullshit

Sounds like you're also a fat ass then.

just newfag tourists.

balan wonderland?

Depends on the age, unless VR is insanely good by the time I'm 70 I'll just give up

faggot i was just trying to make a joke

i dont mean total biscuit, who has been well documented for years before you came to Yea Forums. im talking about the song

He was spiting on the people that made him big.
Arrogance and hubris blinded him.

Reminder that he thought this was the best game ever made.

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Manga is trash. Jiren OVA when?

lmfao lmfao lmfao lmfao

0 Fresh food what so ever?

TB was a beta male cuck that was shitting blood for a year before going to his doctor, and he knew bowel cancer ran in his family.

A man so beta he's too scared to go to the doctor to find out what's wrong with him, which could have saved his life.

I'm kinda glad that TB existed so, the moment that anything minorly wrong goes on with my body, I can think "Oh shit, TB died because he ignored his asshole bleeding, better get it check" and then my doctor can be like "Nah, you good".

>his kid
you mean his wife's kid?

I can understand being hesitant to go to the doctor if there was only a little bit of blood in the toilet, as it's not super uncommon because of hemorrhoids. But yeah, from the sounds of it he was turning the water red which should freak anyone out. Completely retarded not to get checked out earlier given his family history.

Thought this was a Balan Wonderworld thread, then the first post had me confused if Yuji Naka was a cuckold or not.