Halo Infinite Season 2

Its live

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I sleep

>NO Noble 6
343niggers I swear...

Wasn't that exact image and title used for a Destiny expansion?

Hope it’s better than reach multiplayer.

Which sucked ass.

How big is the update on Xbox?

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14 gb

is that a bionicle on the left?

FUCK my brother is on twitch watching some bitch so I can’t download until later.

I’m so fucking bored.

>Its live
No it's not. At least not on Steam. Halo Support Twitter account hasn't posted anything yet, either. Lying faggot.

Its live on xbox

Uninstalled months ago and there is no way I'm redownloading this power rangers tranny shit. The Halo TV show just shows that this franchise is ran by hacks that don't give a fuck about actual fans.

>no input based matchmaking
aaaaand I don't care

Take your trailer and mute it.

Play this in a new tab over it.

343 had one job and they continue to fuck it up.

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How much do I have to pay for a new helmet and armor color now?

>Can't download shit at 60mb/s minimum while 4 others in network stream in 4K

Last spartan standing is pretty fun desu

Already have ODST armor which is peak halo armor. Don't care unless a matte black color compatible with Mark V comes out.

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I'm so glad to have GRD back. That's one thing I'm grateful 343 did

whens battle royale?

tokimemonemuru mayubrightis

last spartan standing is basically a battle royale

>still no optimisation for older AMD cards

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good trailer, grapple carries this game so hard it's repulsive

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343 are some of the most incompetent fucks on this planet. I know I shouldn't be shocked by how much they've mishandled infinite, but it still amazes me they've continued to flounder. Infinite launched at the perfect time to retake the FPS scene; Cod and Battlefield's most recent games where both mediocre and it seemed like Infinite was going to upstage them. But naturally 343 had to go and screw everything up by failing to properly support the game.

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That was last season retard

Welcome to the U S of A

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Last spartan standing is really fun but they need to add the other btb maps to the playlist.

Wake me when we get Juggernaut and Ninjanaut back

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who cares

>new season
>still less players than mcc


>not a single good looking piece of armor in the new battlepass
just give me the mark 6 gen 3 core and blue team's helmets already

last spartan standing is fun, I dont like batteroyales for just being a boring waiting around clusterfuck, but it fits halo good and the spin they put on it is bretty good

It's dead.

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>Battle royale lite
>On these tiny little maps

>Cut the full screen to hide the fact that the video is fake and they guy and his hud shows he was playing on PC
Lol, lmao

played the new map on quickplay.. meh, still pretty dman small and enemies spawn behind you.

played last man standing twice, made it to 2nd twice.

damn, this and the shit pass is all we get?
uninstalled. this shit sucks ass!!!!

still no females in the game either. just a nog greeting you on the opening cutscene.

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So did they fix the levelling system like they promised?

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no and the event shit is still timed-leveling

Can you level the old BP or did they lie about that shit?

how do people play games like this
it looks so frustrating

You need to purchase it in order to level it now

Only if you bought it.

I suck at it therefore it sucks

Is couch Co-op finally available or not?

Where the fuck is my Couch Co-Op 343 You useless hacks?

>those MCC numbers
irrefutable proof that it doesn't even really mater what they do with the MP, no one wants to play Halo anyway
now if only they'd give us a truly good campaign with a good story

Nope. Online co-op is in August or some shit. Splitscreen co-op is in some unspecified point in the future.

the small map is what I like, actually has a balance between camping and action, not just boring waiting around for the circle to close

>Its live
More like its dead

I really wanted MCC to be the 'next big thing,' "wow halo's gonna be on PC, were going back bros!" But it's just not the same. I think the novelty of Halo was that it was really only competing with COD and Battlefield, in the modern era there are fifteen million shooters and Halo isn't even relevant anymore. I can still dream though.

>Have to stay the whole match to keep your progress
>Even though the game tells you it does

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Profoundly mentally retarded

It's championships, "pro" controller players are absolute garbage without their Aimbot crutch, on the other hand you have to be disabled to have less than 50% accuracy in Infinite if you a controller

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the only new shooters halo is competing with are overwatch and csgo

infinite is the best fps since bad company 2

Motherfuckers said coop was gonna be in may

They said during season 2. Season 2 is going on until November. :^)

Halo was always the big dish in a little pond

lol halo hasn't been relevant since mw 2 came out
>competing with csgo

Can't be that good if everyone dropped it after a month.
And Halo fans still don't understand this.

>competitive players seething on twitter because 343 nerfed slides and jumps

Those fucking bastards

Can you blame them? This game has no skill factor, literally nothing but outdated Halo 3 gameplay, you can't even outmaneuver your opponents like in h5
>slide and sprint useless
>only BR is worth using
>broken melle
>3 shot shotgun
>mangler literally worthless after the nerf

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you do? fuck

csgo is shit though, its just a containment game for brazillians and russians

>Reddit screenshot
>zoos fellating lel pro gamer opinions

lmao get this shit off my board

And it's still 10x better than halo and 10000x more popular.
Halo has a literal mechanic that makes your bullet hit anyway if you muss (bullet magnetism), what a joke of a shooter lmao.
>insane aim assist
>longest ttk in the FPS genre
>no ability to fight back because there is no way to escape/outskill your opponent (no headshot damage lol)
No shit people prefer CoD

so what's the new gamemode?