Why exactly are video game subscriptions demonized so much?

Why exactly are video game subscriptions demonized so much?

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Who spend $4643 a year on food? That's nearly 400$ a month. If I make efforts I can feed myself for a quarter of that and these efforts are fucking minimal, if I did just worked with base cheap ingredients it'd probably go to 50$

what point are you trying to make here

Because they're literal scams. It's the exact same service you used to get for free but it's now locked behind a paywall. The fact that all three makers are in on the scam makes it doubly frustrating.

>4600 a year on food
Do Americans really?

Are you trolling, or are you a child who simply doesn't know how much food costs? If you spend less than $350 a month on food for a single person, you are not eating balanced meals, and you are undoubtedly in terrible health.
Learn to cook, retard.

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Bot thread, nothing to see here

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How about you pay me each time you use the hammer you bought me? Consolefags are so fucking retarded

Do you live in California? There is no way you ever need to spend $200 a month on food per person, much less a family

nigger, you realize you gotta eat at least 3 meals a day right?

>tendies need nintendo to live
checks out

found the fatass

>$50 a month
>'Cheap Ingredients'

Let me guess, you'd just live off the cheapest most salt filled most unhealthy ramen noodles?

>are you a child who simply doesn't know how much food costs?
are you?

I'm trying to grow food in the backyard. Just bought some Paw-paw trees and blackberry bushes today. Anyone got any tips? I live in Massachusetts, soil is pretty good, leans acidic, I'm ripping up turf with a pickaxe and planting fruits and veggies. I can't afford food anymore because I'm an adjunct professor.

>inb4 angry screeching that I'm some culture Marxist propagandist
Trust me, I am not. Not /pol/ either but I've had fights to protect free speech on campus like you wouldn't believe.

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*more than $200

no one fills their basket with fuckin salads and bananas

No you don't, you just need maintenance calories, macros, and the right vitamins.

post monthly shop or shut the fuck up faggots

>Reedit cat
Go back tranny

What's up with americans and food

Because each of them is yet another service that you have to deal with. At some point piracy becomes less of a hassle.

Of all the things in the world to be cheap on the food you consume should be the very dead last thing. Nothing is more important to your over all well being than the food you consume. Everyone should be buying the best quality food they can comfortably afford, not going out of their way to deprive their health for some foolishness like being proud of spending less money than others.

Canadians do. In the US, probably closer to $3000. It's all worth it to be able to work 16 hours a day to give most of it to a billionaire who inherited everything he has and does no work, as well as African immigrants who also don't work :)

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>What do you mean I have to keep paying money to keep getting my newspaper? This is a fucking scam!

>50 dollars a week
Not enough for fish (aside from tilapia which is terrible for you)
Not enough for any crustaceans
Not enough for good quality beef
Not enough for good cheese
Not enough for fruit
Not enough for duck

You eat beans, rice and costco rotisserie chicken, i eat bouillabaisse and lobster thermidor. we are not the same you fucking peasant

you're a nigger

>Eating for cheap is eating unhealthy
What? From where I am it's actually more expensive to buy those shitty ramen noodles, hamburgers and premade frozen meals than just buying ingredients

i eat 2 meals a day and im overweight

I fucking love Pawpaw, but God damn. Don't blackberries grow from bushes with a satanic amount of priceless? I have wild blackberries growing in my backyard that I can never get rid of and they hurt like a bitch.

i didn't know that only americans need food to live

You eat shit.

>buy $9 of eggs, $1 of salt & pepper
>can eat a variety of meals and meet all your nutritional needs
>perfect physical an dmenaltme helt[

How the fuck would healthy eating cost that much?
I spend maybe $100-200 a month on food and most of the things that push that up are when I splurge and get wine or some other pricey thing. Fresh veggies, chicken and fish, and healthy grains are all super cheap, it's the shitty processed foods and sugar filled junk that costs tons of money.

50 a year
Ok fine. problem is only Tetris and Pacman 99 work well enough
Every other game lags like a motherfucker
But roms!
There's barely any games.
They'll get my money if they ever release the gen3 pokemon games with online

I don't have any tip but
>I'm trying to grow food in the backyard
That's pretty cool. Good luck user

That's why I'm trying to grow my own fruits and veggies and just use the grocery store for nuggies. It's alot of effort but it's also fun and if I don't do it I might fucking die, lol. I live in the same town as my parents and they're nice enough to let me use their yard to grow stuff.

It's really fun. There's so much invasive shit that tries to grow around your shit and no amount of mulch seems to be enough, I'm just gonna have to start chopping down trees that aren't fruiting. Also no idea what I'm gonna do about pests, but we'll see.

Food is essential, vidyagames are a luxury.

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If you waste 4600 dollars of food per year, you're probably some really fat fuck.

Oh yeah. And keep an eye on those Pawpaws. Raccoons love 'em like a whore loves crack.

>amerimutts spend a small countries GDP on food

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I spend around 150$ for food to feed 2 people and I cook food at home.

1 lb of leeks, $4.89
2 artichokes, $5.00
5 lb bag of potatoes, $5.00
whole 5 lb chicken, $6.45
fresh parsley 1 bunch, $2.00
gallon of milk, $5.29
2 lbs of beef chuck, $12.99
1 lb of dried beans, $3.00
1 lb tomatoes, $7.00
Last grocery trip.

$200 a month is reasonable but there's no way people spend $100 a month. It's impossible.

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You're eating bad food. That's probably why. If you sit on your ass all day, you can literally lose weight alone by eating healthy food or starving yourself.

kill yourself

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don't worry adjuct prof
you sound moderate and considerate, planting is comfy and your gandhi gamer image made me laugh


What's the best fast food for your health

I can definitely live off about $45 a week.
>$11 for 6 small pork chops and some flank steak that I can throw in a stew
>something like $8 dollars for onions, carrots, I forget
>$5 for a bag of potatoes
>another $4-7 for some combination of apples, grapes, or oranges
>maybe 15$ for milk, eggs, butter
>Enough rice and frozen fish that I only buy some about every month or so

You will never live in a commune, marx stole this dream from you, the path he traced for you is like going from california to nevada by taking a fucking rocket to the moon and back.

Meanwhile people that tossed his book away just did it, they're living the dream right now.

Toxic chemicals

i eat good food but i eat too much of it. i dont drink soda, but i do sit on my ass. i work out 3 times a week but yeah. just like food too much so i overeat when i do eat those 2 meals. not sure how to gain willpower

why do wojak's and pepe's make me literally cry with laughter?

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i spend about 80-100 dollars monthly on groceries. i am poor and do not eat well

>2 lbs of beef chuck
Where do you live user? I'm in Philly and that would cost closer to 20 for me

>Food is essential

Then it should be given away to everyone for free.

Everything should be free.

I want free stuff.

I deserve free stuff.

Because I'm me.

Me good.

Not me bad.

Single digit IQ