Zoomeroids who slobber over ER haven't 100%ed it or played DS1

It have and it's mediocre, uninspired, passionless, derivative and soulless.

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played DS1 and am on NG+4 on it
and ive 100%'d ER.
suck my cock and eat shit, its kino and Ranni is my goddess

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it's the seething DS1 boomer post

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I played 30fps souls and deleted it 2 hrs later. Seethe bitch

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zoomers are for sex
their opinions don't matter

Dark Souls 1 is tediously annoying
All the fun weapons are locked behind the Lordvessel, and that means trudging through the Undead Burg, Undead Parish, Blighttown, Sen's Fortress, and Anor Londo at the very least. It's a hassle having to do all these segments again and again if I want to just get the Avelyn/Obsidian Greatsword/etc, and being able to pick and choose which order you tackle the second half makes it far better than the first half.

Elden Ring embodies that beauty. I know EXACTLY where the weapon I want to use is, and how to minimize playtime so I can use that cool weapon for all the stuff I skipped to reach there. It's far more fun that way.

You're twitter cringe

I've 100%ed both ER and DS1. They're both good in different ways but I feel as if ER is the first game since DS1 from Fromsoftware that truly recaptured the sense of scale and wonder exhibited in the first Dark Souls.
People do not talk enough about how ER makes great use of fast-travel in ways other than it simply being a tool. Finding a Bell-Bearing Hunter at night when fast-traveling to a location you thought was safe, getting teleported to Leyndell, Caelid, or Farum Azula too early, the fact that you find out the map is much larger than you first thought when getting teleported far away, and so on.
DS1 and ER may be very different games but they are both fantastic adventures. Would I have preferred ER to have the tight, interconnected world of DS1? Maybe, maybe not, but ER would not be the same without its open-world, it's a fundamental part of it.

you sound like someone who was filtered by 2, and couldn't adapt to the faster combat of BB

I haven't 100%'d it because I'm not a faggot but it's better than ds1

Zoomer words. Faggot.

ER is the only souls game I played and I like it

And you sound like zoomer who wants to feel special.

>ranni is my goddess
give up

>All the fun weapons are locked behind the Lordvessel
Zweihander is right behind firelink shrine bro.

Reddit words. Faggot.

The souls fanbase is possibly the worst I've ever seen in terms of how autistic the people who obsess over the games are. Unironically the best excuse for gatekeeping in communities I can think of, had souls done the same the modern games might actually be good instead of catering to dulls who are obsessed with difficulty over enjoyment.

DS1 was mediocre and boring. No story, NPCs talk random shit that doesn't make sense and it's an ez game so you couldn't even derive pleasure from the challenge. Only zoomers like DS1, they were you enough on release to be easily impressed.

How many days has this discord been doing this now? 70+?

millenials, you mean
zoomers don't play games, they just watch e-celebs play them

>Ranni is my goddess
Cringe Reddit tourist.

Why are you acting like DS1 is some le hidden gem that released in 2001?


I haven't 100%ed it but I have 5 characters all decked out for pvp in various invasion ranges. 100% is for ocd autists only.

Such a shit take. You have no idea what you're talking about. Great scythe, washing pole, gravelord sword, shotel, DG machete, demon greataxe, claws, stone greatsword and flamberge are all obtainable WITHOUT KILLING ANY BOSS (other than the one to exit the tutorial)

Massive cope detected

Even more; morningstar, war pick, uchigatana, server, ASS, Halberd, demon spear, zweihander, Lucerne. All weapons that you can fight literally every boss with.

Seething 3let typed this post

>wants to do a black knife build but don't want to be a faggot and trade like 90% of newfags
>the actual black knife is in a random area locked behind a lift that you need to visit another area to find the pieces for
>the black knife armour is at the hidden endgame area that takes hours to get to
repeat this autism for most of the builds I wanted to do. how the fuck is DS1 (a game where most of the weapons can be found within the first few areas) worse than ER (a game where it can take an hour to fully clear the map) for this? you eldentrannies are delusional.

extremely based. was gonna make this post.

>a game where most of the weapons can be found within the first few areas
fucking what?

Holy based

>It have
Retarded third-worlder doesn't like a game designed for the aesthetician?
Who could have foreseen this?

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Worth noting that whip is literally the only moveset in the entire game that you can't get without killing a boss

I take from that spergy response that you've never played dark souls 1, then. You can skip straight to blighttown/sen's fortress from the beginning of the game.


You actually don't even need the master key

you can get literally all of those weapons in ER in the starting zones
sperg harder, literally have to invent reasons to hate [current thing] because you're a terminal contrarian

meltdown detected

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Almost every weapon in DS1, (certainly every moveset, other than whip), is available without killing any boss other than the asylum demon. No master key needed

See for a list of highlights, but it's far from exhaustive. I noticed estoc is missing, as well as the more basic ones like club/mail breaker

>"we must fight elden ring success, quick, let's organize and flood everywhere with threads dedicated to it so we talk about it as much as possible!"
lmao, these brainlets...

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>goalpost shift attempt from "no weapons at ds1 start"

Cry shitter
12 millions


I like how you've completely ignored my point that you can get any weapon you want in DS1 at the beginning and have instead resorted to breaking down like a whiny bitch.

>reddit meme
go back

Give me an actually useful definition for what makes something "soulful" or "soulless" that doesn't amount to nostalgia or something equally subjective.


So you're the guy that just looks up where everything is and probably looked OP builds for each game lol.


Yeah but compare that to Elden Ring where all you need is Torrent. Not to mention a game that gives you fast travel at the start.

You're saying 10 year olds were dark souls' demographic at release?

>haven't 100%ed it
is this supposed to be bad?
you're basically saying they're not autistic and sometimes, unlike you, touch grass

You were addressing zoomers in the first place faggot

>reddit tranny says something retarded
>get's BTFO'ed by actual OG souls fans
>has a meltdown, starts sperging out and samefagging the entire thread to derail it
the actual state of fromsoft fans

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>spawn in
>get 2000 souls
>run to weeping peninsula
>play the game

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Based, Eldenigs seething

>anyone who disagrees with me is samefagging


>played Demon's Souls at NA launch, and cleared it 100%, replayed it multiple times
>played Dark Souls at launch, cleared it 100%, and have replayed it multiple times
>played Dark Souls 2 at launch, grudgingly cleared it 100%, and replayed it for the DLC
>played Bloodborne at launch, cleared it 100%, replayed it multiple times (particularly for the DLC)
>played Dark Souls 3 at launch, cleared it 100%, and replayed it a few times for DLC
>played Sekiro at launch, cleared it 100%, taking a few extra playthroughs to get all the endings
>played Elden Ring at launch, cleared it 100%, and have already replayed it for each main ending, with plans for more playthroughs throughout the years
Elden Ring is to Dark Souls as Dark Souls was to Demon's Souls all those years ago. It is a massive step up by the studio, reinvents the presentation of the game world, and offers an unparalleled sense of exploration and discovery as a result.

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wtf? I thought I reached the poise cap and I was still getting interrupted by almost everything.

>offers an unparalleled sense of exploration and discovery
also an unparalleled level of recycled enemies

can you niggers ever stop pretending like they aren't all the same game lmao. this shit got old back in 2017 and it's still old now.

I have like all the achievements except 3 so basically 100% it, it was super fun dark souls 1 is my favourite from the dark souls series but in my mind it's hard to compare it to Elden Ring


If anything the world could be shrunk down like 75% and there’s too many npc quest too keep track. Blood borne> elden ring> ds2 > demon souls>ds1>ds3

100% all DS games, love ER. Cope.

It's pretty insane.

>fuck, I don't have a real rebuttal, better accuse him of being a tranny redditor!

>dude i get to explore copy pasted catacomb #791 in which my exploration is rewarded by 78 imps, the same boss Ive fought 16 times by now, an ash summon I will never get to use because I don't have enough materials to upgrade it and two smithing stone[3] !
>is.. is that another copy pasted graveyard ? Oh, thats the 194th that Ive found so far, I wonder what the reward for all this exploration will be ? Oh, its 9 more golden rune[4]... wow, what could be the lore implications of all this, oh I'm going insaaane help me zanzibart

Woah, truly pushing that sense of discovery and exploration.

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>/threading your own post

ER shits all over DaS1 in every respect, especially soulfulness and inspiration.

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Probably used Mimic Tear and Tiche too. Lmao

Enjoy your imaginary points though bro.