The more I look at gacha, the more I think it is wrong to blame the software companies for the casino based pricing

The more I look at gacha, the more I think it is wrong to blame the software companies for the casino based pricing.

The real problem is the hardware companies such as Apple and Samsung. Both of them get their money from the hardware. They have NO INTEREST in making software expensive just as Microsoft had no interest in making hardware expensive. Microsoft convinced so many companies that computers should be as cheap as possible. All the computer companies bankrupted themselves by competing at the bottom. Now everything has flipped around with software companies bankrupting themselves by competing at the bottom.

The reason for the casino model, for in app purchases, is entirely due to the expectation that software be free. Who made this expectation? The hardware companies such as Apple and Samsung.

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Can I play Elden Ring on Win7 yet?

what's a dacha with the best/lewdest art?

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All of them

I don't understand what these games are. It just seems like people post a gacha thread then it's just lewd images and it seems like the games are idle games where you randomly unlock lewds. Is that all they really are? Why not just download the lewds?

wow a gacha apologist you're such a free thinker bro

didn't read, am hard

because downloading the jpgs doesnt keep you addicted to the skinner box

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I'm the only one that want to look like them so i can wear slutty clothes too?!

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>so i can wear slutty clothes too

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I want you to look like them too!

You might want to delete that image user, the one on the right is totally visible.

it's usually about grinding things or progressing your account

PLEASE give me the name of the brown goddess on the right

what is this style of dress called? when Japan opens I want to see an escort with this look

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Am I the only one who gets triggered by low quality fanart?

i've literally never seen a non-gremlin essex before

Apple and Google didn't make the expectation it's just how humans tend to operate. Any sort of digital market place on a global scale like an app store on a phone would devolve into free games that sell you shit later because it's just objectively the best business strategy, ethics aside.

>I'm the only one that want to look like them
You will never be a woman, accept this fact and live your life in peace.

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Yes everyone knows Apple completely destroyed any possibility of having a healthy mobile software market.

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The only gacha I've played is FEH, and that's because I like Fire Emblem and that's the only way this series gets some love aside one game every 5 or so years. If anything, FEH taught me to never touch another gacha ever again, if this is considered one of the tamest and most user-friendly gachas I don't wanna imagine how awful are the others.

user! This is a blue board!!

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Sexo con Essex

Nope, it sounds incredibly fun.

Please make a proper game with these designs you bastards.

N-no! Please talk about vodeo games!

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She's got a really long arm

makes it easier for her to game in bed

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>I can be just as sexy as that whore St. Louis

>hardware companies made expectation for free software

no they did not, its normies and parents who expect free shit

Yea but what do you get from that? Is it just progress for progress sake?

Nice joke

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How can any other boat (besides Taihou) even compete?

seek Christ coombrain, you need help.

okay cool but what about gacha with action rpg gameplay?

play pso2 its free on steam.

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>abhorrent post
Like pottery

What's unknown-13?

Game is alright but I had to stop playing because of how insane the global community is.

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I was expecting more paizuri

I have never played a gacha, convince me to play one


it's not worth it, just fap to the art and move on

What about Brem?

Can't compete

Don't and if you still do. Either look up the art and CGs instead on Youtube or find a hacked APK so you don't have to deal with mechanics specifically designed to make you want to spend money. Playing legit is peak retardation unless you're filthy rich that spending 4k a month on some .jpg is nothing.

t. used to play a hacked Azur Lane APK that gave me every coomer skin for free

seeing numbers go up makes the monkey in my brain happy.
I don't even pay anything in gacha games but I will still "play" them just to have it running in the background while I watch something so a number is going up while I'm doing nothing productive.
other f2p games demand too much attention and/or time. gacha games just let you click a few buttons and do something else while it auto completes.

Sorry to disappoint

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playing a hacked gacha actually sounds kinda fun. I like lootboxes and stuff, just hate paying for them.

Base PSO2 was way better than NGS's gameplay

Built for my white 6 inch penis

Built for user cock!~

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Yes, but it runs like shit, 10 fps if lucky. Totally unplayable. Just dual boot in linux, man.

Oh? Sounds like something that'd get in the way of video games...

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what auto script do i use?

It depends. Games like Azur Lane are purpose built as coomer games. Other games like F/GO have some coom built into them but a lot of it is fanart and people genuinely enjoy the story. Then there are games like Arknights that keeps the coom to a minimum and most people play it for the gameplay.

It's very distracting, why did this have to happen?

I'm not sure... But I guess it can't be helped!~

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WTF?! Essex is HOT?!?!?!?!

>lewdposting with sex

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Why when i'm horny i want to be a cute and sexy girl bros?

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>I could totally beat up Liam Neeson.

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Is it really that much of a surprise...?

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