Master duel

Did you pick up any archetypes because you liked their aesthetic/lore?

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The only reason I ever play decks is because I like their aesthetics/lore. I'm not one of those faggot metashitters who just goes for what's strong.

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based pirate friend

Orcust and also Mekk knights

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mmm high level diamond tech

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whats your best Heart of the Card topdeck moments
for me it's @2:36

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>Half day at work
>Decide to kill some time playing Master Duel
>Climb from Gold II to Plat IV with a varied mix of decks to play against
>Asian hours start
>Quality of duels immediately plummets to non-stop generic meta netdecks and OTK/stun gimmicks

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Why is this shit limited to 1?

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Nibiru or Kaiju?
Ice prison or Torrential Tribute?

Having trouble against Tri-brigade and Stun decks, what i should do

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You can run all of them

You mean to tell me you actually like goblins?

you should have enough tools to deal with stun. for tribrigade you should lock the their search so nerval doesn't add from deck and widow anchor their normal summon

Will Ben Ten being limited to 1 actually hurt Drytroon? I don't really pay attention to what's going on too much vs that fag deck but it seems like Ben Ten gets triggered like 20 times in their combo.

rank 3 engine that also searches out any fusion spell.

i don't either but now at least you can stop their consistency if you target her.

Called by the Grave and DD Crow will make the Benten a good choke point

ditch the droll and locks for more backrow hate
bring some droplets

Slap 3 copies of Royal Decree

Plunder is a lot of fun. Wish we had another ship tho. I think we should have a link 3 ship so we can have all 3 other ships in the linked zones like a fleet.

Fuck. I keep winning by playing Harpie's Feather Duster going second.

I've had two duels so far where the opponent instant surrendered after I played Harpie's Feather Duster. I don't even have the win 1 duel daily. I just want to play spell cards and special summon and I'm not getting the chance to.

Only have room for one or the other unless I play 42+ card deck.

Any Myutant enjoyer here??? I got 3 Synthesis while digging in the evolzar pack (in less than 2000 gems btw) so I was wondering if the deck is workable or if I should wait until the BACH support comes

Back row decks predicate their entire won condition on fucking with your turns. There's no point in going on for them if they can't stop you from having fun

As opposed to continue the game with an empty board and hand?

Okay but the people I was playing against were running Dark Magician and Rose Dragon.

Post deck list

I'm watching the anime almost into gx and i gotta say, tea gives yuugi rimjobs on the daily, YOU JUST KNOW.

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Protip for Plunders. Turn the card reaction thing onto On instead of Auto so you can chain using your ships effects to their own summon including the trap card that revives from grave.
No idea why the auto is so stupid

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It won't kneecap the deck or anything but it will mean they have a vulnerable choke point.
Now will you be able to exploit this choke point every duel? No. But it does mean they have a weak point that can be exploited and also means they have harder time rebuilding their board if it gets wiped by something like Nibiru

I feel like cutting the upstart goblins. I feel like they are never useful. I know I can combo with Soul Servant but it hardly ever comes up.

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You really think they'd actually stop one of the most overused decks in the game and potentially drive away all the metaretards who buy it for easy wins?

You can neck yourself

Even if you don't like the goblins (I do, I think they're cute) actually having a legit pirate deck is pretty damn cool. And you know it's actually pirates instead of just vikings or random sailors because they straight up have a jolly roger.

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Well that sucks for pure predaplants then

Rose dragon yeah that guys a bitch but Dark Magician is deff a back row deck. Their back row is what allows them to cheat DM onto the field and hinder your plays.

There's zero reason to have Upstart if it pushes your deck over 40 cards anyways

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Post your best replays

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I bought cardboard again

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why they fuck did these dudes not get an animation


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I got force dc'ed by a Drytron Fag named Michaellio.

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>True Draconigger flips Imperial Order and Summon Limit on his first turn
>My Plunders just muscle through and beat the ever living shit out of him all the same
haha fuck you

only mediocre players care about that shit

Yea. But then it takes me back to Torrental and Kaiju over Nibiru. Sometimes I feel like Nibiru just sits in my hand.

Just search the negate with steal, there is also the lol destroy a monster and spell

prease understandu, we have a vewy smoll deveropment team and we had to work on the animation for Traffic Ghost

TCG exclusive archetype

Here is your nerfed drytron bro, hope you draw the Kaiju for that Zeus

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How do you feel?

>True Draco
I immediately closed the tab

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>True Dracunt
fuck you, I want my 10 seconds back


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Lets do a survey, post:
>your main deck
>your country
>your fetish

Plunder Patroll

>all of their UR boss monsters are free and have animations
>very cheap
>you get the most use out of based ED generic bosses such as Saryuja, goddess of closed world and knightmare griffon
>you can run ALL of the based Ib cards in a single deck and make use of them
Why don't you take the world chalice pill user?

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Depends on deck. Can you benefit from destroying your own shit? Do you have enough game to deal with the token or with only getting rid of one monster? Can you trust you know the best moment to activate any of them?

I'm not a bot

My main other yugioh friend plays them already so I don't want to butt into his archetype.

If you want to shill at least have a deck list

POST Decklist i always wanted to play them and orcust but i couldn't find a decent deck profile.

I hate Lee so much
I'd play Crusadia instead

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Thunder Dragon/Grass. Last season it was Madolche

I'll post a few lists
You can actually just run pure Ibs and without any Lee version user

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Why do the moonrunes always surrender, don't they know of a honourable defeat?

is it decent? i have all of these cards

No point in delaying things when you both can go play other matches

i dusted griffon because i couldnt imagine ever playing a link spam archetype. kind of regret but meh.

This one i got from a guy who reached plat 1 last season with it

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True Draco only deserves to be bullied


I got a raise and I'm holding back on buying Duel devastator, it looks very good content but I know I'm not going to use it
So this is how they get you

I play cakes myself sometimes. The deck would be more fun if Petingsoeur didn't lock you out of non archetype extra deck cards.

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I started playing magical musket when I realized they're demon cowboys.
I really like their quickplay effect.

However I have gotten some of the hardest bricks I've ever seen with them, like this game where I only drew spells and traps for 4 turns on top of my stating hand not having a monster.
I run 3 hand traps, 17 magical musket monsters, 1 honest, and 19 spells/traps and the probability of drawing 9 cards and getting only things from the group of 19 is absurdly low isn't it?

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