Oblivion > Skyrim

Oblivion > Skyrim

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bottom three should be flipped

Morrowind > Skyrim > Oblivion

Old good. New bad.

Oblivion is the only game in this shit encrusted series that I enjoy.

How are these games going to be like without Jeremy SOULe

unironically that is the pattern

morrowind le good.
Boomers, please upvote my post.

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also looking up what organization and rank you were in the character section was cool

Apart from the UI being prettier to look at and slightly easier to use, what exactly makes the stuff on the left better?

No one played or cared about Elder Scrolls before Skyrim

I am adult enough to admit that Oblivions level scaling severely undermines the replayability of it. But if anyone ever says to me that Skyrims UI is better than Oblivions, then I do not really mind them too much because they have clearly demonstrated that they are gravely unfit to partake in artistic or genuine critique.


Those two things you mentioned are the absolute core of what UI are supposed to be and do. I don't know what else to tell you. Maybe Oblivions is more, dare I say it, immersive, than Skyrims?

Oblivion > Skyrim > Morrowind

>personally said by my own enjoyment

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>shitty UI = soul
no i think you just have your boomer shades on

This, at least Skyrim has crossbows and not full retard worldbuilding, I can sacrifice acrobatics and spellmaking for that.

you're the reason every game looks like this

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What an absolutely terrible opinion. Literally backwards order.

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Isn't UI the one element where you'd WANT every game to be basically the same? There's no reason to reinvent the wheel, just do whatever is the most efficient and intuitive for players

Oblivion UI is incredible

depends on the soul of the game, but also the connection what we gets, said preferences.. I enjoyed Oblivion the most therefore feel more of it's ''soul'' perhaps.. because one connected with it, therefore feeling the it's sooul?

your opinion of my opinion is dogshit, but that's alright.

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Based and simplistic

The flavor text when you level up in oblivion was great.

His music is a huge part of what makes the games feel special. No matter who they get it won't be the same. How do you know he isn't doing the music anyway?

absolutely fucking not, there's a delicate balance you can find between stylish and useable
I'm sick of every game having a smartphone UI regardless of the setting, it causes a giant tonal disconnect and makes every game feel the same in a time when games are more homogenized than ever

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Except these menus aren't the most efficient or intuitive. They're bland, unoriginal, uninspired and afraid to make progress. They're stuck in a mire of arial fonts, white and black boxes, a thousand submenus and clutter. I understand where you are coming from but I dont agree with your reasoning.

I have hopes enough time will have passed that they can bring him back. It was all alleged and the ugly bitch never took it anywhere further than a blog post from my recollection.

utterly unimaginative, sterile, and copypasted across the industry. the very definition of soulless.

>smartphone UI
yes this is the perfect term for it

broooo.. this is so fucking sad.. nay depressing!

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oblivion's map is definitely better, and the quest text.
i much prefer not having a class in skyrim, but i'd like the option in the future to pick a class and just get a few extra spells at the start maybe. it would feel better for rp.

Maybe 30 years from now we'll reminisce and want back the smartphone UI-style, because, dare I say, it had SOUL?

It's "souless" because it's be put into every game but for a lot of game it does satisfy it's intended purpose just fine. Give you some idea of stats and what it will look like on your character. Hell even Morrowind did this back in the day.

No. This is not even a debate.

>makes every game feel the same in a time when games are more homogenized than ever
that's my point though, it's every OTHER aspect being homogenized that's the problem, UI is just a way to make clicking on things easier

Ironically Morrowind probably has the best menu systems in TES. Everything is right there on one screen with no fuss or a million tabs to click through. Oblivion and Skyrim's are designed for consolefags

oblivion started the trend of consolizing (ruining) the UI. morrowind's UI was perfect for PC. and anyone who plays these games on console should be shot.

Say what you want, but Morrowind on Xbox was a technical achievement in itself.

At least as 2019 he stated he was not involved with TES VI, that's the most recent article I can find regarding this. He was accused of sexual assault by extremely sexy and gropeable Nathalie Lawhead. Pic related.

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every single one of those is a clunky fucking mess

Nigga in 30 years it will all look like this.. no pictures, not even the name of the game shall be seen, we'll be lucky if they even have the will to color it black.. i'm sure that in another 30 it will all be white or black, and all games will have the same menu over and over again..

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fuck the pc-ification of game menus, console menus are way more pleasing to the eye than the adhd clutterfest that is pccrap.

>whole inventory
>whole spell list
>all character stats
>AND a view of your character
>all on one screen
yep, it's still the best
being able to sort/filter your spell list is the only thing I'd add

Truth, the only way anyone can enjoy oblivion is if it's literally their first game

>forgot pic

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>having all your information in 1 place is BAD give me a million different screens!

>Zoom Zoom

>having your information categorized is bad give me a thousand lines of text

how is not categorized?


they got inon zur, the guy who made the thrilling ost for fallout 3, fallout 4 and fallout 76 consisting entirely of banging pots and pans together to create a cacophony of noise you'd hear in a michael bay movie

yet Skyrim doesn't look anything like that

Yeah, not a worthy replacement by any means.


How come everytime there is "soulless" game posted on Yea Forums I want to play it 100 times over the "soul" game?

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What the flying fuck no
Todd I know you're here, masturbating to your own mentions. You have one chance to fix this.

Ha... no.
They're all good though.

Fallout 3's ost was rather good, not Soule good, but don't be disingenuous.

Inon Zur also did one of the most soulful character themes of all time and the one of the best original tracks in any fallout game, so.

If seeing your character next to the items you're equipping is somehow bad, then maybe you want to look at OP again.

You’re an actual regard. Potatoe faces, bad voice acting, and retcons killed this franchise. All this shot started here, Oblivion is the reason Skyrim is as mediocre as it is