Who is your favorite Taimanin, or other character from the franchise?

Who is your favorite Taimanin, or other character from the franchise?

Oboro is my personal number one. There's just something about her, even though I'm usually not a big fan of le evil or batshit insane women.

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the blonde one with the wolverine claws. reminds me of clementine

also chaos order because shes exotic


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Mirabell Bell there is nothing that i don't love about her.

Nao Homare is fine too.

ingrid for me

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I love big titty anime whores so much

Whenever I see or hear the name Ingrid I have to involuntarily think of my 80+ year old neighbor and all potential arousal at the character stops dead.

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Kousaka Shizuru, I just really enjoyed her manipulating MC-kun and Yukikaze on the Bad End route. I wish she was just evil instead of being controlled by the chip, though.

Sakura, obviously

this looks like some incel weeb shit

Rin Uehara, because in TABA she ends up becoming a size queen addicted to giant cocks that stretch her out

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>Who is your favorite Taimanin, or other character from the franchise?
my favorite taimanin is Asagi, of course.

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Man I need more of her.

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It's "him", user.

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I'm going to use her as a girl so it's a "her" for me.

Not nearly enough of her getting a taste of her own medicine if you ask me.

Why do trannyfags have to ruin everything? Just accept that you're attracted to a cartoon male.

For me i think of the best scene getting cut short before it starts

Pretty cute, what's his name?

I can't resist my big tiddy chocolate waifu urges, no matter how bad they are

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The one thats not a fat orc's cocksleeve. Oh wait...

Brun! Brun! Brun!

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I wonder if the oborofags are just 1-3 posters. Always a few every thread.
I cant understand her appeal,
has an ugly hag face(not even a sexy milf face)
too meh to be worth raping
As a dom, she's still ugly and she's in a lillthsoft VN so she should gtfo.

Mindbroken Shiranui was hotter both as a slave or dom.

Pushes all my buttons, monster girl, gun nut, toned body, consensual male on futa

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>has an ugly hag face(not even a sexy milf face)
I like it personally.

rinko linko

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yukikaze is the only good one

But which one is the buttslut? In a, this bitch needs to break, kinda way?

does this franchise have guro?


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Yukikaze, Sakura, Rinko, Shiranui and Ingrid all bounce around between my favorite. I just wish Yukikaze had better stories beyond the dumbest NTR plots.

Rinko has the best doujin with it all being just high end porn.


Her design would unironically fit the setting, though probably more as a canonically evil character than a generic Taimanin.

Imagine her getting ORC'D

Rinko yinko

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taimanins all give off that "diseased prostitute" vibe

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This game has incredible asses, post em

Rinko is cute.

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Good taste.
Oboro is my taimanin wife as well.

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rinko minko finko
Rinko erokawaii

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Unequivocally based.

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and then she gets eaten rip

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i'll have to settle down and draw some better looking rinkos one of these days

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>ninja anime girls get used by orcs for a full week
>they get rescued
>should look like a hole with arms and legs
>actually they are fine and look normal :^)

more like

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rinko drinko

Part of their ninja powers

Have you drawn any maikas yet

why are horse cock not a thing in hentai?

Because they're lame.

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Asagi takes a giant demon one in Taimain Asagi 2.