How do you feel about this game and why do teams of devs fall short of the work of one minimum wage fast food worker?

How do you feel about this game and why do teams of devs fall short of the work of one minimum wage fast food worker?
Stardew thread, help bros with their mods edition

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you can move on from the girl but not the affliction

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How do I make Content Patcher stop using lines from the generic MarriageDialogue files? I've already added my own custom versions of said lines, and targeting MarriageDialogue itself is a bad idea since it will just change every single spouse's lines.

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>targeting MarriageDialogue itself is a bad idea since it will just change every single spouse's lines
You have to target MarriageDialogue, but only include the lines from the spouse you want to edit.

That wouldn't help for the non-NPC specific lines like Rainy_Day_0, Indoor_Night_0 and so on. I see the Jas mod targets the base MarriageDialogue at one point with lines named like Rainy_Day_Jas, but I'm not sure if that would work here.

That should work. There's nothing different about Jas that wouldn't work on any other character.
Are you Trinniebro?

No, I'm the Emily and Saj user. I'm not sure if I'm mistaken or what, but while testing marriage with both + Jas, I believe I saw some of Saj's custom lines popping up for Jas. I'm fixing up the content.json and will test it like I did previously, but I still worry it won't work.

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When in doubt just straight up copy what the Jas mod does.

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Forgive my bad english. I found out that making a marriage mod for Trinnie is harder than I thought. Essentially is make a mod to change another mod, something no one made before when is about characters. People change the base characters like Jas, or create their own, but no one change or modify characters what come from another mod as big as the Riverside mod. I'm leaving two things here: First is the blueprint/barebones/starter of the Trinnie marriage mod. If an smart user can finish it and make it work or use it as reference that would be awesome. Maybe in the future someone will do it.
And second, to no left the good user here who love Trinnie as much as I do, I changed again the RSV files to improve Trinnie like before. Remember most of her lines are changed but no everything, so if you befriend other characters things might be diferent. I hope their mod doesn't get a new update anytime soon.
If the rentry user can upload those again in the site that would be great. The no working mod should be posted in the end or somewhere to no confuse it with the working mods like Jas or loli Emily. Please write the warning it is for any user who can work on it and currently it doesn't work at all. The improved Trinnie changes can be posted in the same place like the previous version.

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Is this shit any good on mobile

>You're alright Sam.. don't go to work tomorrow.

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Thanks for updating her again, Trinnie user, guess I can finally start a new game now. I hope someone picks up where you left off.

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Well, good effort. I guess I'll have to download Ridgeside and all its dependencies and look into it.
You can mod other mods. Translation mods do it all the time. I think the language barrier here is making things too difficult and the way Ridgeside structures itself is kind of a mess so it's hard to tell what goes where.

Yeah her heart events are all diferent and even some lines for festive days like the halloween day.

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Yeah but traslation are just words. Those mods doesn't load images or characters sprites in the game or something. I'm sure there is a way to make it work, but I'm more a player than a creator. Maybe I could try sprites art like some user do here.

Worked out for those guys and about every thread since which is full of modding discussion. You're just here to whine.

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Either talk about the game without going on about how you want to marry a child and then we will talk

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Nah, I'm good.
Thanks, Carl.

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so is there a mod that turns all farm animals and hostile creatures into monstergirls? this is very important

Yes. It's one of the oldest mods around. Can turn some monsters into monster girls too.

I've been thinking about adding an unfinished mods section to encourage people who give up/burn out to still upload their work, so your mod will fit nicely there. I'll update it later.

There are like three different packs on Nexus.
I use it and is great

Awesome JasBro

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You gotta be kidding me. No problem. I can do it again. Riverside updated it for bugfixes and what not.
RSV 2.1.2
SMAPI 3.14 no longer required, as it was causing too many game-breaking issues
Blair and Carmen now love Carp
Added controller support for Mountain Mistblade special move
Fixed issue with NPC Warps in Ridge Falls area

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Two best girls represented.

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We're all gonna make it Trinniebros

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It's outdated on mobile. Would not recommend.

Ok nevermind. I tested the improved trinnie I just posted here no so long ago with the new RVS 2.1.2 posted today and all works fine. You can update the mod and add the changes fine without trouble. Ofc if someone find a problem tell us to talk about it.

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If you want to change the dialogue in Ridgeside and turn it into a content pack, then study how they did it when they translated the mod to different languages. Also check this out

>I believe I saw some of Saj's custom lines popping up for Jas
So it turns out this is exactly what was happening. I still have a method left to try, but it would've been so much easier if I could just block Content Patcher from accessing the base MarriageDialogue somehow. Worst case, they'll have to stay with the bloated dialogue pools.

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I wish I was one of those madmen who can stand using the vanilla portraits, I hate how the seasonal version of Ohodavi's mod is so incomplete in comparison.

"When": {
"Relationship:Maru": "Married",
to that MarriageDialogue

It'll have issues with Free Love if you want to make all generic dialogue Saj specific, but it's the best solution I can think of off the top of my head.

>It'll have issues with Free Love
*May have issues. Maybe Free Love marriage dialogue edits into account somehow and assigns them to the appropriate spouse, I don't know.

That's the opposite of what I want, since I need the loli harem to work properly. I tried to make dialogue files for both girls with the MarriageDialogue lines but it amounts to nothing as they're still pulling lines from the base files, this might be the right track though.

Put all of your marriage dialogue edits into MarriageDialogueMaru. Only change the lines in the generic MarriageDialogue if they have the _Maru prefix.
You can also try to adding _Maru to lines to see if that works. Like if you really want Saj specific NoBed lines, you could try NoBed_0_Maru.


To add to this, NoBed is the only generic marriage dialogue you probably can't work with as I doubt any experiments will bear fruit there. But you can work with entries that specify a spouse and all other entries can go into MarriageDialogueMaru. If you want more variety for them, you can increment the numbers at the end for those that support it or look into Random like how the Jas mod does it.

>NoBed is the only generic marriage dialogue you probably can't work with as I doubt any experiments will bear fruit there
Actually, scratch that. I just straight up added NoBed dialogue to MarriageDialogueJas and it worked.
So yeah, just keep things in MarriageDialogueMaru.

Get it on PC

I tried that already, same result. Now, differently from my last try, I made a new MarriageDialogue file with default text under Assets and told CP to edit it with my custom text and the strangest part was that Saj had one of Emily's lines even though they're not sharing any files. And yep, they're still linked to the base MarriageDialogue. At this point I'm starting to believe there isn't much I can do at all.

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Are you sure? I just put all of your dialogue in MarriageDialogueMaru, put the NoBed dialogue in there, loaded your mod up after the Jas mod, and Jas still had her correct dialogue about there not being a bed.

Talk to her over several days while keeping an eye on the files of the two other girls and you might notice she'll start using their lines. If you're absolutely sure it's fine, I'll see if I can work from this method again.

That's why I tested the NoBed dialogue. That's the one I noticed was using your line. When I changed your target from MarriageDialogue to MarriageDialogueMaru it used the right line for Jas. I've tested several other saves and I haven't seen any issues. You'll have to make sure to make this change to both of your mods, and you can get rid of the other spouse dialogue as at that point it wouldn't overwrite other spouses, but it would just be clutter.

Can you link me your files for both mods just to be safe?

Yeah, give me a sec I'm making progress on Trinnie and I wanted to download Free Love to really give it a final test.

Thanks. I just tested the method you mentioned and it works perfectly (couldn't talk to Jas too much since she stays in her room most of the time though) compared to my other tries. Two other minor questions, firstly, do you know where the rest of the dialogue is stored? There a bunch of lines that are not in the NPCname, MarriageDialogue and MarriageDialogueNPC files, like those where they're standing on the porch. The second is, how you know how to get this to work so I can fix the NPCMapLocation icons? It always spits out errors no matter how I input it, due to the brackets I guess.
"Action": "EditData",
"Target": "Mods/Bouhm.NPCMapLocations/NPCs",
"Entries": {
"NPCname": {
"MarkerCropOffset": -2

>do you know where the rest of the dialogue is stored?
Yeah, they're in random strings in the Data and Strings folders. They're kind of all over the place. I recommend just going through the Jas mod and looking at the dialogue it replaces so you don't go crazy trying to find everything. There's still some things the Jas mod misses like movie reactions, but that should be fixed in the next update.

>how to get this to work so I can fix the NPCMapLocation icons?
Sorry, not off the top of my head since I don't use that mod. What's wrong with the icons? I just downloaded the mod and it doesn't look like there's anything you can edit here.

>Yeah, they're in random strings in the Data and Strings folders.
Oh, that sounds like a pain.
>What's wrong with the icons?
It only shows a bit of their hair since the girls are basically cut off in half, the mod uses preset offset values (7 for Jas and 8 for Vincent, appropriately) for all characters and like I said, I tried a bunch of combinations with the brackets in that excerpt and only got errors, mostly relating to the very first one. It's fine if you can't figure it out, you already helped me a ton here.

I see what you mean with the icons. It took me a second to find them. Instead of trying to edit that with content patcher, which I'm not sure is possible, it just has a config you can go into and edit the offset there. It'd probably just be easier to include that config with your mods so people can replace it themselves if they use that mod.

Nevermind, I looked on github and you can do that. I'd say the issue with that code then is that you're missing the NPCname.
It should be
"Action": "EditData",
"Target": "Mods/Bouhm.NPCMapLocations/NPCs",
"Entries": {
"Alex": {
"MarkerCropOffset": -2