Is Splatoon the only successful thing that came out of the WiiU?

Is Splatoon the only successful thing that came out of the WiiU?

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Anything that warranted a sequel that started on the Switch was something that was ultimately successful.

Mario Maker.

What else was there?

Okay yeah, I guess that counts.

Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze

mario kart 8

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Considering it's a sequel to DKCR and got re-released on Switch with no sequel in sight, I don't know if that can be considered a success of the WiiU.

Same thing.

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Are all veemos human fetishists or just Marina?

September seems so far away.

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Tropical Freeze was high quality but ot flopped hard on Wii U. Went from Returns' 6.5M sales on Wii to Tropical Freeze selling 1.7 on Wii U. Thats one of the biggest direct drops a Nintendo series' ever had.

Commercially you mean?
Does Mariokart 8 count? Sure most of the commercial success came out of the switch but all that success came from a Wii U port of the game with a new battle mode.

same argument could be used for splatoon 2

Commercially, yeah. But also in terms of series health, if that makes any sense?

Are we getting new idols or are we just getting Callie and Marie again for Splatoon 3?

Probably new idols if Squid Sisters are the single-player support agents.

>Octoling girl wears "Fuck Me" Pumps.

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Octolings are outrageously sexy. Kawashima's chocolate Nintendo girls era was glorious.


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Fucking legend.

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I want to see them take a big shit

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Maybe Hyrule Warriors?

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>No BotW
>everyone forgets BotW came out on Wii U because all the spergs who still play it do so on a Switch or emulator

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Hyrule Warriors counts. Both the BotW thing and the Fire Emblem musou seem to e wildly successful.

HEY Yea Forums!

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Splatoon and DKC Tropical Freeze and that's it basically.

Is that a success of the WiiU, or a success of the Switch as a launch title?

Mario maker
Mario kart 8

I fucking love inkling transformation stuff.

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>Bayo 2
>Pikmin 3

The popular meme of that generation was that Wii U was bad, but what the fuck did the other consoles have that compared to those? Bloodborne and... ?


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Love the game but it is not a success by any quantifiable metric.

I need to get around to playing it some time.

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Will Splatoon 3 have a new pair of idols?
I just care about the coom

Lucky for you, it's now out on everything and it's still a fantastic game.

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BOTW, Splatoon, Mario maker, Smash, MK8.
That was it.

If there are any new characters, there will be coom.

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splatoon 3 idols will be one of the last reveals probably

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What if they're dudes.

There will be coom.
On an unrelated note, why does off the hook get so much more futa art than the squid sisters?

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>another 16 tick P2P lagfest

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That's not a tickrate problem, that's a desync. Problem with the low tickrate is mostly related to trades. But Splatoon's a game with slow projectiles anyway so trades are expected.

Pretty amazing that a new IP was able to carry what was essentially a failed console at that point.

Hot idols or not, there will always be Agent 8.

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Pretty much yeah.

Nintendo has redeemed themselves.

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Zelda was already a massively successful franchise before the wii u user.

It's a good game but it wasn't successful by any metric.
Hell the kick starter gave it an even worse reputation than it deserves

There were like multiplats and stuff. Though taken as a whole I think that was the single worst generation of consoles since I started playing video games with the NES.

>forgets that half of the switch titles he constantly praises were lazy ports of wii u originals that he spent years begging for
Love this "Wii U had no games" meme.

How'd the Kickstarter hurt its reputation when nobody knows about the game to begin with?

Technically, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a Wii U game, but normalfags will continue hailing it as a Switch game anyway.

And now all the ports have vastly outsold the originals.

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Are you retarded user? Mario Kart 8.