RIP Tera

>These two will be your healer and tank for tonight

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Zansitera, forgive me


Why is the tank wearing a nurse's outfit?

>A game that pandered to pedos has to shut down

Tanking disease nigga

You're not fooling anyone with this weak ass plausible deniability schtick. Normal people dont just go screechign "pedo" every chance they get so it's kind of obvious when you go out of your way to set up a pre-emptive defense.
"No, your honor, I couldn't possibly be a pedo. Check my PC history, I've a ton of posts of saying bad things about pedos online!"

Elins are older than you, kid diddler

>Elins saved tera!
>tera dies
what did they mean by this?

Girls are pure SEXO in Tera but how are there no sliders?

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It was a good run

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based pedos are already seething

ew nigger

>Not having an Amani male as the healer

That pandering is the only reason the game didn't shut down eight years earlier, faggot.

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seducing adult men...

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game is old and doesn't have that everquest level support

Reddit pls go.

>We honestly didn't expect Elins to be this popular
>Elins were meant to be just a filler race
>But we didn't expect this (school swimming suit costumes for Elins) to be such a hit
Literally not a single soul on this entire planet believes any of this.

My first MMORPG after building my first PC...

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>that shnoz on the """Banker"""
oy vey

Given how TERA was completely ruined by updates over the years it seems clear that Bluehole had absolutely no idea what they were doing and just lucked their way into releasing a decent game.

Leaving Elins aside, what was decent about Tera? Genuine question, I played it only briefly back in 2013.

>is an actual Tera CM
Got the link for the original? I can only find low quality gifs.

Is the plug pulled today? I wanted to log back in just one last time.

most fun tanking in an mmo

>These will be your enemies tonight
It was grindy but I remember the combat being genuinely fun back in those days, especially the big monsters. Had to stun, dodge correctly, etc. I played as Slayer and enjoyed it. World PvP was a blast too, the art direction was pretty great, varied places, huge world, cool exploration, fun glitching.
It's not pulled today, in two months it is. What's your character, user?

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>lucked their way
You mean stole their way. TERA was built on what was supposed to be Lineage 3. It even had Elins. The coders just took the code and assets as they walked out the door, and some of them are in jail for it.

TERA had some of the best MMO combat of its day. Actual real-time dodge and roll combat based around distracting and predicting enemy behavior and attack patterns.

This sounds bog-standard now, but that was revolutionary in 2011. The few games that did that which could be considered even in the loosest sense an MMO was maybe Vindictus.
But TERA was a proper MMO, open world, enemy mob behavior, but you could go someplace with mobs 30 levels higher and spank them with just skill alone. (It used to reward you for it, even. Until they nerfed that).

This culminates in the selling point of TERA: The world bosses, or BAMs. Giant boss monsters that had the damage output of raid bosses which you fought on the explicit assumption that you had a party for them; but you could solo them if you knew what you were doing. Soloing BAMs and the tension it felt doing it was some of hte most fun I've had playing an MMORPG, and the best part is: This happened on the overworld. This was just a thing I decided to go do without entering an instance or using a party finder.
People overlook that so they can bitch about Elins. Then again, maybe they're right to do so because Bluehole released a patch a few years after it launched that neutered the whole game. Made it where even BAMs could be soloed by just mashing buttons on your keyboard. You could kill 5 of them at a time and not break a sweat. It was a disaster if you enjoyed the game that launched.

>What's your character, user?
Popori slayer, I don't remember the name anymore because the constant server merges meant that my name kept being reset and I kept having to change it. I would probably have to reset it a second time if I logged back in.
I miss my old friends, though. There was one who was literally the first person I met when I started whom I saw on Isle of Dawn. We went through the whole game together. It was an amazing experience and I miss him quite a bit.

I'll outright say it: I miss everyone in NFA. You guys were faggots but you were fun faggots to be around.

Never gonna forget the time a friend and I witnessed one of the NFA gods just walk up to what was a world boss at our level and cleave that fucker in half. Same guy we'd been fighting for 10 minutes. It was a blue haired little Elin which made it even more comical.

Yeah that sounds like NFA.
I miss Ulboarax outings because he had a talent for pissing off basically anyone he came into contact with. He was banned multiple times from the forums for it, and in-game he caused like several of the biggest guilds to declare war on NFA and TFT over him just pissing everyone off. If it were a modern MMO, they probably would have just banned him for toxic behavior and been done with it.

>"Please make a school swimming suit costume for Elins"

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there are items you use to increase/decrease your bust and hips

It's been so long but I remember constant PvP wars in the starting areas. Lumbertown or w/e. Fuck, I miss the fighting anywhere stuff.

I spent about a grand on scale elin figurines

More like goodbye Elin Ninjas. One of the most fun classes of action games of all time

>This sounds bog-standard now, but that was revolutionary in 2011
Funny you say that, because there still aren't any MMOs out there with good combat like TERA had.


Would you happen to know if Valkyries are fun, user?

So now where i can larp with my autogynephilia out bros...

Velik server, Velika city.

Are people still playing?

Some are. I'm there, some people like to mess around there too.

BDO might have better standalone combat, but Tera has trinity and cohesive content that actually takes advantage of action combat. Healers are also action combat, which I don't think we'll ever see again anytime soon. It also baffles me how there has been nothing close to Tera after an entire decade, which is such a shame.

Thanks, will download it and give it a run in 15 minutes.

Good riddance. Korean MMOs are all garbage

I’m leveling a new character to see how the progression has changed and how shitty everything is, and places like Lunbertown and celestial hills are completely skipped now, I’m level 24 after 1 hour of playing normally

Good luck bro, it's like 70gb for some god forsaken reason. If you see a blonde elf fucking around be it in starting areas or in the plaza, it's probably me.
I went to lumbertown and did some questing, made it to 18 in a few minutes. It does feel really fast, nothing is really threatening either. I'm a sorc, dunno if I just burst things down too fast or what though.

One Elin please

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I wish I was an elin

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>That name

Already downloaded it, now the hard part is to figure out what class to play.

What does it mean if you played a dps but were always invited as "support" for after a run?

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Made to support femani.

Oh? I'm getting a cat girl valkyrie through the tutorial but I'll be in the plaza as that blonde in a sec.

Made an elf berserker, hopefully the tutorial doesn't take too long.

Is it worth getting into, has anyone made a full game private server yet?

Menma’s Tera is a private server that is more active than the real game

If you don't know about it, I recommend Tera Toolbox and Unicast. Let's you wear cash shop items and edit your character looks, including using sliders. Everyone with it installed will see what you put on too. Pic related, didn't pay a cent.

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Will definitely try it out for the skimpiest cash shop outfits.
And was I supposed to start at Oblivion Woods? I thought the first proper area was at Lumbertown or something.

Uh, tutorial puts you in this short linear NPC event and then drops you into Velika city. From there they send you to Oblivion woods.

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