Meanwhile, in Pleasant/v/iew

Meanwhile, in Pleasant/v/iew

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what do they eat?

Why did a massive gray box appear? I saw a huge family move in there but none of them ever came out. It's been a couple of weeks now, should I call the police?

fridge parts

I left my heart in Old Town

Is Mortimer Goth the most cucked man in gaming?

Time to drown my wife and fuck every bitch in town!

why did half the fucking town set on fire at once?

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Please send help, I'm trapped in a basement with no door. The family above demands I paint for them and in exchange I get water and gruel to survive. I pee on the floor and then pass out in the puddle because I have neither bed nor toilet. I don't know how much longer I can do this

get back to painting, gobbo boy.

why doesnt my game look like this is this the power of femcel autism?

Groceries are ordered from SimTown. Haven't you played the game?

See that mountain? You can climb it

How are you posting here?

He must be from a future game and has a mandatory cellphone on him

whats the best Sims game?
too bad Sims online died, would've been fun to make a clan where we raid people's houses and clog their toilets

They gave me a computer but it can only access Yea Forums

>all those shops for ~20 households

I think I only have 6 shops in there and 4 are default sims2

Sims 1, but definitely

Alien clone bella or real bella?

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>posting nazi games

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>Install sims 2 with porn mods
>Recreate my self and move in with the pleasant family
>While the cheating husband is working I start to seduce his wife
>Seduce both daughters and watch as his family descends into depravity
>Even go so far as to seduce the maid he is having an affair with
>He has to watch as I impregnate every female related to him and make them happier than he ever could

Bros I installed sims2 on my wifes laptop to play during quaratine and she ended up being knocked up by Darren Dreamer.

wat do?

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Recreate yourself on her save and impregnate every female in Pleasantview without telling her.

Be the biggest dreamer, duh

What's up with that ladderless pool at 113 Wright Way?

>not putting a character in the Ted Shed

why user?

how do you do fellow humans

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The virgin Sims 2 sim:
>shits and pisses himself then drowns in the pool
Meanwhile, the chad Bustin' Out sim:

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Comfy as fuck.
I would age Lilith up and marry her to my self-insert sim.

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Radiation, like ghouls.

same but lucy burb, unironically the best looking premade sim in my opinion

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>load up the Pleasant family
>Both her parents and her sister are constantly lining up to slap her in the face and make fun of her
She didn't deserve such a shitty family.

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How do they get males pregnant?

>start Sims 3
>make money with writing so I don't have to spend time on a job
>use infinite money from royalties to max every stat and career and fuck all the women
>delete game

Where to find redhead goth chicks IRL?

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Jesus christ, I haven't thought about or coomed to her in probably over a decade

Sounds like a seriously desperate call for needing a good therapist.

About 25 years ago.

>Bella clogged my toilet again

Is that the 90s/2000s pornstar named Liz or something?

Liz Vicious

blast from the past right there

Haha I'll come clean it up for free if you want

A fate worse than death


>tfw no Birth Queen gf

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He is working on dethroned him.

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Clint isn't even in a relationship.

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>tfw all of your life experiences are for a Sims thread on some anonymous image board

It could be worse. You could be muk

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>enters your room
>turns on your stereo

1 and 2 collections. 3 but only on an SSD. 4 for lewds and nothing more.